HUAWEI Watch GT 3 vs Apple Watch 7: Which Should You Choose?

hey there everyone welcome back to another video with lim evaluations now in today’s video clip we’re mosting likely to be looking into two really interesting clever watches that i have below on one end i actually have the brand new most current huawei watch gt3 and on my other hand right here i have the apple watch seven now both watches here are actually extremely intriguing so in today’s video we’re just going to do a really fast side-by-side contrast uh matching the gt3 over here to the apple watch 7 all right so we’re simply mosting likely to start very swiftly but prior to we do that obviously if you do like video clips like this don’t forget to strike that like button and sub to the network to see even more web content similar to this great allow’s start the video as soon as possible so first off firstly i think i must begin by talking regarding the rate since that is actually very crucial over right here the huawei see gt3 it is available in two dimensions there is a 42 mm and a 46 mm my tool below is actually the 46 mm the slightly bigger one and also this is starting from a cost of just rm 999 so in malaysia it’s under 1000 ringgit and also you get a host of attributes for this huawei enjoy gt3 now keep in mind that the apple watch 7 over below is in fact a far more pricey

watch this is starting from rm1749 below in malaysia and again this is additionally really expensive right below in regards to the prices so this is really practically double the cost of the huawei watch gt3 so allow’s learn what’s really different for the rate of virtually half that of the apple watch is the gt3 in fact solid enough allow’s figure out right away so most importantly we’re going to chat a bit regarding the style below of both watches as you can see the huawei watch gt3 here is a really different method you can see that we have an extremely traditional kind of design over below it looks extremely near to that of a conventional watch you have one button at the top below a revolving dial along with a quick shortcut switch but it looks very nice here really solid as well as i believe it is an excellent looking watch right here in terms of the huawei enjoy gt3 currently proceeding to the apple watch 7 over below again this is in fact a really comparable appearance from what we have actually seen before we have a rounded face yet here we have a square face it looks really minimalist once more you likewise have a turning switch over right here in addition to a fast multitasking button near the bottom so in regards to design i assume it’s actually to personal preference if you like

a round face or a square face such as this they both look equally excellent all right now let’s go on to points a little more crucial and let’s speak a little bit primarily about battery life due to the fact that after using both devices here i find that this is actually among the main separating elements currently for the huawei watch gt3 over here of course like i stated previously on there are 2 different sizes yet the smaller variation goes all the means up to 7 days of battery life but this guy below the bigger version has battery life right as much as 14 days currently in comparison the apple watch 7 here has actually never been solid in its battery life according to apple it stands up to 18 hrs of battery life on a single fee and honestly speaking this is where the largest distinction is uh in terms of battery life for both tools here currently with additional battery life the excellent thing concerning that is that for the huawei view gt3 below if i take place a holiday and also i neglected to bring my charger i do not have to bother with battery life once more if i track my sleeves during the night i do not have to get up the following morning checking out you understand very little battery life for the watch itself so it certainly helps a great deal to have two weeks of battery life particularly what we’re obtaining here on the huawei enjoy gt3 so most definitely a huge win for the huawei gt3 over below currently relocating

on to the following point let’s talk a bit concerning the health and wellness tracking kind of things that we have on both watches below since that’s also one of the primary vital factors where you get a smart watch similar to this so we’re going to begin off initial with the huawei watch gt3 over here yes we do have your all-day heart rate checking you have your all-day spo2 surveillance you track your sleeps it tracks your stress it tracks your skin temperature level it tracks a reasonable little bit of things right here on the huawei enjoy gt3 as well as it does so extremely precisely currently proceeding to the apple monitor here it does come with all-day tough tracking also apart from that it does support sp02 monitoring however you in fact need to do it by hand that indicates it can’t be actually tracking the whole point throughout the throughout the entire day you don’t get that kind of thing here and also there is just like rest monitoring too yet like i stated earlier on uh the sleep tracking is not that terrific due to the fact that uh you stress over battery life and another difference in between the rest monitoring here is that the huawei watch gt3 can really track your naps but you can only track regular sleeps with the apple supervise there currently the advantage is that this apple watch does come with fall discovery and also it additionally tracks your ecg so those are added points that you can obtain from the apple watch right here yet simply in terms of day-to-day use i find that the details on the huawei see gt3 was simply a little more exact as well as what i indicate by acura is that in regards to the heart

