Redmi Note 10S Full Review: Impressive Mid-Ranger with a Killer Price! You Gotta See This!

hello guys welcome back to one more video clip with fleem reviews today we’re going to have a look at the redmi note 10 s that i have below and i’ve been utilizing this for a number of days currently and i have actually got some quite uh good news to show to you individuals about this particular smart device right here so if you’re brand-new to the network i did the redmi note 10 the little sibling a number of weeks ago or a couple of days at that time we have the redmi note 10s which is the middle char right below as well as we also have the redmi note 10 pro that i do not have here today with me however that is the a little more effective version so three devices in the redmi note 10 series so like i claimed we’ll be concentrating on the redmi note 10s right here which is a truly good gadget after utilizing it for a number of days now so this gadget below was launched in malaysia i believe for a like a couple of days back for rm 899 and also i would say that that is a pretty fascinating rate point right below because it is way listed below uh the thousand ringgit mark right below and it does feature some intriguing

specifications to select it too so prior to i go into the details on how it in fact carries out on the daily let me just show you people around this gadget itself um if you just take a look at it it is actually appealing standard right below in regards to the style we do have plastics all over the device itself it is a relatively good and also perfectly well developed device right below it doesn’t feel affordable whatsoever and the bright side about this is that it’s extremely slim it has an extremely slim account right here as well as it fits flawlessly well despite tiny hands like myself so most definitely a solid factor there if you have a look at the electronic camera it is very similar to the other redmi note 10 collection gadgets it’s just a tiny little bump at the back right here which doesn’t bother me in any way and also on the sides here every little thing is simply spick-and-span with simply a number of switches but you still do obtain your finger print scanner on the side to ensure that’s quite great particularly in nowadays where we’re constantly wearing our mask as well as it’s so much simpler to unlock your tool okay so flipping the device to the front below we do see that we have a tiny selfie video camera at the front it is a little round circle the cutout is rather little if you ask me and it it’s not

very noticeable on the display itself and in regards to the chins you can not actually see from this screen right here so allow me simply take a photo below so you can see the chin and the bottom it’s a bit thicker than the temple at the top yet once more not as well much to whine about that there all right so currently let’s talk a little a lot more about that display screen so in regards to the display screen we do have a relatively big amoled screen right below albeit at just 60 structures per 2nd so it’s a 60 hertz tool right below it’s not such as a high refresh rate yet what i wish to claim right here is that although it is simply 60 hertz it is actually still fairly smooth i understand there are a number of gadgets that are additionally 60hz but it might be worse carrying out so that you really really feel some delays and stammers in between the applications and also all that but for the redmi note 10 sc i recognized that every little thing was just relatively smooth i did not have any type of issues with this the screen itself and also total i’m really rather happy with this screen so another thing that i learnt about the display screen is that when i took it outdoors right under the sun it was rather bright brilliant sufficient that i

was able to see all the text on the display itself even when taking photos i might still see the photos from the phone also under straight sunshine to ensure that’s something that i desire to call out all right to ensure that’s simply in terms of the display screen itself carrying on i wish to touch a little bit concerning the processor as well as the power that is having in this device right below so you might currently know that we do have a helio g95 processor and also what that means is that the processor is sort of customized for players certainly this is not the highest array sort of a processor right here so you can’t anticipate the very best performance however what i has to say concerning this device right here is that it does carry out extremely well when you’re playing video games so as you can see on my display right here i have a number of games here the ones that i play the many are actually mobile tales and pub g for mobile tales i assume it’s a rather decent tool right here due to the fact that what i can see here is that when you enter into the settings oops it’s a little loud right there so if you do enter into settings for mobile tales right here notice that you could actually establish these setups for the graphics to head to ultra as well as bear in mind some devices that set you back regarding 3 000 plus ringgit here in malaysia uh i do not wish to call names however those tools don’t also support the ultra mode below

whereas on this redmi note 10 s it really supports the ultra alright so now that i have actually obtained the video game began let me just show it to you really quickly so you obtain what i mean so i’m just mosting likely to shut all this and go right into my settings as well as if you take a look right here in terms of the graphics we have ultra currently inspected so i have actually played games on this tool right below the mobile tales as well as it’s absolutely nothing it’s simply very smooth i had no complaints whatsoever i was able to game really well on this gadget right below so that’s most definitely a plus point one more point you need to bear in mind of is the club g on this device as well so it also runs extremely smoothly it runs at 60 fps no concerns there in all however once again allow me reveal you the greatest setups that you can get and if you enter into your graphics you can see that the maximum supported on this redmi note 10 s here is the hdr itself sorry regarding that hdr is the max as well as it can go with ultra framework rate so if you go to ultra hd it will certainly state that it is not sustained right now uh so it’s really quite cool that we can get hdr as well as ultra because like i reiterated some tools that are above 2000 or 3000 ringgit 2 or three times the price of this gadget right below does not even support ultra on their devices so once again extremely happy with the type of efficiency that we can obtain on

