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Hey there everybody welcome back to one more video with Lim testimonials now as you can see on my desk I do have a couple of you eco-friendly fees that we are going to be examining out today so if you’re in the market looking for an all new charger maybe you could intend to take an appearance at this video to discover which will be the very best battery charger for you now these days we often see you recognize makers dropping the costs from their smart phones all together or maybe they place in a battery charger like this but it’s only a single part so it’s going to lose up room on your power strip or your power electrical outlet so with these tools here you will certainly be able to place in several different sort of cords into one single charger which’s quite outstanding just in situation you are not aware of the new green these people they have actually been making fees for an extremely long time currently as well as they have verified to make actually excellent as well as reputable fees that will certainly collaborate with all your gadgets so allow’s have a look at the first charger that we have below I desire to begin with this u-green next offered 65 watt desktop charger so I’m mosting likely to unpack this as we undergo today’s video clip so this is called a desktop computer charger yet it will additionally have the ability to bill your mobile phones entirely at the sides below we do have a couple of essential attributes we have the four port quickly billing

multiple defense as well as Multi-Device compatibility so a lot of you Environment-friendly’s battery charger they are secured from heats that implies that your charger will certainly not warm up and also you will certainly not need to fret concerning any sort of brief circuits going on with the battery charger or your tool itself initially things initially we do have the charger as well as it’s right below so once more we have this really good Cube type of style here the side right here this is where you’ll see all your accessibility to your ports you have 2 type A ports right here along with two type c components and certainly you have this little small I’m not exactly sure what you call it but adapter or something like that you simply put this in and also you have four little stands right here so you can in fact rest on your workdesk like this attractive cool okay so simply in terms of the weight considering that you know you eco-friendly is always saying that their costs are quite light-weight let’s just put it right here real quick as well as see exactly how hefty it is as well as it’s about 193 grams so actually rather light-weight currently the next one below is in fact my personal favorite as well as this is called the you environment-friendly gun 65 watt quick battery charger this is a traveling battery charger that suggests that it comes with various type of heads

inside the product packaging itself currently if we simply turn package sideways once again we will certainly see that it is Compact as well as portable it features us UK and also Euro plugs and also it additionally has that smart power distribution along with the security versus surges as well as heats right so this is something that I’ve been currently utilizing so I will not do the unboxing here I’ll reveal you the charger right now this is just how it appears like and once again it has the very similar design language to the previous one with the exception of this you can really simply press this button here and also remove the plug to transform to a different hit so as an example we do have the multiple hits below and also I’m mosting likely to simply reveal you exactly how to do it it is extremely very easy like that notice that we do have that latch audio below and simply press the switch again to eliminate that as well as placed in the next one once more this is in fact a very very easy to attach at the back you do have one type a component along with two type c Parts right here really very helpful if you are mosting likely to be charging numerous gadgets once again this is my preferred one below because I travel a great deal and I just require to carry along these hits right here to be able to bill my devices alright so relocating on to the following one we have right here the ugreen 65 watt diginnes Cube and this set includes a

great deal of ports and you may observe we do have the uh the outlets on the on the charger itself so in fact extremely very thrilled to see just how this set ends up evidently you can connect it right into your electrical outlet like this and afterwards you can you understand placed in much more link into it allowed’s check out how it resembles Okay so this set here is in fact pretty massive once again this is called the digi Nest we have below the one cable to actually plug to the wall and also you can in fact expand uh kind of like a power strip you understand like an extension cable television you place this right into the wall right here again this is a UK pin version Let me simply eliminate it so you can see it actual clear we have this right below and again you place this to the wall as well as you have several you recognize Outlets right here you can place an overall of 3 different outlets and certainly at the front you likewise have your kind A kind A type c type c this gadget below is once again a 65 watt charger so I assume this is really really useful if you do not have you understand like a power strip or an extension wire or something like that you connect this in as well as you can really put it on the flooring due to the fact that you have this very great you recognize holds at the bottom right here that will make it this you understand stand like that right so we’re going to unbox the last one in the meantime currently this is the most standard one it’s

called the 30 watt USBC weapon quick charger and this is sort of like a substitute to your you know say your apple iphone charger or perhaps even your Android tool if those does not featured a charger you can constantly get one right here which is actually quite affordable it’s opting for 67 Ringgit and apparently it will certainly charge the iPhone 14 professional Max from 0 to 55 in 30 minutes so it’s likewise rather rapid there once again allow us unpack this real fast if we simply check out the front here we have actually obtained a number of vital info it’s a smaller size save even more room as well as you recognize several protection once more so allow’s remove this well I can really feel that this is oh this is in fact really extremely portable men check out that and also because it’s so little I wish to inspect out how heavy it considers too 92 grams right this is in fact really lightweight once more if you’re seeking a compact battery charger men this one below actually looks great you have the type C component at the leading and also certainly it folds up right into a smaller dimension so you just need to you recognize eliminate this when you are using the battery charger extremely awesome this is a 30 watt one all right so we’re going to put all the Chargers alongside and also let’s have a look at them for one last time each battery charger has its various function the initial one we have right here is the u-green next solid 65 watt desktop charger which is actually suggested to be put on your decks like that we have those small licks at the bottom that is mosting likely to make it very grippy and wonderful now the 2nd one here

is my favorite like I pointed out previously on this is the 65 watt travel battery charger that indicates it features these different heads and also you have that button on top there that enables you to get rid of the pins very very conveniently now the 3rd one right here is called the digi Nest where you can actually expand your outlet so you have those four components below as well but you have a three additional you recognize Outlets where you can place in your very own electrical tools lastly we have the mini Compact 30 watt battery charger from your green so this basically you know finishes up a glimpse in any way the Chargers again I need to thanks green for sending me these gadgets here so I can share them with you and also in instance you’re looking for a charger with any luck these are the type of gadgets that can aid you out with that said thanked for viewing today’s video discover out more info in the links listed below if if you have any kind of concerns leave a comment too and I eagerly anticipate seeing you people in the following one keep secure everybody bye

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