Realme GT Neo 2 Two-Week Review: A PROPER FLAGSHIP KILLER! No Kidding.

hello everyone welcome back to one more video clip with lim reviews now in today’s video i’m very excited to show you a gadget that i directly believe is an appropriate front runner killer now the device that i’m discussing here is really the realme gt neo2 that i have here and i’ve been utilizing this device below for the past 2 weeks now and i assume this is in fact a very extremely solid gadget currently prior to i begin this device below is mosting likely to land right here in malaysia on november the third and i understand in various other nations you guys most likely currently have it in regards to the pricing though right here is going to retail for rm19999 which is slightly below 500 us bucks for every one of my close friends in other areas however the very best part below is that you do get 12 gigabytes of ram as well as 256 gigabytes of internal memory so very very strong things right here by actual me currently why am i calling this the flagship killer i indicate there are many phones that are being introduced today however if you simply have a look at the spec sheet of this gt neo2 here you will see a whole lot of parts that in fact make this extremely extremely strong so initially up at once i’m going to tell you that it has a snapdragon 870 it comes with a high refresh price

show you additionally have a respectable set of video cameras a really large battery quick billing excellent ram good interior memory and also a whole lot of excellent stuff here to share concerning this realme gt neo2 so without further trouble we’re just mosting likely to jump into the video clip here and chat a little bit concerning my experience after utilizing the actual me gt neo2 below for the previous 2 weeks individuals so prior to i start naturally it will certainly assist a lot if you might just drop a like on the video to sustain the channel okay let’s begin with the very first point right off and it has to do with the style now as you can see right here the design of the actual me gt neo2 is a very stylish kind of layout of course it does resemble a couple of type of cars in my mind here i can consider the bmw m4 uh the mercedes uh gt something something however if you individuals know your automobiles you will certainly identify that this looks extremely comparable to some sport cars currently undoubtedly if you don’t like this design you can choose the extra controlled version uh they are coming in in various colors which really looks more plain or more simple vanilla in a manner of speaking so you have that choices out there men now in regards to the develop high quality guys it feels extremely

very solid right here we have this back glass back panel below that feels very smooth to the touch you likewise have these plastic panels right here which does not really feel super excellent however general i discovered that this gadget is constructed extremely perfectly there’s no gaps in between and also it feels extremely durable also now on the sides we do have all this in the black out sort of aluminium type of feeling once again very strong things here something i did notice missing out on here was the earphone jack yet you do obtain dual stereo speakers that seem pretty loud right here so i believe it is a trial and error yet we are compensated with that said twin stereo speakers all right so that’s just in terms of the style overall weight wise it is slightly hefty at 200 grams yet i think it is convenient over the long-term to ensure that’s just the design let’s speak a bit more about the display screen following so if you simply turn the device to the front here you can see that we have an extremely gorgeous display currently size sensible this is a 6.62 inch 1080p e4 amoled screen that is refreshed at 120hz and you have an insane touch sampling price of 600hz individuals alright so those are just numbers however just how does it feel to really utilize the display screen on this tool well honestly talking i understood that the display screen right here is really extremely saturated it is a little also saturated for my liking as

well as yes i know that i can tweak it in the settings but sadly i had not been able to obtain the sweet spot despite exactly how i fine-tuned the display it is always simply a bit as well saturated in my individual point of view aside from that good thing that i understood concerning this display screen here is that it’s able to go all the method up to 1 300 nits of illumination which makes it extremely bright specifically even if you are outdoors so those of you individuals available who such as to be outdoors this phone will show up under the strong sunshine to make sure that’s just in regards to the display screen in general in terms of the level of smoothness levels this is a battery smooth tool men whatever simply reacts to your touch promptly with the 600hz uh touch reaction rate so you can count on this display screen right here to be really smooth every one of the time specifically if you switch on the 120 hertz throughout the whole day all best people so now done with the screen allow’s talk a little bit regarding the performance itself currently apart from having a snapdragon 870 in the back here we likewise get a huge cooling system

