ASUS ProArt Studiobook 16 OLED: The MOST Powerful Laptop I’ve Ever Owned!

hello everyone welcome back to another video clip with lim testimonials currently this is mosting likely to be the last video of 2021 i really hope every one of you guys out there had an excellent year and also absolutely wishing every one of you a pleased new year okay so prior to we begin this video uh today’s video clip is a little bit unique i’m mosting likely to be showing to you an extremely intriguing laptop that i have actually been making use of for the previous a couple of weeks currently this is a definitely insane equipment so what i mean by that is that it has a load of crazy specifications on this laptop which you can see right here and also i use this mainly for my imaginative operations so that means that the majority of the videos that you’ve been seeing for the past couple of days those video clips are in fact modified on this particular maker right below okay so in today’s video clip we’re simply going to be sharing with you all concerning my experience with this asus professional art workshop book 16 oled that has just launched not as well long earlier right here in malaysia my version below is the h 5600 as well as that means it comes

with the amd ryzen processor okay so allow’s start with today’s video clip right now now this laptop right here the studio publication 16 i’m just mosting likely to call it in this way it’s in fact a very intriguing equipment due to the fact that it just supplies me a great deal of performance in regards to my operations now allow me speak a little about it yet prior to i do that allow’s talk a little bit concerning the style in regards to the design if you just take a look at this workshop publication 16 you will observe that it is in this totally passed out design which looks absolutely sneaky i really enjoy the layout below everything is in matte black and it simply looks fantastic it resembles a gaming device however it is really created the makers so something that you need to also know is that the professional art logo design that you see on the back here this primarily means that all the color calibration on this tool is mosting likely to be top-notch everything that i see on this gadget is going to be the actual color to make sure that’s what i like concerning this thing too currently relocating the laptop to the opposite here discover that we do have a

pair of ports on the left left wing we really have 2 usbc’s 3.2 gen 2 we likewise have a usb a 3.2 gen 2 a hdmi 2.1 and also the kensington lock relocating on to the right below we also have a usb a 3.2 gen 2 and sd reveal 7.
0 and also that actually suggests faster transfer speeds although regular sd cards today don’t really sustain that today but yes it’s in fact fairly quick in terms of the sd card transfer rates currently apart from that you additionally have your headphone jack and also the ethernet port to ensure that’s essentially all the type of components that you will certainly get on this studio publication 16. Now proceeding allow’s speak a little bit regarding all-time low of the tool because we’re covering the outside right now at the back here you can see that we have this actually trendy vents with the workshop publication logo design at the back here it really looks extremely nice from the bottom up of this workshop box 16. all right all right so currently performed with the outside we ought to

additionally talk a little concerning what we see on the inside now as quickly as i leave the laptop itself uh which i can do with simply one finger and also notice that on the top right here we do have a 720p a webcam that actually has a cover on it which you can open and also close just to have that kind of personal privacy uh for your laptop computer right here so i think that’s actually awesome of us meant to put that in this laptop computer right below as well as relocating down we notice that we have a really roomy key-board over right here uh i do need to direct out that the format of the key-board is slightly in the direction of the left it’s slightly moved towards the left so it is it takes a long time for me to obtain used to this kind of you understand typing on the keyboard but that’s simply something that you must bear in mind of now the major style of the show right below is really this asus dal which you can actually have a couple of functions it sustains like adjusting the system brightness

it supports you know like adjusting the quantity and of course it supports a couple of adobe imaginative apps that indicates that you have a multi-functions simply by rotating this dial as well as i’ll speak a little bit about that later on now moving down we additionally have a fairly roomy trackpad over here which includes three buttons the advantage concerning this trackpad here is that you can in fact use a stylus pen to write on it to attract stuff as well as the but the three switch format right here is in fact fairly similar to exactly how a mouse works or you have three buttons the middle scroll along with the left and right so yeah it’s actually pretty extensive whatever you need right here on this specific format though i do need to point out one point is that the keyboard design is simply a little bit expensive so often it’s not one of the most comfortable but general i’m still extremely pleased with the general style of the studio book 16. All right so 2 even more things that i need to additionally mention regarding this studio publication 16 is primary it features this army standard 810 h grid to make sure that indicates that this is a very long lasting type of laptop right below i assume it has undergone a number of decrease tests but i do not recommend you to drop your laptops at any type of point of time as well as the second point right below is that in regards to mobility now the reason i constantly opt for laptop computers is since i can bring my whole workflow bent on the

