Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G Review: ONE MAJOR PROBLEM! Maybe TWO! 😯

hi everybody welcome back to one more video with lim reviews currently today here i have a really intriguing tool which is the brand name recently launched samsung galaxy a52 s5g currently keep in mind that this gadget was simply released below in malaysia concerning a week back and also i saw a great deal of video clips on youtube where these people are just claiming that this is one of the best mid-range smart devices that money can acquire nonetheless in today’s video i’m going to be a little bit different from what these individuals are saying i’m going to be telling you why i think this could not really be the very best value mid-range smart device that you as a user can acquire today now prior to i start let’s just speak really promptly regarding the price because this is one of the major element that is affecting the value recommendation of this samsung galaxy a52s now this tool was released in malaysia for rm 1900 ringgit which is roughly 450 us dollars for all of you good friends from different parts of the globe so this is not specifically an economical tool it is 1900 ringgit and bear in mind at upon launch this device here is

currently extra expensive than not only its closest competitors but also devices that are extra higher specification than the a52s 5g now what i suggest by that is this gadget right here is actually straight contending against gadgets like the realme gt master that i have right here it is also completing against gadgets like the mi 11 lite and also e this is additionally simply recently launched as well as these devices below actually share the exact same cpu that is the snapdragon 778 that i will certainly speak a little on later on currently keep in mind that the samsung a52 s5g is likewise extra expensive than tools like the mi 11t that was just released recently as well this device right here features a method stronger specifications than the a52 s5g so the question is just supplanting my mind is the a52s 5g date on arrival allowed’s not talk regarding that allowed’s go back to the device and see what it is actually using for that money all right first up allow’s take an appearance back at the samsung galaxy a52 we’re going to chat a little bit regarding the layout so at the back here we do have this plastic back cover right here as well as naturally in terms of design it’s truly up to your personal choice me personally i’m not a huge follower of the means this tool looks below i assume they can certainly take advantage of a much better design kind

of back panel however i would still say that it serves below due to the fact that it is a spick-and-span style now what i didn’t really like regarding this thing here is that the back panel here is amongst one of one of the most plastic feeling plastics that is really on a tool so at the price of 1 900 ringgit you’re obtaining a super plasticy back panel below that does not feel in all premium in your hands now why i pointed out that is because on the other hand tools that are much more less expensive like the actual me gt master below includes a plastic bag below yet it is like a fox natural leather kind of feeling so it is really unique and also it supplies you an extra premium feel in addition to that gadgets like the 11 lite 5g ne from xiaomi this device right here features a glass back panel below and it really feels a lot a lot more exceptional than the a lot more costly a52s 5g so once again this is simply in regards to the feel in hand as well as exactly how the device feels in general okay back to the tool here let’s flip the gadget to the front and talk a bit about that screen at the front currently this is really a rather excellent display right here i need to praise samsung below because they fitted on a 6.5 inch 1080p amoled display screen and the very best part about this is that every little thing is

performing at 120 hertz rejuvenate rate to make sure that means every little thing here is buttery smooth every little thing simply responds very quickly to all your touches so it’s a wonderful display screen here the only downside to this i would state is that it does not go the brightest for instance when i’m outdoors i recognize that the maximum illumination is simply 800 nits nonetheless i had the ability to still see the screen extremely clearly even when i was under straight sunlight now one more point that i do want to mention right here is that the screen is not one of the most saturated that you will find so if you are the sort of person that are very made use of to such as amoled display screens from like xiaomi genuine me where you can actually modify the display to go really vivid and also you like that punchy sort of shades you will not actually obtain that with the a52s right here the shades here looks more natural also when it is established to brilliant setting which i have currently done so right below currently let’s proceed next very quickly to the efficiency this tool below is shaking the snapdragon 778 which of course when i take a look at it alone it is an excellent cpu and also what i indicate by that is releasing applications on the daily is simply fast and rapid in terms of pc

gaming it is also great it doesn’t warm up that much something i do need to explain however is that the mobile tales video game which i play one of the most on this gadget below does not sustain the ultra settings it only mosts likely to high settings which is great i indicate it still runs extremely smoothly and effectively and it takes care of video games very nicely on this gadget currently also if you play visuals intensive games like genchin impact you will understand that this gadget right here does not really warm up and that’s mostly due to the snapdragon 778 g that is inside this device currently when we go on really promptly to ram by default the samsung 852 s5g here in malaysia just can be found in one spec as well as that is it comes with 8 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabyte of interior memory now birth in mind that although this memory is expandable you have that extra slot to place your flash memory card in yet this memory is only ufs 2.1 or 2.2 which is a very slow-moving kind of it’s very out-of-date in regards to just memory remember this people this is a 1 900 ringgit gadget which sets you back around 450 us dollars but it’s still using ufs 2 point something type of inner memory so that’s simply in my individual viewpoint not truly appropriate okay currently let’s go on to things that are much more positive here as well as let’s speak about

