The HUAWEI Ecosystem in 2022 is AMAZING! It Connects EVERYTHING! 😱

hey there everybody welcome back to an additional video clip with lim testimonials now in today’s video clip i’m mosting likely to be showing you my experience after utilizing a number of huawei tools as well as today’s video clip is extra about discovering exactly how or what are the abilities or opportunities when you have each of your every solitary tool working with each other in one entire community prior to i begin the video clip obviously i have to share with you what kind of devices i’m going to be sharing today i’m not mosting likely to enter into each tool independently but we’re going to see exactly how these devices actually interact you recognize to produce that truly smooth experience it’s actually very extremely interesting below so we’re going to begin extremely most importantly with the laptop computer currently i do have the huawei mate publication b15 in terms of the mobile phone i’m mosting likely to be using my huawei p50 pro of course the huawei mate xs2 is likewise mosting likely to be making a very special appearance going on we additionally have the huawei’s bluetooth audio speaker i believe this is called the audio join a very amazing audio speaker right here we likewise have a tablet computer in the kind of the midpad now

this is the 2022 variation and i’m gon na be speaking a bit a lot more regarding this and finally i additionally have the printer the huawei pixlab one which i can’t really carry and also reveal in front of the cam so those are the various devices that we have today believe me people it’s going to be an extremely fun one so stick with me throughout and also if you are not making use of a huawei device at the very least allow’s have a look at just how these tools you know if various other brands have the ability to do something similar to this just how everything collaborates is mosting likely to be an extremely fun experience fine very first things first we’re going to speak regarding how the laptop computer really interacts with something like your smart device that’s the many fundamental point that we have today so this is what huawei calls the incredibly gadget currently whenever i link my phone to the laptop computer itself immediately i have the ability to do multi-screen cooperation and also what this suggests is primarily i can drag as well as drop my data

extremely easily between the mobile phone to the laptop computer for circumstances perhaps even making use of records and also all that and it’s very convenient since i can just drag and also go down the images and place it in straight right into the record super easy aside from that it’s likewise good to see that due to the fact that our phone is currently connected to the laptop whenever i get a call i do not actually need to get my phone i can answer it straight on the laptop computer itself which is completely seamless for my entire process now carrying on to something much more interesting and this is where i assume is the most effective use case for increased efficiency which’s to do with the huawei mate pad currently this made pad alone itself is a very a really good efficiency maker you have this keyboard you have the pen as well as you can do a great deal of styles on the tablet computer itself but what happens when you really pair the tablet along with the laptop now this is where the magic occurs so there are 3 various modes or three various things that you can do with this kind of connection first up we’re going to speak a little bit about the mirror sort of mode mirror mode so this is very simple and you know much like the name recommends once the tablet

computer is attached to the laptop the tablet computer itself can be used as a prolonged screen so whatever you are seeing on your main laptop computer this is where you can also see it mirrored directly onto the primary pad well as an example if you are doing a sort of attracting or if you are doing all this sort of editing what you can do is make use of the tablet itself as an illustration pad along with the pen and you will in fact be able to draw and sketch as well as also modify stuff straight on your laptop by utilizing the illustration pad now the 2nd point that you can do right here is the extensive setting now what does this mean so again much like an exterior display screen you currently have 2 displays for your process so for circumstances if i have my powerpoint currently on the laptop computer itself i want to move it to the left i can just shift it very easily to the tablet computer by simply dragging the home window directly throughout once i have actually done that i can open an additional record data a word paper for example so i can function on 2 various sort of documents at the same time now if you’re just thinking that the tablet computer itself is just an extensive screen you are in fact incorrect below now aside from being an extensive display you can actually still communicate with the tablet computer so what this means is you actually have a fully functioning home windows machine running on the midpad tablet computer so that’s really cool you can you recognize type the start button you can in fact undergo the data directly on the powerpoint file over there so it’s really trendy you have two separately

working machines that is in fact powered by your laptop the primary pad d15 so very incredible stuff there i think that is my individual preferred function for this type of you know super gadget example currently the 3rd thing you’re going to inspect out right here is actually in terms of exactly how the smartphone connects with each other with the tablet okay currently when i got my p50 pro attached with the mid pad once more i had the ability to perform the multi screen cooperation that indicates that i can move data from the tablet computer to the phone immediately simply drag as well as go down very very easy however the 2nd point which is far more beneficial below is that you know you’re in fact able to mirror the display screen of your phone onto the tablet so how this works is for example if you are playing a game on your mobile phone however you wish to play on a larger screen i suggest this happens constantly best so as an example i did try out mobile tales the latency was not that high and was surprisingly playable once i was able to mirror my mobile tales onto the tablet computer then i might in fact video game on a much larger screen which made the whole experience

also much more immersive to make sure that’s truly great in between the mobile phone as well as the tablet computer all right so currently we’re done chatting about the computer system the laptop computer and also obviously the smartphone we’re going to go into something a little extra enjoyable below and allow’s chat a little bit about the speakers now like i stated previously on this is the sound delight audio speaker and this is actually incredibly cool if you take an appearance at the the tool itself we do have a nfc switch of some type over below just how you attach the gadget the smart device to this audio speaker is super straightforward simply like before it has actually constantly been just a touch of an nfc button to in fact obtain both tools attached very easy now the 2nd thing here is that you can in fact incorporate 2 specific speakers to develop a stereo audio speaker arrangement super remarkable there uh once just how you do it is actually very very weird i would certainly claim you have to tremble both of these uh audio speakers to actually get that link established in between both speakers yet once that is done you have an incredible seeming stereo audio speaker experience it’s very immersive the sound is incredible you have terrific bass a great noise below

originating from the audio joy currently of training course you see that this is a rather sturdy looking uh speaker right here and that suggests you can bring it outdoors you recognize bring it to parties and also all that so it’s an extremely fun experience utilizing this speaker the audio happiness below particularly if you have two to create that you know overall stereo audio speaker experience now proceeding to the last one this is where i’m mosting likely to chat a little regarding that printer now printer sensible once again you recognize have you ever had documents in your phone or possibly in your tablet computer that you simply intended to print with a touch well currently it can occur with huawei’s p50 pro along with the huawei pixel x1 chooses that a person if you’re not mistaken yep so all you need to do is simply introduce the paper the pdf data or whatnot on your phone carry on to the printer tap it on that particular black screen and immediately as soon as possible the printer will have the ability to obtain the signal as well as it will certainly start

printing your document so extremely very rapid as well as simple there i think this is possibly one of the most simplest means of publishing a record i have actually ever before experienced in my life actually simply attach the phone initially you know get the record introduced on your application and afterwards touch it on the printer and also it gets printed so very easy people all appropriate individuals we’ve reached the end of today’s video clip once again simply to restate today’s video is truly more concerning exploring the capabilities and also the capacity of having a whole ecological community of gadgets functioning perfectly with each other again just a wrap-up we have the laptop computer we likewise have phones today we have an audio speaker we have a printer we have a tablet computer so loads of gadgets all interacting actually develops that smooth extremely gadget experience currently with that claimed uh do not forget to go down a like and sub to the network you intend to see more web content such as this if you have more questions feel cost-free to leave them down below as well as absolutely i intend to see all of you men in the next one stay risk-free everybody bye

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