Xiaomi 11T Pro: 2 Weeks Later – REAL USER REVIEW! The Good & Bad! (After Latest Update!)

hi everyone welcome back to one more video with lim reviews currently to begin with i just wish to say thank you to all of you for aiding me to reach 100k clients i recognize a great deal of you are truly flexible for you understand capturing in the cooking area like this a few of you whine about the overexposed home windows i understand i’m attempting to work with that but today’s video clip is not about me it’s all concerning the xiaomi 11t pro that i’ve been utilizing for the past two weeks currently i have actually saw on social networks and from various other videos online that individuals are simply criticizing the 11t pro some are saying that it is listed below assumption some are looking at it as a downgrade however please hear me out in today’s video i’ll be speaking with you regarding my real user experience after utilizing this individual here for close to 2 weeks currently currently before i start i simply wish to say that the price of this 11t pro was launched in malaysia for rm2099 and also that is roughly 500 us bucks for every one of you people worldwide now bear in mind that this tool below is still significantly less

than the mi 11 when it was introduced since gadget was introduced for around 3 000 ringgit which has to do with 720 us dollars so in other words this tool right here is still extremely much budget friendly contrasted to the mi 11 and since today i believe it is still among the even more cost effective snapdragon 888 devices that money can get you all right so allow’s discuss how it actually seems like to utilize on an everyday we’re going to begin extremely promptly with the design and the develop top quality so clearly you can distinguish the design is what it is the majority of the xiaomi gadgets and even the poco gadgets do have this look i have my mix 4 right here and i likewise have the much even more cheaper poco x3 gt right here you can tell that the style of these gadgets are looking pretty generic originating from xiaomi as well as i have nothing too much to grumble regarding that i imply the layout is what it is but in terms of build quality of course it is not one of the most most superior feeling tool right below xiaomi claims that it has a glass back cover along with like metal sides as well as all that however

honestly speaking it does not truly seem like those superior type of glass materials if you actually wish to go for costs individuals you need to go something like the mix 4. This is way extra superior however or else this is what you get with the me 11t pro once again i just wish to claim that it’s not one of the most exceptional looking and the design is rather generic however it absolutely feels great in hand it is a bit thicker than common yet overall over the past two weeks i have actually obtained utilized to the way it feels in my hand and i appreciate that following point we’re going to discuss below extremely quickly is the display at the front now a great deal of you currently understand that this is a 6.67 inch display what’s more crucial below is that it is a very great super amoled display and it features 120 hertz freshen rate aside from that it likewise comes with 480hz of touch tasting rate so what this means is that all the communications that i carry the screen right here is really rapid every little thing is extremely receptive as well as it just feels extremely fluid to glide over this display right here currently one thing that i did located a

mild concern here was with the netflix currently netflix is stated to be able to sustain the full hd however whenever i activate my netflix on this tool right here i notice that i’m obtaining the resolution of about 480p to 720p which is not as sharp as i would like it to obtain to ensure that’s just one point that you should bear in mind of netflix is not really extremely maximized for this device right here yet but otherwise simply in regards to the display screen itself it obtains really intense outdoors it’s really functional inside and also there’s not much to whine regarding this display screen right here now let’s proceed to the 2nd point and also talk very quickly regarding the efficiency due to the fact that a great deal of you people are thinking of that so for the snapdragon 888 right here certainly you currently know that this is a premium cpu uh utilizing everyday apps like your facebook social media and instagram everything simply flies men it is extremely quick undoubtedly again the snapdragon 888 is known for its home heating problems so if you’re playing a great deal of video games you must always bear in mind that the device you will certainly get hot and based on my individual examination and all that i did make use of a temperature weapon to contend the rear of the video camera right here which is where it obtains its warmest it is about 45

levels celsius at the back so it’s hot to hold and even if you’re playing games for long durations of time you will most definitely feel really hot on this tool right here yet i did not face any kind of display dimming problems as well as nor did i deal with any kind of vehicle closure of any applications in all so your apps will still run however it is just really warm i know not everyone out there is a gamer perhaps you just play some light games and also all that in those situations the tool will certainly not warm up that bad it is about 40 to 41 degrees celsius so once again only if you are a hardcore player will you experience this sort of high temperature levels on the 11t pro currently let’s talk really swiftly regarding the miui experience a lot of people are stating that miui is always full of bugs it is always hanging as well as all the things in my past 2 weeks of utilizing this gadget below of course i did experience a bit of pests as an example the cam did socialized on me once apart from that one of the application just collapsed suddenly so it’s simply a couple of bugs that i met along the means obviously i understand you’re going to state that if you’re