the video cameras at the back currently this man right below it includes a quad camera configuration so clearly you have a 64 megapixel major you have a 12 megapixel ultra large a 5 megapixel depth as well as another 5 megapixel macro sensing unit well let’s that’s just numbers but let’s discuss the photo quality truthfully speaking i have to give credit history where it schedules and also the samsung a52 s5g here has the ability to take some really excellent shots not just in the day yet likewise at night it is a very solid video camera right here on the a52s the various other evening i was just taking this device as well as the 11 light 5g ne and also i was doing a a night electronic camera comparison between both tools and also i discovered that the main difference below is that the a52s had the ability to take evening shots that look more like the actual scene without including way too much exposure it also maintains a lot of detail as you can see below currently the mi 11 light ne on the other hand was much better at brightening dark areas yet general it took longer to take the shot and it was actually tough to keep the video camera stable a lot of the moment overall yes i am extremely satisfied to state that credit report where credit is due the a52 s5g does take some rather good pictures currently the haptics on the a52s right here is not the type of

excellent one that you would certainly expect on the phone at this rate factor currently not just does it not obtain the x axis haptics it does not get the specific axis too so there’s no straight haptics in this device right below and also the sort of resonances that you would certainly obtain from the a52s right below is those type of slow-moving and tardy sort of feedback so it’s a kind of vibration comments that you would in fact hop on gadgets that set you back concerning 500 or 600 ringgit and that is about 100 to 150 us dollars so certainly the haptics below is not its greatest factors me directly i do discover it sort of aggravating because i do a great deal of typing on my text right here and also i favor the resonance to be on in addition to that whenever i return i likewise hit the side of the display and also it also gives me the haptic comments so haptics is actually a really integral part of my phones right here i’m uncertain concerning you people yet just in situation you are a haptic fanatic similar to myself i would certainly need to say that unfortunately you’re not going to get great haptics on the a52s right here currently proceeding to the following one allowed’s talk a bit about the speakers the speakers on this a52s right below is a stereo speaker configuration and it is really fairly excellent it’s nothing that will blow you away but it is fairly solid in terms of the quantity however the best component about this is that it additionally includes an earphone jack at the base so we do not see the headphone jack on smartphones these days a great deal of these smartphone makers are simply getting rid of the headphone jack however thanks to samsung for leaving that behind best here okay so last thing we’re going to speak about right here extremely promptly is the

battery in the back currently in the a52s we do have a 4500 mah battery which sustains approximately 25 watts of quick fee currently truthfully speaking by today’s requirements 25 watts is simply nothing to speak concerning actually it is thought about quite sluggish nonetheless the most awful component concerning this tool right here is that samsung just provided us with a 15 watt battery charger in package currently clearly i have actually been using this tool for a pair of days now so i did when to charge it up and test the speed so you men would certainly have a brief concept on exactly how quick it charges well based on my screening from no to 100 it took roughly 100 minutes so that means it is slightly more than one and a half hour to charge this av2s from zero to 100 and also honestly speaking again that is an extremely long time to bill the device up all ideal individuals profits what can i conclude concerning this samsung galaxy a52 s5g right here currently i truly do not intend to seem like a hater i don’t want to seem too negative also concerning this device of course it does have a number of great things going all out for circumstances it has a fantastic screen it additionally has a great collection of cameras here and on the whole the individual experience was rather nice on this a52s right below nevertheless i just have to claim that the primary problem with this tool here is in fact with

its cost currently at the price of 1 900 ringgit of 450 us dollars it is simply very difficult to suggest to anybody else considering we have a lot of alternatives today at costs listed below that rate factor apart from that i did felt that the haptics engine on this tool is a major letdown as well due to the fact that it in fact affects the whole customer experience so those are just two of the major disadvantages that i locate from this or else extremely solid samsung galaxy a52 s5g currently please let me recognize what you individuals think do you believe this is something that you might in fact consider purchasing or will you be actually taking a look at something else from various other brand names that are extra cost effective allow me understand what you assume since i actually wish to know what you guys are assuming from the viewpoint of an actual customer all appropriate guys i assume that’s it for this video clip thanks all for remaining to the end naturally if you simulate this video do not fail to remember to provide the video clip a like a sub to the channel as well as i wish to see every one of you men in the next one once more stay safe everyone bye

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