TECNO Spark 8 Pro: NEVER Knew This Brand Existed But It’s PRETTY GOOD!

hello everybody welcome back to another video clip with lim testimonials currently in today’s video we’re mosting likely to be taking a look at a very interesting budget mobile phone that begins with just rm 550 ringgit or 130 us bucks so it’s really extremely budget friendly however you’re getting quite an interesting gadget over right here and that device that i’m talking concerning today is the techno trigger 8 pro now i do have the box over here and also to begin with i has to talk a little bit concerning the brand name this is not a brand that i’ve covered prior to on the network it is brand-new to me yet evidently in various other countries around southeast asia as well as possibly even much more the brand name techno is really rather solid over there so really thrilled to try techno for the very first time of course if you just take a look at the blocky itself i’m also extremely delighted to see a totally orange box such as this it certainly looks a lot more one-of-a-kind compared to all packages that we have actually been seeing all this while you do have the stimulate wooding over here in this blue type of shade which i think general it just appears like a really young kind of feel for the techno trigger p8 pro okay so uh in today’s video clip prior to i start certainly if you do intend to

enjoy more content similar to this don’t neglect to go down a like and sub to the channel allow us start good so in terms of this techno spark 8 professional it is although it is a budget phone yet it does include quite a fair little bit of devices in the box let me just reveal it to you very quickly we do have a 33 watt battery charger over below we additionally get a type c cable very great and also of training course we likewise get a set of headphones over right here extremely extremely fascinating and finally we additionally get the situation now if you consider this situation certainly you can currently envision just how the style of the phone is like and this is what you obtain my version right here i assume is in the green bluish type of color which actually looks really extremely good for a phone at this cost i believe it is actually magnificent as well as certainly you do have the phone itself involved this really wonderful orange type of a plastic guard okay to make sure that’s simply what you obtain in the box for again 130 us bucks or 550 ringgit this is a really interesting tool

let’s examine it out now so primarily i’m simply mosting likely to slide the tool out of the plastics extremely quickly so you can see the style itself this is just how the techno stimulate 8 pro resemble honestly talking it does look more expensive than the rate itself the build high quality is quite good over below if you discover on the back panel we do have an extremely big cutout that makes it look uh rather special compared to all the mobile phones that you have actually been seeing today it is quite a reflective back panel up leading and you do have that triple camera established on the leading left edge currently if this action down right below you observe that we do have this type of red stripes going on it is a matte-ish kind of materials over below so you will not have any fingerprints at the back and if you simply turn it from side to side you might likewise notice that there is a little of some writings at the back that states quit at nothing it advises me of the realme gadgets where they put their attempt to jump so they say stop at nothing okay so you need to not stop at this video obviously if you simply turn the device sideways right here observe that we have this kind of aluminium structures i’m not sure if it’s light weight aluminum of plastics however it does feel rather

tough and on the appropriate panel we observe that we have our quantity rocker together with the lock button that additionally functions as a finger print scanner to ensure that’s what you obtain in terms of the style and general build high quality i like it i like the techno spark 8 pro over right here certainly like i said feels quite nice as well as it’s in fact fairly a big tool also to make sure that brings me to my next point and let’s talk a little concerning the screen at the front currently turning the tool to the front you can see that we do have an lcd panel over here this is a 1080p lcd panel the size is 6.77 inches to be specific but techno is calling it 6.8 inches so allow’s use it at that there is no special high refresh price of or high touch tasting price it’s simply an extremely standard 1080p lcd display screen 6.8 inches so the bright side below is that it is rather big so you can see rather a fair little bit of content on the display screen itself if you such as to browse your internet you have to search social networks seeing photos watching videos i think they would work fine on this display although i do have to explain that the screen is not the brightest that i’ve seen it’s not really brilliant especially outdoors even indoors i need to use about like 80 illumination to actually see the screen clearer to ensure that’s simply something that i intended to aim out yet general i assume it’s still a really good display screen at the rate that is being offered at currently finished with the screen allow’s talk a

bit about the processing power since that’s likewise fairly essential and you would certainly want to know that in regards to the power we do have the helio g85 now this is a budget plan range type of a cpu so obviously every little thing is mosting likely to be a bit slower than common if you are can be found in from a mid-range or a much more superior gadget but the hero g85 right here actually functions fairly well for budget gadgets what i mean by that is launching applications like facebook chrome instagram and youtube it takes a little while but eventually it arrives and also it’s not to state like extremely laggy as well as all that you just have actually to obtain made use of to the a little slower pace of the hilo g85 now the bright side below is that the reason why heliocore is the g series cpu is due to the fact that it is slightly better in regards to pc gaming so if you’re comparing this gadget to much more cost effective and even a lot more less expensive gadgets uh the the techno stimulate 8 pro right here really has the ability to take care of video games at medium graphics settings rather smoothly so i had the ability to get a rather excellent suitable gaming experience on the techno stimulate 8 professional to ensure that’s a plus factor now in regards to the ram along with storage space it starts from four gigabytes of ram and in terms of storage space you have 64 gigabytes completely up to 128 gigabytes to make sure that’s what you can enter regards to the ram plus

storage okay so once again it’s very fundamental things below this is a spending plan gadget so you can’t truly anticipate way too much however once more for the rate i think the hilo g85 is rather enough all right currently allow’s go on to the next factor and also talk very promptly about the sensing units at the top currently this is in fact quite intriguing and also by interesting i suggest fairly unusual i would certainly state the reason for that is because we do have a three-way camera setup however just the main sensing unit right here the specifications are known so i had a look at the internet site and also all that it states that it includes a 48 megapixel major sensor we have a dev sensor over here i believe it’s two megapixels i can not really verify that and also last however not least there’s another sensing unit near the bottom currently i’m going to reveal you people a couple of photos over below so you can basically tell what sort of photo quality you can obtain from the techno spark 8 professional total once more this is a spending plan tool so the pictures appearing are just good enough for showing your buddies if you desire to share it to social media placed it on stories or something like that i assume it’s additionally fine you will not actually have a significant concern over there so yeah it simply functions it’s just a really conventional fundamental camera on the tecno stimulate 8 pro currently carrying on allow’s speak a little concerning the battery since i assume for a budget plan tool especially at this relatively plus size some people might in fact

intend to buy to utilize it as their extra phone since of that battery now in terms of the battery we do have a 5000 mah battery in right here once again relatively standard nowadays but it does sustain the 33 watt fast cost which clearly we do have the charger in the box according to techno you will go from no to a hundred percent in under an hour or two however not the fastest good so that’s pretty much it last yet not the very least in regards to the speakers and audio jack we do have the earphone jack at the bottom yes it charges up through type c and we do have a solitary shooting audio speaker near the bottom does not obtain too loud however it just functions uh very typical good guys that’s it for today’s video clip i hope you liked the very very fundamental fast video clip over below for the techno spark 8 pro if you have any further concerns do not hesitate to leave them down in the comment area below i wish you taken pleasure in today’s video do not fail to remember to drop a like sub to the network as well as i want to see every one of you men in the following one remain risk-free everyone bye

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