OnePlus Nord 2T 5G Review: The OnePlus I LOVE is BACK!🔥

hey there everybody welcome back to one more video with lim evaluations currently as you men recognize oneplus is formally back in malaysia once more and also this was actually really exciting news for me because oneplus malaysia you recognize they have been gone with a number of months however fortunately here is that they are lastly back currently with them being back what was the first tool that they launched well it’s in fact the oneplus nord 2t 5g now i have actually been utilizing this gadget for the past week really greater than one week now and also i’m extremely extremely delighted to show you my individual experience because you recognize i’ve constantly have a soft place for oneplus particularly with their you understand oxygen os and also all that so in today’s video i’m mosting likely to be going over an extremely quick evaluation of the oneplus nord 2t currently with that said claimed let us begin now first things first yes the tool did came in this you know common oneplus nord kind of box right here uh it includes the basic type of devices that you can expect naturally it does feature that you

understand silicone case you have that 80 watt incredibly volt charger you have the red usb cable in package and of course you have the device itself so that’s rather conventional things there but let us discuss what this phone seems like to make use of and also you recognize that is this gadget actually for however very first things initially we’re going to chat a little bit concerning that style currently my shade right here is actually the jade fog colorway it really looks kind of like somewhat greenish or grayish depending upon just how you check out it there is also a black version that does include some fleshy type of you recognize appearance at the back but if you ask me this shade right here absolutely rocks it for me since i love this sort of color okay so besides that yes you do still have that you understand slight video camera cut on the top left corner currently this homes 3 video camera sensors although you see we have 2 really large circular intermediaries however 3 sensors is what you get

below which i’ll chat a bit extra on later currently the finest component here is that we still have that slider at the side which you can use to switch from you recognize mute shake and obviously your regular volume mode all right to ensure that’s there you additionally have your lock button on the right along with your quantity rocker on the left if you’re asking yourself where the fingerprint scanner is well that is in fact an in-display fingerprint scanner down below and also other than that yeah it’s a really really slim tool very normal of all the oneplus nords that i have actually utilized before and weight smart it’s not that hefty it’s about 190 grams yet yeah it really feels actually nicely in my hand right here definitely loving the style as well as feeling of this oneplus nord 2t all right so that’s the layout let’s speak a bit extra concerning you recognize how it seems like to utilize it now initially things initially i desire to talk a little bit concerning that cpu we have on board now we do have a measurement 1300 as well as if you’re questioning what sort of performance to anticipate well it’s actually similar to something like the snapdragon 870 so playing all type of video games below ought to be rather fine you won’t have any significant issues if you are playing actually visuals extensive video games like genji and impact my tip would certainly be to decrease the graphics down a little bit however if you’re a mobile legend player like myself i’ve played a lot of video games of

mobile legends on the nord 2t as well as i’ve never had any type of issues it does not overheat and also it does not consume a lot of batteries to make sure that’s wonderful now in terms of your ram alternatives you have 8 or 12 gb of ram uh it is the lp ddr4x which is great as well as in regards to your internal storage space you have 128 as well as 256gb options as well as it is ufs 3.1 that suggests rapid storage for you people total performance here is really rather excellent most definitely extremely excellent for a mid-ranger like the oneplus not 2t now considering that we are discussing the processor i additionally intend to touch a little bit on that individual experience now i did point out that oxygen os is back we have oxygen os 12.1 which is based off you know android 12. According to oneplus they are guaranteeing as much as 2 significant android upgrades that implies you must have the ability to see most likely to android 13 as well as android 14 and in regards to safety and security updates they are encouraging 3 years of safety updates so just in

situation you are questioning your phone when you acquire a new phone you constantly ask yourself whether it will get the most up to date android or safety and security updates this is where you can discover it on the oneplus note 2t total making use of oxygen os is similar to before a really smooth and also clean experience there is very minimal bloatware you just have all the apps you need aboard which’s what i absolutely enjoy regarding the oxygen os you recognize from last time up until now okay so carrying on to the front what we do have below is a 6.43 inch 1080p amoled panel that refreshes at 90hz now i did want it included 120hz refresh price but truthfully speaking 90hz is likewise really fluid and a few of you individuals may not also see the distinction the bright side right here is that it has the ability to save a little bit more on battery power so 90 people i believe is an excellent idea below also on the oneplus note 2t aside from that because it’s an amoled panel you can expect to have great comparison degrees good quantities of whites and also of course it has good amount of illumination degrees so you do not have to bother with seeing the device outdoors okay so proceeding

allow’s speak a little concerning what else we have right here we do have the triple cam setup which i pointed out previously on this is being led by a 15 megapixel sony imx 766 sensing unit that likewise has ois so you recognize taking images in the evening or in the day you don’t need to worry concerning those you understand picture stablizing every little thing will certainly be quite steady below besides that you also have an 8 megapixel ultra broad and also a 2 megapixel grayscale lens all right so just in terms of photo top quality of course i’m mosting likely to be focusing on the major sensing unit right here the sony imx 766 has shown to be one of the very best you know sensors you can get today naturally it’s excellent enough absolutely for this rate variety and taking images throughout the day was certainly extremely pleasing to see you i’m mosting likely to show you guys a pair of images right here so you guys can evaluate on your own but basically it had the ability to capture a lot of information color precision is quite spot-on too it’s not as saturated as some various other phones as well as even more notably night photos in fact ended up effectively on the oneplus note2t now in situation you are an individual that suches as to take a great deal of selfies fortunately below is that you have a 32 megapixel selfie video camera at the front that is supposed to take some quite clear selfies i’m going to show to you 1 or 2 shots due to the fact that me personally i do not take a great deal

of selfies however you have that there all right so proceeding what else do we have below in regards to speakers we have twin stereo speakers that do obtain really loud as well as a lot more importantly we have that x axis haptics engine that implies that you know inputting on the screen simply engaging with the phone itself you have the ability to appreciate this very crisp and also brief sort of haptic comments which i assume is excellent right here on the oneplus note 2t all right so lastly in terms of battery we have that 4 500 mah battery i assume it’s quite all ideal considering it’s a really slim tool as well as more notably you have that 80 watt incredibly voc quick charge and also i believe it simulates no to 67 percent in simply 15 minutes and also that’s great sufficient for eventually of use so very quick billing there you will not have any kind of like battery anxiety because you can always just bill it up so swiftly good people to ensure that’s basically uh what you can anticipate with the oneplus nord 2t i think the pricing for the 8 lower one to 8 gb is going for

rm189 right here in malaysia as well as the highest possible specification 12 gb slash 256gb is opting for rm2099 currently if you ask me i would certainly simply say go with the 12gb of ram because you recognize by doing this you can be rest ensured that you’re getting the optimum performance from your oneplus note 2t uh with that said stated once again very happy to see one plus back and also this north responsibility the layout just looks truly good here guys allow me recognize what you consider the oneplus not 2t is this something that you could really consider if you have further concerns additionally do not hesitate to allow me understand down in the remark section below i anticipate hear what you people have to state and i wish to see every one of you individuals in the following one thanks guys for viewing bye

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