according to real me this is the largest ever kind of vapor air conditioning chamber so you can anticipate warm to be dissipated at a very efficient degree but in addition to that point that you do not in fact see here is the ram itself now i may point out to you that the ram itself is 12 gigabytes yet what you need to know here is that this is lpddr5 that makes it among the most effective rams that you can jump on a device aside from that the storage space itself is ufs 3.1 so you have quickly storage rapid ram and that makes every little thing on the gadget you operate a really quick degree now in regards to gaming i tend to play mobile tales all the time below and i always put it at the maximum ultra graphics setups currently what i did see here is that also after betting greater than one hr indeed i know i should not be playing that lengthy however i realized that the back right here was not as cozy as on various other devices currently i did take a temperature level weapon and also examine it on the back below and i located that the temperatures floats regarding 38 to 39 levels celsius so it’s always keeping points trendy and also that assists with the throttling of the processor itself so if you are a gamer and also you want those proper kind of frame rates i absolutely advise you to have a look at the genuine me gt neo2 right here because of that cooling system now

clearly if you’re simply utilizing this phone daily with it being so effective you do not need to bother with everyday processes application introduces very rapidly there is no delays no delays whatsoever and also whatever simply runs extremely smooth on the gt neo2 right below to ensure that’s this in terms of the efficiency people i’m going to show you a very quick benchmark score below so you can have a short idea on how qualified this device is now finished with the efficiency let’s talk extremely promptly about the electronic cameras that we do carry the back below so the actual me gt new 2 right here has a three-way camera configuration it is led by a 64 megapixel main sensor you also have an 8 megapixel ultra large and lastly you have a 2 megapixel macro lens that seriously talking i do not think anybody utilizes in any way alright so in regards to photo high quality that’s one of the most crucial numbers on numbers however photo high quality actually depends upon these on the phone’s software program itself so how is it like in daytime well clearly allow me reveal you men a pair of shots right here pictures taken

throughout the day were awesome and they look wonderful they have good colors right here if you desire an even more vivid technique you can constantly activate the ai mode however if you want a more practical technique just switch off ai mode and also everything will function faultlessly currently in terms of the night setting men this is where the real me gt neo2 really shines so you can translucent these number of photos right here that it took remarkable shots throughout the evening even when the scenes are not bright sufficient we are able to get extremely strong images below that actually looks great for sharing on social media so i most definitely need to applaud real me below for giving us this really excellent evening images that we can handle the genuine me gt neo2 now finished with the electronic cameras right here let’s talk very promptly concerning the haptics because that is something that i constantly try to cover on my evaluations here great information men the genuine me gt neo2 right here features the very best x-axis haptic engine currently what this indicates is that you have those actually great short as well as crisp kind of vibration comments haptics are wonderful so you will absolutely enjoy the user experience on this gadget right below now last yet not least allow’s speak a bit concerning the battery in the back now have a look at this gadget here you may discover that the gt nu2 is rather a slim device yet really it in fact loads a 5000 mah battery in the back here and the most effective component is that what can be found in the box was this 65 watt extremely that rapid charger that is able to charge this tool from zero to 100 in slightly over half a hr men it is actually that quick i have actually been checking it out as well as it has never failed me so much so great suitable battery life right here as well as fast billing to boot makes this an excellent gadget below to last you throughout the entire day all appropriate individuals so now profits is i definitely think this is a proper flagship awesome so let’s experience a number of points as soon as again we do have the snapdragon 870 we have a 64 megapixel sensor we additionally have the big battery with quick charging ufs 3.1 storage space you have 256

gigabytes of internal memory at once aside from that you likewise have the quick ram which is lpddr5 and x-axis haptics engine and also virtually an excellent construct quality with this gadget over right here so that’s most definitely a great deal of points right here and also you get all of these for simply rm1999 once more which is much less than 500 us dollars today so this is really really intriguing below for the genuine me gt neo2 again if you people are looking for a brand-new phone no matter if you want to utilize it for your gaming or simply everyday use i strongly in fact suggest the actual me gt neo2 below due to the fact that it is a really strong tool as well as you will absolutely be satisfied with the performance that you can receive from this gadget right here great people that’s it for this video clip i recognize it’s slightly longer than common however i do wish you enjoyed this video do not fail to remember to like it if you like the network or below to the channel if you intend to see even more content similar to this and i want to see all of you guys in the next one remain safe everyone bye

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