ROG Phone 6 & 6D Long Term Review: Why Do Gamers Choose ROG?!πŸ€”

Hello there everybody welcome back to an additional video with Lim assesses uh it’s currently 3 11 A.M so bear with me as I experience this video truly swiftly right so whenever you think of pc gaming phones you recognize what kind of device do you truly assume of and also I assume I would love to publish this concern right at the begin of the video do you play games as well as what phone are you currently using now I recognize lots of people will always inform me that you can play games on any budget plan phone mid-range phones as well as also Front runner gadgets a great deal of phones currently bring you recognize like Front runner cpus mid-range processors nowadays are also extremely solid you can play a great deal of video games on it however what actually offers you the most effective video gaming experience well that brings me to today’s video which is everything about the Rog Collection 6 devices right here which I directly believe offers a very distinct video gaming experience that Gamers will certainly value alright so let’s delve into it immediately why do I assume you know the Rog phones always provide the very best gaming experience I wish to begin the first points off with how they look now very first things initially you may understand that Rog

has actually always been partnering with various kinds of you recognize comics for instance and even games for that issue a pair of months ago I in fact did the rog6 which is the Batman Version and also that phone looked actually incredible now I do have the latest brand name new Diablo Version as well as this phone looks awesome too you have those you know LEDs going on at the back here which makes it look very really awesome as well as that’s what I’m discussing guys you recognize in terms of video gaming phones functioning with various other programmers other games various other comics and all that that’s where you will really see just Rog is doing that people to ensure that’s the very first thing that I want to highlight right here now the second thing here is in fact in terms of the motifs currently you could believe that teams is simply something you recognize so normal let me just shut my interest influence in the meantime well you know the reality that Rog in fact functions with this kind of game programmers right here to actually come up with various teams we have a lots of fantastic groups right here if you just go into the app shop right here you can see that we have cost-free fire we have you recognize mobile Legends we have pubg groups here all are free to download incidentally as well as they provide actually offer

you this actually wonderful animated sort of lock displays the whole tool itself has a very good skin here on top of that symbols which are additionally tailored so you know Rog is the one that is actually striving right here you don’t really see other Front runner phones so other pc gaming phones for that issue in fact functioning on this now allow’s talk a little regarding another thing that can truly influence your pc gaming experience and also in my personal opinion I think that’s actually trendy below remains in regards to the air sets off now we do have triggers on the corners of this Rog phone 6 series they’re all there by the way you can determine them with this sort of like you understand distinctive sites here on the on the corners as well as they actually aid you to you understand raise the added sort of buttons now I’m mosting likely to reveal you genuine quick what that means so I’m simply going to go right into the app itself and also I’m going to go into the air sets off right so once you remain in air causes notification that we do have various type of means where you can include different buttons so let’s go right into the air activates in the meantime observe that I can use it for the fundamental tab setups that indicates that whenever you tap on the sides below you you can in fact turn on or map these switches to any kind of switch on the display screen so extremely very cool there besides that it’s not just concerning mapping one solitary button you can additionally have a dual partition sort of establishing so look below guys there’s actually 2 different buttons here you can select either among these and you can

have an overall of four different buttons individuals a map to the display screen so you can have your allow’s say you’re playing mobile Legends you can map this to be the very first ability this to be the second skill as well as you recognize if you simply hold on both together that can be the supreme so yeah a great deal of modifications permitted right here which’s not all people so there is additionally this motion control settings here which I believe is additionally very fascinating as well as all you need to do is kind of like take a gadget to turn on a switch so observe this yellow little symbol whenever I simply tilt it back there you have that appearance so I assume this is a bit more you know customer controlled if you are really you recognize accurate with your type of gestures you might really make usage of this to you know just come out with any type of type of skill in the video game itself so very extremely trendy below you have all these movement type of uh trolls they can generally bring your pc gaming performance to the following degree I would really consider this kind of a cheat actually since you know not every phone has this as well as as soon as you have this it’s really so very easy to you know simply trigger or simply refill your weapon or for anything like that good allow’s carry on to the next Factor below and also let’s chat a bit regarding the Depot dog crate because you know I’m actually in the app today so once again this is the Armory crate app that you know Asos And also Rog has actually really dealt with to offer Gamers complete