cafe or something like that as well as this point evaluates simply 2.7 kg so you have a lots of power done in this laptop computer right below as well as i think that’s exceptional okay so now performed with the style rather a preferred to discuss there allow me discuss what’s truly amazing concerning this workshop publication 16 and the initial thing i intend to highlight here is in fact in the display now this studio book here has one of the ideal display screens that i’ve ever before seen on a laptop as well as what i imply by that is that this laptop computer below actually lugs what asus is calling the globe’s very first 16-inch 4k oled panel currently when you hear oled you most definitely understand that it’s going to have great contrast degrees the saturations are going to be remarkable you guys recognize i cover quite a fair little smartphones on this channel right here as well as the display on this studio book 16 is contemporary of this so it’s one of the very best again that i have actually seen on any type of laptop computer to day okay so it’s just in regards to the display itself obviously like i discussed this is a professional art gadget below so everything is mosting likely to be color exact in fact it has a heap of accreditations on this screen right here allow me simply swiftly go via all the certifications with you really swiftly it has a 16 by 10 element proportion it has a 100 dc ip3 color gamut 550 nits of illumination a million to one comparison ratio you additionally have your pantone

recognition you have your shade guy verified vesa certified and naturally you have your tuv rainlan licensed eye care to ensure that’s all the accreditations that you can anticipate from this screen as well as to put it simply to in other words it’s just an awesome screen below that is terrific for you recognize doing your editing on your lightroom or your premiere pro you recognize just enjoying videos every little thing looks terrific on this screen and i believe that’s the one of the major selling points right here 4k 16 inch oled panel guys insane things below since’s simply in terms of the display screen let me talk with you a bit about my creative circulation due to the fact that like i claimed i do edit quite a fair little bit of video clips on this maker right here so this is where the asus dal in fact enters play now the advantage regarding this data right here is you can do a great deal of modifications to the functions that you can jump on the dial itself so for example when i am in the best professional app all i need to do is simply tap the button right here and also i can do my time axis adjustment i can do the timeline zoom and also i can additionally do the audio tracks elevation so there’s a number of features that you can do for best pro there are a few more functions that you can do for your

lightroom and also your photoshop so those are really extremely helpful if you utilize this dial right here currently certainly a few of you may believe that this is a gimmick but i believe if you are an imaginative person and you recognize you can just integrate this wheel into your operations uh the asus down below could actually assist you out uh to do a lot of points quite quicker so i assume that’s likewise good to have on the workshop publication 16. Currently going on to the following point right here let’s talk a little bit concerning the kind of power that we are having in this laptop computer due to the fact that we do have quite a reasonable little power here so in regards to power we do have the amd ryzen 9 5900 hx processor i also have a rtx 3070 graphics 1 terabytes of ssd 64 gigabytes of ddr4 ram as well as in regards to the battery life it is 90 watt hrs so yes that’s quite a fair little requirements here this is definitely an extremely powerful equipment 64 gigs of ram men you can do tons of things on this workshop publication 16 right here currently two more things that you should know here is that this asus workshop publication 16 here likewise supports the pro art developer hub and inside here you it provides you a lot of modifications you can adjust your screen you can select your follower accounts for example you want a performance mode or you just desire basic mode you can also modify the functions of the asus dial right here and far more works all utilizing the pre-installed pro art crater

center now the last point that i intend to discuss below actually remains in terms of the follower appears due to the fact that i understand that you know some people several of you guys out there you don’t such as followers that are as well loud so fortunately right here is that asus has actually attempted to reduce the follower volumes of the studio book 16 here considerably as well as i am delighted to report that under typical use the sound is not that loud you do not have fans that spins also loud as well as as well noisily but if you do go to performance mode like for example if you just require a maximum power you will still have the ability to hear quite a fair little the fan appears uh turning up from the studio publication 16. All right guys profits is this asus pro art studio book 16 oled is actually one of my most favorite laptops to day undoubtedly since it comes with a lots of specifications yet i think my favorite feature right here would certainly be that incredible 16-inch oled panel that simply permits me to do a whole lot of things right here and i can recognize that all the videos that i do all the images that i do are in fact color precise all ideal people i think that’s it for today’s video clip if you need to know more regarding the asus professional art studio book 16 uh don’t forget to check the links down in description below if you have any concerns do not hesitate allow me recognize down in the remark area below naturally i do desire all of you individuals a satisfied happy new year pleased 2022 and also i want to see every one of you people in my following video stay secure everyone bye

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