the redmi note 10 s okay so i likewise did a quick gig bench examination on this gadget right below and also if you simply have a look at the outcomes i obtained a 505 for the single score and 1 654 for the multiscore so if you if you wish to use this for your referral you can take these numbers for you to check it out but keep in mind that the performance here is very similar to the snapdragon 732 so this is what you can anticipate mid-range sort of efficiency on this a pretty budget friendly gadget right below good so one point i require to call out below is that this gadget does not have 5g supported but based upon a poll that i did like i believe a week ago or slightly even more than that i noticed that a lot of you people don’t really care excessive regarding 5g so if you can omit that in among your requirements uh after that this gadget is actually fairly solid in regards to efficiency besides that browsing every little thing on the daily certainly is just extremely smooth every little thing introduces up rather promptly as you can see right

below this is the sort of speed that you can expect from facebook if you go into instagram right here it takes a pair of seconds and also there we go additionally extremely quick as well nothing much to complain about there once again it is an extremely smooth experience in regards to daily make use of all right sufficient regarding the efficiency now allow’s talk a bit about the video cameras at the back so we do obtain a 64 megapixel main an 8 megapixel ultra ultrawide and 2 uh two megapixel dev as well as a macro or something like that on this tool which i never make use of uh what i did examination out however was the 64 megapixel primary sensing unit and the ultra wide and just to sum up my experience with the electronic cameras below really rapidly what i can see here is that the colors appearing from the electronic camera right here isn’t its greatest factor so what i suggest by that is the images taken on this device right here in some cases they do look a little bit flush or rinsed other times the shade just isn’t that accurate as an example when i was taking photos of these trees at the back below it did resemble a various tone of green from the actual eco-friendly that i was seeing with my eyes to make sure that is something that you require to take note of yet when i did take

images of myself of picture pictures just against the sun as well as with the sun as well uh you don’t have any type of issues there they do turn up quite looking quite good with that said sort of photos so no concerns there with the camera on taking individuals and also all that but just keep in mind that color accuracy is not the very best right here although we have 64 megapixels uh it is clear yet it simply does not look great in regards to the color reproduction an evening setting is an additional miss out on sort of concern here also i noticed that when i took images in the evening specifically with the evening setting transformed on they just look a bit grainy and also it doesn’t truly cheer up the photo in any way so it’s not the best factor whatsoever in regards to the electronic camera for the redmi note 10 s alright last however not the very least i think this video is taking a bit too long however allow me concentrate a little bit much more regarding that battery at the back here so we do have a 5 000 milliamp hr battery with 33 watt charging and also give thanks to goodness we still get a charger in package also at this affordable price array so it is a 33 watt battery charger and also is able to charge the gadget up rather quickly to ensure that’s quite awesome also uh lastly we do obtain your headphone jack below near the bottom as well as dual stereos since that does go pretty loud so i sort of like that although you do feel some vibrations at the back right here when the audio speaker is at quite loud quantities alright so actually let me simply activate a tune really rapidly right here so you can you understand about get a a

suggestion on just how it seems like at an arm jargon distance great to ensure that’s the kind of audio experience that you can obtain from the redmi note 10 s again i assume is a quite great audio top quality coming from this tool right here it does obtain fairly loud and also the audio top quality seems crisp and also nice great men i think that’s practically what i wish to cover with the redmi note 10s over right here total for the rate of rm899 i’m very really satisfied with whatever that i’m obtaining with this device right here you do obtain a rather great amoled display screen i do want it featured a higher refresh rate but at this price factor i do not believe it’s a substantial deal breaker apart from that you are able to get this quite excellent gaming experience on this device right here with your mobile legends and also pubg really good there what’s a little bit lacking below is the electronic camera but you do have an outstanding collection of audio speakers as well as a respectable battery at the back so yes this is what you can expect with the redmi note 10s men if you have any kind of further inquiries feel complimentary to leave them down in the comment section below i wish you give this video clip a thumbs up as well as a like as well as i’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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