price surveillance and also spo2 keeping track of the intervals the time intervals between each take is really a lot much less than that for the apple watch right here now an additional point that i should mention here also between both viewers below it’s not simply regarding the hardware however it’s additionally about the software application so this is where the health app really enters into play for the huawei see right below we do have the huawei health app as well as for the apple we have this normal health app now in terms of just presence for the data and also recognizing it i discovered that the wellness the huawei wellness application was really much more understandable whatever is all the details and also information are outlined really plainly on the app itself so you can have a really quick glimpse and comprehend the full details about your wellness all right so now allow’s carry on to the next point and chat a bit about the tasks in between both tools currently it once more is extremely various below for the huawei view gt3 right below we do have greater than 100 various type of exercise modes that it supports over in the watch below i won’t go over each one whereas for the apple enjoy right below it has about 80 plus in terms of the exercise modes in the watch itself so both have fairly a reasonable little activities that’s being tracked but i would say that the main distinction below is actually in the the type of ai individual train that the huawei enjoy dt3 has so as an example allow’s say if i do go into the exercise mode i can just go right into these programs as well as strategies below to really select a running plan for myself i observed that there has to do with 13 various kind of

pre-programmed training courses over right here as well as all you require to do is just select among these plans to really start your run as well as 145 so like you simply heard this now you in fact have an actual trainer kind of example like that to in fact guide you to just how you ought to keep your speed and your heart price for every different type of programs running courses that you have in the watch itself so that’s really amazing there something that i truly like concerning the huawei enjoy gt3 uh one more thing that i ought to also highlight here is that in terms of the general practitioners the huawei watch gt3 right here really supports double band general practitioners whereas on the apple see right below is just a solitary regularity general practitioners so just technically in terms of the general practitioners accuracy and the rates to in fact obtain secured on to gps it should be a little much faster on the huawei see gt3 now lastly allow’s speak a little bit about compatibility here since that’s in fact really essential when you buy a smartwatch so undoubtedly you could already know that if you purchase a huawei enjoy gt3 it will certainly deal with nearly all kinds of gadgets it functions with both android and ios whereas for the apple view right here it only deals with ios gadgets so that implies if you have anything like an android smartphone uh the apple watch right here will certainly not collaborate

with that all right individuals so profits uh just for a really fast recap right here the huawei watch gt3 versus the apple watch 7 yes i assume uh if i needed to pick one tool below uh i would certainly have to go with the huawei see gt3 right below for just a number of reasons initially up it begins at a more budget friendly price factor extremely very simple gain access to for any individual that wishes to get involved in the smartwatch game second point hit is naturally like i pointed out earlier on the difference in battery life we have 14 days up to 14 days contrasted to simply less than eventually on the apple watch this is a substantial distinction and also i can not stand needing to bill my watch every day besides that it likewise features even more type of various activities that it tracks uh it additionally tracks my health information more precisely as well as i have extremely clear information from the huawei health app general i simply assume that this uh huawei enjoy gt3 here is simply an extra easy to use expect simply any person who’s beginning to get into the smartwatch game you can expect this huawei see gt3 right here to be very simple to get used to great individuals i assume that’s virtually what i wish to compare in between the huawei view gt3 along with the apple watch 7. if you people have any even more inquiries do not forget to leave them down in the comment area listed below if you would like to know more concerning these watches as well as any kind of promos that’s going on don’t fail to remember to look into the web links down in the summary below that’s it for today’s video clip i hope you did enjoy today’s video and also i most definitely anticipate seeing you men in the following one keep safe everybody bye.

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