Honor 50 Lite Review: Awesome Looks At An Affordable Price! Should You Buy?

hi everybody welcome back to one more video clip with lim evaluations now in today’s video we’re mosting likely to be inspecting out proprietor’s most recent tool the 50 lite which gadget simply landed right here in malaysia for a really inexpensive rate point i as a matter of fact was quite stunned when i learnt about the rate however before we do that let’s simply check out the device i have it right below as well as i have this in the silver shade although it does not look very silver okay so in terms of the cost what’s so special concerning it and just how much is this in malaysia well it’s going for under 1 000 ringgit this 999 for just one spec it includes a 8 gigabytes of ram and also 128 gigabytes of internal memory that is not expanding to make sure that’s the surprising i think it is a superb rate right here for the kind of tool that you’re obtaining especially because it looks respectable too now that we’ve made with the price let’s check out the layout all that like i pointed out earlier on it has this silver appearance and there are various other shades like blue and black however this is the one to get if you’re seeking to get among these guys and of course uh if you check out this phone right below you

may notice that it looks really comparable to a previous huawei gadget um yup it is actually the very same type of appearance here however we do have this round kind of a structure for the electronic cameras it has a quad cam setup as well as of course it does capture fairly a fair little fingerprints on this extremely mirror-ish type of surface on the back panel right below currently one point i do need to mention right here is that although this device is called the silver the bezels on the side below the framework itself i mean is in fact looking a little bit like purple so i’m uncertain why it looks like purple yet i do assume that it’s still an extremely unique appearance below at the back directly it resembles light weight aluminum so i think that looks quite great now i’m if i just draw your attention sideways here we do have a fingerprint scanner on the appropriate side and also if you search the bottom right here you have your type c port along with a single shooting speaker so there’s no double stereo audio speakers right here just a solitary firing one yet fortunately below is that you do still have the earphone jack at the top section all right so currently allow’s flip the device as well as chat a bit concerning the front we do have a quite good lcd display over right here

now remember that this is rather big 6.67 inches lcd going for 1080p there is no rapid refresh rate over here every little thing is simply 60 hertz however in regards to the touch sampling price it is the beautiful basic 180hz so just an fyi for you individuals what i do like about this panel as well as it’s the very same story when i discussed in the previous huawei phone is that we do have extremely slim bezels on the side and also i definitely like that concerning the honor 50 light so it looks outstanding in fact in regards to the lcd high quality over below we’re obtaining among the very best lcd displays in the marketplace right now because uh honor actually gave us a great panel and also what i mean by that is that saturation degrees are really excellent it has extremely solid illumination degrees and the contrast levels are specifically great for an lcd panel similar to this too now what i did not truly such as is that column form eliminated at the leading left edge over below there is just one single uh selfie cam at the front it’s a 16 megapixel unit however at the side there i believe it may be a distance sensing unit i’m not also certain what that is however we do have this rather large tablet shape eliminated on the leading left edge to make sure that’s just for you men

to know good so now allow’s go on to the next part and also talk a little bit about efficiency due to the fact that performance is extremely crucial and regrettably this is where the honor 50 light will not truly shine it’s being powered below by a snapdragon 662 and honestly talking in today’s criteria it is quite a an obsolete cpu it is not very effective and you can really feel that with your daily usage with this tool currently the bright side right here is that this gadget does support the google play store so you can download and install all sort of your video games as well as applications your acquainted apps straight onto the phone itself yet you can not expect it to be extremely high doing obviously given that it’s under 1 000 ringgit i think that the efficiency that you’re getting for your money is rather acceptable now i’m mosting likely to show you men an extremely fast benchmark rating so you have a quick suggestion on exactly how the snapdragon 662 does yet aside from that like i pointed out previously on in the video we do have eight gigabytes of ram and also 128 gigabytes of non-expandable storage uh it’s the typical ufs 2.2 if i’m not mistaken so yep that’s this in terms of the efficiency if you’re searching for a mobile phone that does the standard things like browsing the web you understand seeing your social media sites youtube as well

as all that this tool really gets the job done quite well all right so relocating on to the next point right below let’s talk a bit concerning the quad video camera setup at the back here so we do have a 64 megapixel primary sensor we also have an 8 megapixel ultrawide as well as we have 2 instead not so helpful macro lens and a dev sensing unit so allow’s simply neglect those two sensing units down there and also concentrate on the primary ones so i’m mosting likely to reveal you a number of pictures below again it is quite decent performance originating from the honor 50 light we have good pictures in the night and day therefore much i don’t think there’s anything to shout about but there is likewise nothing excessive to complain regarding the high quality from the images drawn from the honor 50 light now finally let’s talk very swiftly regarding the battery that’s in the back right here we do have a 4 300 mah battery as well as it does sustain 66 watt rapid fee which incidentally the battery charger does come in package currently remember that you can receive from zero to 40 in apparently regarding 10 mins so indeed still relatively quick although not the fastest yet i believe it’s a suitable speed at this price factor now last last finally before we go we always need to speak

about haptics and also for this guy right below of course given that it’s quite a budget device right here i did not anticipate it to come with any excellent haptic system you do get an extremely typical type of shaking an electric motor in below so you don’t have that type of extremely good haptics and also all that however once again at the price of less than 1 000 ringgit i can forgive it for that great people profits is this is a pretty affordable phone again coming from honor once again i did not expect it to find in at much less than 1000 ringgit and i think it’s rather decently spec here you can’t truly compare it to the cheapest phones out there yet you’re actually obtaining a quite strong develop high quality gadget right here quite wonderful looking as well with this style at the back and yeah you do obtain a pretty expensive lcd display screen at the front with marginal bezels good guys that’s it for today’s video if you need to know even more about this gadget here don’t fail to remember to leave a comment down listed below obviously if you do like the video do not neglect to drop a like sub to the network to see more web content like this and i absolutely hope to see all of you individuals in the next one remain risk-free everybody bye

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