modifications there’s a great deal of things in here guys so for instance you can customize the Rog Vision that implies that little display screen at the back here you can select to put any type of kind of you know expensive computer animations that you can also place in your very own name there if you want to do that this is where you likewise customize the cooler the RGB illuminations you recognize your air activates your controls your efficiency your X settings every little thing is managed inside this Depot crate which again is a tailored application that not all pc gaming phones have so I really like that about this certain app all right allow’s move on and speak a bit regarding what else makes this phone so special and I think that is because of the devices readily available for the Rog phone collection currently in this situation I do have here today the Aero active colder 6 and also this colder is not simply a cooler individuals however it adds an extra 4 switches individuals there’s extra four switches that you can add to map to your video game as well as exactly how this functions is in fact super very easy you have this kind c Port right here which you can take into the Rog phones you recognize the 2nd type c Port so I’m simply going to place in below right now snap it in location as well as I need to have the ability to get that running so as soon as possible I did really feel a resonance it shows a Aero energetic cooler

linked and you can inspect it out from the back here individuals there’s this truly nice RGB lights taking place and also once more I think this in terms of devices being produced for gaming phones I believe Rog is really leading the video game right here due to the fact that until now I assume up till today they are the just one that are constantly releasing brand-new coolers you know that really connects to their own phones extremely very quickly alright since we are speaking a bit concerning cooling several of you may question what if you don’t have this particular colder or for some factor you can not pay for to obtain one well do not fret you understand in here there is in fact a huge Vapor chamber so even if you are playing graphic intensive games such as you know like gentian impact or perhaps Peak Legends on the optimum graphic degrees you don’t have to stress excessive concerning warmth the Rog phone 6 I’ve already done the testimonials of the phone 6 and also the 6D as well as they both really deal with warmth really really effectively so you don’t need to worry way too much about that the huge Vapor chamber within will certainly suffice okay so currently allow’s relocate on to the final Factor right here and let’s speak a little extra about the video gaming

experience what else can you discover in below okay so let’s get gentian influence loaded up genuine quick so we can talk a bit extra regarding that all right so when you remain in the video game this is where you recognize once again Rog has really created a pair of software tweaks to in fact assist you get a much better you recognize gaming experience without any type of disruption so you can in fact launch Game Genie straight from swiping From Any type of Edge as well as notification that you do have a number of settings right here I’m currently in Ultra long lasting and that is if you want to save a little battery yet if you want to go right into performance the highest possible efficiency you can enter into the xmod plus and also generally you can see that the whole UI adjustments tint you likewise have 4 various modes you have Dynamic which actually assists you to balance performance with your battery yet if you are really reduced on battery I suggest you in fact select the ultra sturdy now besides that you actually have a great deal of info over below you can see the performance of your CPUs your gpus all set out in really perfectly designed graphics and also one I personally like the most is in fact the truth that we have this let me simply return into dermatitis right there we can have this real-time details overlay that gets on the display itself so I believe this is really extremely vital to a whole lot of Players first of all you can really move it around but why it’s so essential to Gamers is since you can check your you understand CPU and gpus along with your

temperatures your battery degrees in addition to your FPS so all those info are set out on the display itself as an overlay you do not have to go right into designer setups to get that number on the side every little thing is here done by Rog so once again this actually provides the gaming experience an even much better feeling and also like I said with those activates it truly brings your pc gaming to the next level alright to ensure that’s virtually what I want to share today in terms of the gaming phones Rog phone 6 series again I believe these are one of the very best gaming phones that you can get today if you desire you understand various sort of groups don’t fail to remember to have a look at the Diablo version directly I like the Batman one the ideal this one is below also the 6D supreme likewise looks really amazing right here with this colorway I like this type of like gun steel sort of color yet yep if you have any concerns concerning you understand like gaming phones uh do not hesitate to go down a comment down below and also of training course I wish to understand what phone you are using for your pc gaming and also if you actually consider acquiring among these Rog phones anyhow uh thanks for seeing today’s video I anticipate seeing you men in the following year do remain safe everyone see you people bye

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