using it for one year you will be experiencing all these insects along the means but xiaomi is also promising ahead up with software application updates for as much as three years as well as safety and security updates for as much as 4 years so it is not very easy for us to see nowadays for any other brand names available that in fact can promise approximately three to four years of software program updates so again this is most definitely a long-term point that we need to think about yet so far i think this is still a really appropriate experience on the 11t pro right here all right currently let’s carry on very rapidly to talk a bit about the camera at the back yes we do obtain a 108 megapixel primary sensor and ultra large in addition to a tele macro lens allowed’s talk about the picture high quality because that’s what i wish to concentrate on one of the most now if you observe the 11t additionally featured a 108 megapixel electronic camera yet the one on the 11t pro below is the far better sensing unit module based upon all the images that i have actually taken to day i noticed that the images taken throughout the day is actually extremely clear they have very high levels of information it’s really sharp and also there’s a lot of

really excellent shades as well on the 11t pro however in regards to night mode this is where it obtains a little bit complicated here occasionally the cam does obtain everything right yet sometimes it does obtain some things incorrect also through its software processing now what i mean by that is normally throughout evening mode what the phone attempts to do is it tries to cheer up an extremely dark atmosphere and also often in these cases it might simply go as well much and also it just makes the photo overexposed there’s a couple of noise below and also there so it’s not the very best photo yet again i would claim that this is a very similar type of experience that i’ve seen on various other gadgets too no gadget around to date that i can say always takes a perfect shot whenever you intend to take a picture so once again these are sort of circumstances that you might satisfy but general based on my experience with the cams on the 11t pro i’m still really satisfied that for the cost of rm2099 these are the kind of images that i can get today now let’s talk really quickly about the battery in the back here now i understand we do obtain a 5 000 milliamp hr battery which is most definitely good enough for one as well as a half day of actual use yet the most effective component below is that xiaomi did consist of the 120 watt charger in the box once again men ask yourself this concern at rm2099 or 500 us bucks for that issue

how frequently do you see a 120 watt fast charger in package now what this does is it gets the gadget from absolutely no to 100 in approximately 20 mins people that’s truly blazing quick and i never need to stress about battery in truth i don’t bring my power financial institution or my battery pack with me any longer when i head out i just carry the charger as well as whenever i need some juice which in many cases i do not i simply need to discover an electrical outlet in for like five minutes and obtain sufficient juice to run the remainder of the day to make sure that’s what i can speak about in regards to the battery and the charging rates currently last however not the very least i want to talk extremely rapidly concerning two final things here which is the speakers initially so speakers smart yes we do get dual stereo speakers and the ideal component concerning this is you understand normally when you hold your phone to play games your hand will cover one of the audio speakers so the most effective part is that the additional speaker at the top here which also serves as the earpiece is able to provide you decent noise currently i do not discover it as loud as the lower firing speaker the lower firing audio speaker is still louder than the one on the earpiece clearly yet it still helps to give you that second audio in the event where you video game similar to this as well as you shut out among the speakers to ensure that’s simply something that i simply intend to mention finally let’s chat a little concerning haptics due to the fact that haptics are always extremely vital to the overall user experience as well as for this gadget right below

it does come with the x-axis haptics so it’s absolutely among the better ones right here vibrations are brief as well as crisp as well as i have no grievances regarding it whatsoever great individuals bottom line here what i think of the 11t pro after using it for 2 weeks once more i simply wish to highlight the truth that this prices rm2099 for the base variation of 8 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of interior memory for this rate factor again it is among the a lot more or the most budget friendly snapdragon 888 tools that you can enter the market clearly it is not ideal there are locations where there are some imperfections and certainly there are areas where i did wish that xiaomi boosted on but once more think concerning this for rm2099 you can not expect for the most exceptional experience i imply in that instance what would the mix for previously right why would xiaomi even make this gadget if whatever is just mosting likely to be the very same so in this situation i still think that this is still a really recommended device for you men to really purchase if you don’t want it’s entirely great simply await the next design to find out overall individuals this is what i need to share with you with my personal individual experience on the 11t pro if you do have any kind of further inquiries do not hesitate to leave them down in the remark section below uh i wish you appreciated this video clip if you did enjoy this video clip don’t neglect to such as the video sub to the network and also i’ll see all of you people in the next one bye

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