Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Review: Iā€™M KEEPING THIS! IT’S SO GOOD! šŸ”„

hi everybody welcome back to an additional video clip with lim testimonials currently nowadays i’m uploading nearly every day so i wish you men are still happy with seeing my face speaking about all the all new mobile phones that are readily available below in malaysia currently today’s video is really quite unique due to the fact that this is actually a testimonial of the phone that i’m actually making use of and i do strategy to maintain this gadget also so the tool that i’m discussing below is actually the samsung s22 plus currently i really did the s22 ultra the small guy s22 as well as today is all about the s22 plus currently there are a pair of reasons i chose to keep this tool and not the various other 2 and also i’m going to share with you my experience in today’s video currently before i begin it’s worth pointing out that i will be covering a few more phones since there are numerous upcoming tools over the following few days so if you wish to discover everything about the newest devices specifically right here in malaysia do not fail to remember to go down a

like sub to the network to see more content similar to this having claimed that allow us begin as well as let me share with you my experience with the samsung s22 plus now to begin with allow’s speak a little regarding the cost i got my s22 plus here at an extremely extremely attractive rate here in malaysia i’m uncertain concerning other countries however in malaysia samsung is always giving us insane promos for example similar to this device is gone for rm4100 and also you get the eight gigabytes of ram and also 128 gigabytes of internal memory yet samsung is throwing in a totally free galaxy watch that deserves like 900 ringgit so it in fact reduces the price if you have the ability to market off that watch so really delighted with the price absolutely nothing more that i can comment there so let’s move on to the following point and also talk a little bit concerning the layout currently in terms of the layout i additionally mentioned formerly with the galaxy s 22 tool that it in fact looks really similar to previous samsung tools it features the samsung’s business

picture which i think is starting to grow on me we do have a really great build top quality obviously since this is a samsung’s front runner device the back panel below is extremely smooth to the touch it is outstanding sometimes it does grab a bit of finger prints at the back yet i still like it very much now much like the s22 the smaller individual the edge of the electronic camera bump here is actually fairly sharp too so whenever you hold the gadget it does jag right into you a little however after using it for you recognize quite some time currently i’ve kind of obtained utilized to it so not really mosting likely to grumble regarding that overall i assume it’s a really clean style again this is the green variation and also i was still assuming whether the black looks much better but you inform me is the black or the eco-friendly far better allow me understand what you men think down in the remark section below now besides that it’s also worth stating that we have our kind c part near the bottom we have stereo stickers we do not have the earphone jack and in terms of the sim card

tray this is a strictly dual sim sim card that implies that it does not sustain expandable storage space you can not put any type of micro sd inside total incredible construct high quality and also wonderful style right here on the s22 plus it really feels best in my hand although i simply once again for recommendation say this is the s22 and also this is the s22 plus it feels excellent in my hands no problems there whatsoever great so currently done with the style as well as all that allow me chat a little about the following point that i love and also certainly that is that awesome display screen at the front now first off in regards to the numbers itself we do get a 6.6 inch 1080p vibrant amoled display screen that is excellent on the s22 plus what i indicate by that is that colors you recognize the contrast levels sharpness everything is simply incredible currently i did desire that it came with a 2k display screen since it would not simply be a lot sharper as well as all that yet i hunch 1080p also helps to decrease the battery intake when you are making use of the tool itself currently aside from that it likewise supports hdr 10 plus it features 120hz refresh rate that indicates everything is buttery smooth in regards to the touch tasting price it is still a common 240hz which truthfully speaking

after using it for more than a week now i locate that there is no like no lag in terms of your touch inputs it is flawlessly fine total if you like watching video clips you will certainly love the display on the s22 plus it is much bigger and also most definitely in my opinion a little bit better than the smaller sized man right here due to the fact that you’re simply able to see web content a bit more currently one point that i am really satisfied to explain below the part that i enjoy one of the most is actually in terms of the symmetrical bezels that we carry the front if you take an appearance carefully you’ll notice that all around the bezels are in fact very symmetrical it is not like you have a bigger head or a bigger chin every little thing is symmetrical and also it looks incredible individuals it simply looks remarkable this is the most effective front facing appearance that i have actually seen up until now on any android gadget oh an additional thing that i must also mention is that we have a flat display screen at the front so you do not have any unexpected touches whatsoever once again if i need to select the best screen that you know on any android gadget today i will certainly need to go with something like the one on the s22 plus all right currently performed with the outstanding display screen allow’s speak a little bit extra about the video cameras that we contend

