Nothing Phone (1) Hands-On: Definitely WORTH The Hype! You’ll WANT This! 🔥

hello there everyone welcome back to one more video with lim evaluations now in today’s video i’m in fact super fired up again to show to you all about the current absolutely nothing phone one now this was introduced this last evening so think about today’s video clip as type of an impressions you know like talking a bit concerning the layout i was really very fortunate to be one of the first couple of to have both colors so i have both the black and also white right here in the area today and i’m going to show that with you in addition to that i’m going to be showing you the unboxing experience again this differs any kind of various other around in case you are not familiar with the brand the brand name nothing really was simply you know established not as well long ago their very first product was the nothing year one which i actually do occur to have as well as enjoy significantly so this is kind of their second product below as well as we’re mosting likely to be examining that out today currently with that said stated allow us leap into the unboxing

experience due to the fact that once again this is a really unique experience now if you happen to be among those you understand those users who in fact purchased the absolutely nothing ear one you would certainly keep in mind that you have to peel out the tab right here really you know it’s a really interesting type of packaging below so the product packaging with the nothing phone one here is in fact very similar what’s actually special is just how slim the packaging was it looks kind of like a box of delicious chocolates if you may yet yeah it’s in fact extremely slim below so when i pulled off the tab instantly you recognize i was able to see that we have 2 areas on the within currently the initial compartment really contain the phone itself which i will talk a bit extra later and the 2nd compartment right here really disclosed a pair extra devices so what you do have is really the handbooks you have a really intriguing looking sim pin ejector that appears like a needle or something like that and also finally you have that type c cable television so there is no covering in

package and also no charger in the box this is primarily what you obtain with the absolutely nothing phone one all right so made with the packaging let’s action that aside and take a look at the tools so like i discussed i do have the black and also white version below today now before we start the video first i truly want to recognize which shade are you on are you on group black or group white simply let me know down in the remark area listed below take a glance once more are you individuals group black or group white alright so let’s have a look at these tools due to the fact that again they are very very distinctively made currently like you have actually seen on most video clips or perhaps on pictures or social media you guys already know that we have a transparent back panel over right here so inside you can see that we can a number of points below we can see the screws we can see there’s a pair of ribbons taking place we additionally have that you recognize wireless charging panel at the back below it’s all extremely fascinating once more due to the fact that we don’t see this really frequently now the celebrity of the show right here is actually in terms of those leds at the back which absolutely nothing is calling it the glyph lighting so what’s so unique about this glyph lights and what is it truly for well consider it as

kind of a overblown led notice so what this does is whenever a phone call is available in or if a notification can be found in it will certainly start to flash in this actually trendy type of patterns now speaking of patterns we have 10 one-of-a-kind patterns for your ringtones as well as an additional 10 special patterns for your alerts you can actually experience all of these various patterns to get you understand what you actually like below regarding those glyph illuminations currently it’s extremely extremely awesome here because once again each different pattern below permits it to flash in a different method and also you can truly pick the one that you understand showcases your personality besides that in regards to the notification leds you recognize the audio itself is additionally extremely one-of-a-kind you don’t get this sort of actually personalized type of noises here on any phone today so again very really pleased with what nothing has finished with the phone one currently the second point that we should speak about below remains in regards to

their nothing os so what we do have below is a very clean os as well as what i imply by that is when i just started the phone for the really very first time there was i think of this 10 applications mounted as well as these are basically the google applications that you are very aware of and also maybe similar to four or five native applications so it’s extremely very vacant if you are thinking of bloatware that is actually close to no bloatware or on the nothing phone one general it’s a spick-and-span type of os below if you are extremely right into stock android i think you will be super pleased when you boot the absolutely nothing phone one for the very very first time all right so allow’s speak about the following point below in terms of the display at the front yes the display is also an extremely fascinating one currently why i claim that is since it includes balanced bezels around men this is not something that you see once

more extremely usually i assume much more pricey phones actually have a tendency to have this yet a lot of the phones in the marketplace today or a minimum of the ones that i have actually tested out do not have in proportion bezels around so very nice display screen at the front it revitalizes at 120 hertz it’s an oled panel so it’s fantastic for watching content for this surfing if the interface as well as order is a really smooth sort of uh present right here with the nothing phone one uh in terms of your efficiency indeed you do obtain the snapdragon 778 plus it’s most definitely adequate for your video gaming and also all that uh of training course day-to-day procedures is going to be battery smooth also with that said near stock android experience people whatever is just extremely fast that was my impressions when i started browsing on a gadget installing my apps it was simply extremely fast apart from that in terms of your cameras at the back yes we do have a dual 50 megapixel sensing units so the initial one is a sony imx 766 with ois you guys are

already extremely acquainted with that it’s a proven sensor and the ultrawide is also another 15 megapixel unit that implies that you recognize when you take images of ultra vast shots it’s mosting likely to keep a lot of information now i’ll test it out much more in the full evaluation so yes this is generally what you can anticipate with the nothing phone one um at the end of the day who is this phone really for well in my viewpoint you understand at the cost of rm 2399 for the base pack as well as 2699 for a bit a lot more ram i believe this tool is really valued really interesting people that get this phone see value in its design in such a way it is extremely one-of-a-kind as well as something to display their personality so consider it by doing this like some people they like to buy really cool sneakers you recognize they like to acquire extremely great hyped up shirts and also you recognize apparel and also all that so this is a comparable story of the absolutely nothing phone one

but what you’re obtaining right here is a really one-of-a-kind experience it’s not something that you see daily you have that really close to equip android efficiency and also you can anticipate very smooth performance on the absolutely nothing phone one to make sure that’s just my initial thoughts with the nutting phone one now allow me know what you individuals think about this gadget is this something that you could actually get this is something that you prepare to acquire and again allow me recognize which color is your favored one the white or the black um i eagerly anticipate hearing your comments again thanks for enjoying this video clip i actually appreciate you individuals coming on and staying to the end i do wish to see every one of you individuals in the following one so stay safe in the meantime i’ll see you individuals in the following one bye

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