Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G First Impressions: Needs MORE Power! 🤯

hello everybody welcome back to another video with lim reviews now in today’s video we’re going to be checking out the latest redmi note 11 pro 5g that just landed here in malaysia as well as singapore now the good news here is that we finally got the global version because the chinese version has been out in the market for almost two months now and i’ve actually did a review about it quite some time back so definitely very excited to see the global version finally available here now in today’s video we’re going to be checking out what the redmi note 11 pro is all about what’s this price what are you gonna get for it and of course whether it is worth your money to actually purchase the redmi note 11 pro 5g now before we do that of course if you’re feeling happy and excited as well don’t forget to drop a like sub to the channel because that will be super helpful thank you for that now let’s begin all right so first up the first thing i want to talk about is actually in terms of the price now price is very important for redmi or even xiaomi devices because people when they go to buy a xiaomi or redmi device they always look for

the maximum value for their money so in this case the redmi note 11 pro 5g landed here in malaysia for rm1199 and if you’re in singapore that is sync dollar 399 and if you’re in other parts of the world that is approximately equivalent to us 290 dollars so it is still somewhat affordable and very close in terms of the pricing to the previous redmi note 10 pro now bear in mind that for this money you’re gonna be getting the six plus one to eight gb version but there is also a slightly higher spec six plus two five six gigabytes of uh storage so that’s another spec that you can get total two stacks all right so now done with the price let’s actually check out the device itself it does come in three different colors but i got mine in this totally blacked out version which actually looks quite nice now bear in mind that this design here actually looks very identical to the china device that i actually still have here with me but note that this is a very nice dark green but the global version is the black one yeah so in terms of the back panel it still comes with this very nice

and smooth matte materials and the good news here is that the matte panel on the back here does not attract fingerprints at all now i did show in my previous videos that some phones even though they come with a matte bag but it still captures fingerprints but this one doesn’t do that at all so it does feel awesome to hold and touch now on if you move on to the sides you’ll notice that we do have a quite flat sides all around although it is not flat enough to actually allow the phone to stand on the table so you can’t do that neat trick so in terms of the top here you also do get the headphone jack you do have stereo speakers as always at the bottom you have your type c part and of course you have a dual sim sim card tray now in terms of the weight is approximately 203 grams so it is actually quite heavy because 200 grams more than that you will definitely feel the half in your hands but overall i think it is a great design like i mentioned before it feels great and it looks great so that’s that now the second thing we’re going to talk about here of course if we flip the

device to the front and that’s all about the display now in terms of the display we do have a 6.67 inch 1080p super amoled display that actually refreshes at 120 hertz so it’s very very smooth the touch sampling rate is in fact 360hz so that is supposedly even more sensitive than the samsung galaxy s 22 that just landed because it only has 240hz touch sampling rate but these are all just numbers anyway my point is it’s actually a very good display it is large and you get that very smooth scrolling throughout the entire display and it also achieves a very high brightness levels of approximately 1200 nits so if you are using the phone most of the time outdoors you will not have to worry about not being able to see the display under the strong sun so that’s that overall again like i said this is just going to be a quick look so the next we’re going to talk about here actually is in terms of the performance now in the back here the redmi note 11 pro 5g is powered by the snapdragon 695 it does comes with a 6 gigabytes of ram like i mentioned earlier on it’s a lp ddr4 x ram and in

terms of the storage it’s the 128 gigabytes but that is actually ufs 2.2 so there’s no fast ram or fast storage here everything is quite basic but overall in terms of performance you will be able to expect to see about a 10 increase in bump in performance compared to the previous uh snapdragon 732 from the redmi note 10 pro so yes that’s in terms of the performance overall on the day-to-day use it should be sufficient for you the snapdragon 1605 is uh the highest i would say at the moment for the snapdragon 600 series however i did notice that when i was just scrolling through the device launching apps here and there there was a little bit of lag here and there so i’m just hoping that this might be due to the lack of optimizations that could be solved in a future software update now moving on to the cameras note that we do have a triple camera setup at the back uh this is being led by the 108 megapixel main sensor you also have an 8 megapixel ultrawide and last but not least you also have a two megapixel dev sensor now if you just take a look at the at the sensor itself you might be reminded of the redmi note 11s because they do look super identical and i kind of suspect that they are actually the same sensors at

the back now i haven’t really taken quite a lot of photos but of course this is just a first look i will be sharing more of these photos in the full review so stay tuned for that now moving on let’s talk a little bit about the battery that you do get in the back here and that is a 5000 mah battery and it does support the 67 watt fast charge which you can do so using the charger that came in the box and according to a redmi it does about 50 in just 15 minutes yeah so it’s quite quick not to say super fast but definitely good enough for you know some quick charging here and there all right guys so at the end of the day is the redmi note 11 pro 5g actually worth your money well based on my first impressions i think that at the price of rm1199 redmi could have done a little bit better by giving us a slightly more powerful processor and the reason why i say that is because like i said this is only a one day old phone but i was already feeling a little bit of lag here and there when interacting with the system alright guys so that’s it for the quick look of the redmi note 11 pro 5g if you do have any questions feel free to leave them down in the comment section below and yep i hope to see all of you guys in the next one stay safe everybody bye

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