the back currently comparable to the s22 the smaller man we have a triple cam configuration over here and this tool right here is really missing out on the 108 megapixel from the ultra however it still has a very really incredible 50 megapixel main sensor besides that you likewise have a very high resolution 12 megapixel ultrawide uh i pointed out high resolution is since most ultraviolets around today are 8 megapixels but this set takes some quite solid shots and also lastly you also have a 10 megapixel telephoto lens that does 3 times optical zoom and also it comes with ois constructed in currently similar to the s22 that i assessed like 2 days ago the cam performance is in fact very comparable clearly once more because they have the very same sensing units at the back in terms of daytime shots they look amazing they look terrific we have a great deal of information very great colors it looks quite natural actually the tool actually tends to saturate it a bit extra yet it’s not to the factor where it’s super extreme and also all that overall i’m mosting likely to reveal you men a number of photos right here so you can see what to

anticipate on the s22 plus but i’m very delighted to see that daytime shots are outstanding now carrying on to the ultra vast shots i additionally desire to explain that of course with the 12 megapixel ultra large you are obtaining very strong shots below as well once again there is no like fringing on the sides of the picture and all that it simply looks like a terrific ultra white shot that you recognize you can absolutely you understand share it to your good friends and it will certainly look amazing now last yet not least in regards to the evening mode too it is doing quite well it has the ability to illuminate a very dark environment as well as it does take a great deal of pictures without much sound so at the end of the day once again with the samsung s22 plus over here you understand that you are getting front runner grid cams even though this is not the ultra variation last but not the very least it’s additionally worth mentioning that the video clip capacities is likewise fairly great we have the ability to do 8k at 24 fps however if you wish to do the even more traditional 4k you can do that at 60fps the stabilization is additionally exceptional here yes we do obtain ois for the major sensor too which is recording the the video that you’re seeing now and also in general yes i’m simply extremely extremely happy with the kind of cams that you

would certainly jump on the back of the s22 plus currently going on allow’s speak a little concerning the handling power due to the fact that we do have a really interesting processor here what we have this year is actually the snapdragon 8 gen 1. You do have 8 gigabytes of ram and also storage space alternatives of 128 gigabytes or 256 gigabytes currently i did wish that they give us a choice of 12 gigabytes of ram as well as 512 gb of inner memory but evidently there is just something that you can jump on the ultra versions yes 8 gigabytes of ram is absolutely enough but occasionally you understand you simply intend to make certain you are future proof to ensure that’s that but in regards to genuine world use how does it seem like to use the s22 plus well honestly talking it has been a really smooth and excellent experience using the samsung s22 plus normally having one of one of the most effective processors in the smart device today you are able to perform everyday tasks really smoothly with no lags or stutters that is wonderful aside from that if you do play a bit of gaming of course i make sure all of you recognize about the strangling concern however i did observe that when i was playing mobile tales i had a bit of stutters on the s22 however when i was using the s22 plus i did not obtain that much of an issue it was still really smooth so i’m not sure what is happening with the take place the backside but however samsung claims that they’ll be doing something to take care of the gos the video game optimization system if i’m not incorrect yeah so you can expect to you know overcome the

throttling concerns after a couple of even more updates one thing i do have to aim out is that i did do a very fast benchmark test and i compared it to the xiaomi 12 pro which also has the exact same snapdragon 8gen one as well as i noticed that these xiaomi 12 pros obtained rather a dramatically more result than the s22 plus over below so again that’s this in terms of benchmark ratings however everyday utilize it is all right currently relocating on to the final point below allowed’s talk a little bit about the battery that we have in the back currently i did discuss in my s22 video that i was thinking whether i ought to keep the tiny guy or the plus well at the end of the day i believe i will certainly be opting for my plus as well as that is likewise as a result of the battery life in right here we do have a 4 500 mah battery it is not big whatsoever since nowadays we are utilized to seeing 5000 mah however the good idea below is that contrasted to the s22 25 watt rapid fee we are having a better 45 watt fast fee on the s22 plus so most definitely appreciate that it is not very quick or anything like that yet at least it is much faster than the one on the small version so yes you do obtain a better battery along with faster charging rates okay people so at the end of the day my personal

experience with the s22 plus has been really positive there are a lot of points that i enjoy regarding this device as well as as well as that amazing display screen you know the excellent cpu great electronic cameras incredible battery as well as charging speeds yet indeed if you ask me if there are a number of things that i dream was boosted well first point i would certainly say is possibly have mad flat sides around the frame secondly was to be the added ram the 12 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes of storage and also finally probably a periscope lens with a 10 times optical zoom that we have on the s22 ultra however overall once more for the price that i have the ability to obtain this device and even the retail rate if you sell the watch you are obtaining this gadget at a very budget-friendly rate point i would certainly say it’s fairly sensible on the samsung galaxy s22 plus all appropriate people that’s it for today’s video once more if you wish to see even more content such as this do not neglect to such as and also sub to the network there is a bunch of new tools appearing my room is actually full of whole lots of phones don’t forget to sub to the channel i certainly wish to see every one of you guys in the next one please stay safe everybody bye

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