ROG Phone 5 Review: Crazy Flagship Specs! Even For Non-Gamers! Don’t Miss This!

all right so hey people welcome back to another video with lim examines so today i have something extremely amazing to show to you which is the rog phone 5. currently i know there are a whole lot of video clips out on youtube and everyone’s speaking about exactly how good is it as a video gaming phone obviously it is made for video gaming so it is certainly uh ideal for those of you out there that video game a great deal but there is something that i additionally intend to chat about in this video clip is going to be a bit different i’m going to be describing to you why i assume that you even if you’re not a like a hardcore gamer uh just an average individual like myself i ought to additionally consider obtaining the rog phone 5 good let’s start with uh what i believe is really awesome concerning this gadget right below so before i begin that this tool right here is retailing in malaysia for about two 9 9 nine ringgit so just one ringgit under 3000 ringgit and also it’s a pretty uh good cost specifically given that it’s including some front runner specifications and prior to i show you the gadget which i have really been using for a long time now i desire to talk a little about the box because these days phone manufacturers are attempting to cut all right stuff that they state you might need in a box and being environmental pleasant as well as all that by providing a really little box similar to this i make sure apple does that

samsung does that a couple of various other brands does that but i’m extremely pleased to see that asus is not believing on the same page as them we do obtain a really expensive box as well as the unboxing experience individuals is truly incredible so i make sure once again like you have actually possibly seen other videos but we do have this really great printing around right here and also extra significantly is what actually came in package with the asus rog phone 5. Very first and also primary i’m going to reveal you this quite cool case in the box normally we constantly get a silicone case that looks actually dull as well as all that yet for the rog 405 you in fact do have an extremely good instance right here very really expensive looking apart from that you also get some stickers as well as i assume these sticker labels likewise looks quite awesome compared to what we have actually been seeing in other phone suppliers so this is likewise really nice by the way i’m also using an asus laptop for all my editing so i’m pretty acquainted with this brand name right below um relocating on we also get an extremely great charger in the box i imply this is uh sometimes we simply obtain these costs in a box however i kind of like this absolutely blacked out rog 65 watt charger it’s very quick this is what you’re obtaining in the box there once again really great things and prior to i show you the device itself yes we additionally do obtain this knotted type c cord so very really uh outstanding stuff that

come in the box i has to likewise direct out really briefly the pin the sim ejector pin it looks really trendy has a good republic of gamers uh riding at the back there however yes every little thing is truly good in terms of the discussion as well as last however not least we additionally obtain to see the phone itself which to be truthful it’s an extremely very remarkable looking thing so personally i have actually not actually tested out a lot of video gaming phones so this is probably one of my second or third pc gaming phone but my mind when i very first unboxed this for the very first time i was truly in uh in admiration like i was so uh surprised to see this kind of design on a mobile phone due to the fact that it simply looks actually good individuals i mean we have this led matrix at the back right here which you can really customize to show any kind of color you want it also has various patterns for example i simply hit an additional switch right there so you can see it’s like a crossfade kind of impact going on by the means sorry concerning the rain outside it’s raining pet cats and also pet dogs so if you do hear some electrical storms please forgive me for that all right relocating back to the tool like i claimed is a really exceptional looking tool it really feels a bit heavy as well we do have aluminum on the sides all around here and of program we have that huge big huge display at the front right here all best so i’m going to talk a little bit more concerning this gadget right here because we do have a pair of

things around this device so on the top right and left edge right below actually these are really your mistake buttons or mistake triggers where you can really press them to actually activate uh particular products in your video game itself so for example you can make use of both these top stress sensitive or touch delicate switches here to in fact play your video games and trigger some other commands so that’s pretty amazing right there if you move the phone to the base below observe that you do have a dock below that works with my little follower on the right which i’ll speak a little bit more later on so you also have a kind c part here at the base so simply in situation you’re video gaming like this and also you run out of juice you can actually place in the cable television via the bottom area right there as well as i think that’s really customer pleasant clearly you additionally have a one even more type c part at the lower right there you likewise obtain your headphone jack that sustains uh quite much a lot of audio codecs so that’s really excellent on the asus rog phone 5 all right now in case you’re asking yourself if we can charge both together so far i have actually examined it as well as i’m not sure if you’re

obtaining faster rates however yeah you can select to bill either one of these sections right there all right so back to the front why i assume this is a superb tool for people that do not video game so hardcore as well as likewise why if you’re looking for a smart device that you want to last at least two years or perhaps even 3 years um you must really examine out the asus rog phone five right here initial point i desire to speak regarding below is really that display screen so we do obtain a next degree screen this is a 144hz amoled screen that is amazing people it is it is really really smooth here and also my goodness guys whatever is simply so fluid on this device right here it is so quick i suggest everything is simply crazy quick guys so the sampling price on this device is likewise 300 hertz so expect that to be pretty fast as well let me simply show you a quick visuals right below just look at exactly how fluid that is individuals i mean i’ve never really felt something so fluid in my experience with smartphones so 144hz is absolutely one of the top as well as while i’m doing this i’m really really feeling a little bit of haptics going on with the phone itself so i want to direct that out very quickly due to the fact that it does have this really great haptic engine that gives those little tiny vibrations whenever you do some communications simply so that it feels

that little bit extra engaging so i love that regarding the rog phone as well all right so i’m not going to talk also much about that um if you just utilize your phone for viewing youtube videos or you understand like viewing netflix and also also for playing video games this display screen is nothing it’s just nothing brief of stunning guys it’s truly truly that good all ideal uh sufficient about that display screen though allow’s talk a little bit about that efficiency so naturally we do have a snapdragon 888 in here as well as my variation here is in fact the base version so it comes with just eight gigabytes of ram as well as 128 gigabytes of fast storage all right so allow’s check out a couple of benchmark scores that i actually did so i do have my geekbench right below you can see the ratings here i don’t have to review it out yet it’s practically what you would certainly obtain with snapdragon 888 apart from that i also did the 3d mark test right here and also you can see the ratings as soon as again for the wildlife i got 5.7 k as well as in the wildlife tension examination notice that my best loophole was 5.7 k whereas my most affordable loophole was 5.4 k so this equates to a security of 94 as well as what this indicates is that if you plan to play games on like rather lengthy hours or maybe just for a lengthy period of time the rog phone five here will certainly stand up in regards to security because you’ll have the ability to maintain that fps throughout your gameplay uh something i require to note right here nonetheless throughout pc gaming is that i do realize that the um the gadget does get a little hot in the main uh section right here uh it’s quite

smart of ourselves to actually uh style that to make sure that the heat is just at the back in the center section so that also if you video game as well as you’re holding the sides you don’t feel that much heat yet this is where this aerocool thing is available in so it acts like a flaunt’s extremely simple to snap on let me simply show it to you extremely swiftly so using the dock at the bottom right here i simply straighten it and also i just snap it on as well as primarily what i get below sorry about that what i obtain below is a cooling system you see that aeroactive cooler plugged in all best so i’m simply going to get out of this and also show you extremely quickly it also works as a dock at the back right here so you can simply place your phone as well as allow it run like that so really nice stuff there it likewise comes with its own rgb taking place so quite amazing stuff and also you can readjust the speeds of the fan right here in the armory dog crate app so you can regulate a great deal of things of this follower straight on the phone app itself so really wonderful things there it does assist to decrease the warm and also you can really hold it such as this as well as it will certainly not obstruct you in all one more thing worth stating is that there are these switches at the back below triggers that you can additionally set to work as you know shortcut tricks for various other kind of features that you want in your video game so it’s really nice to have this right here as well uh total i believe it’s a really neat idea especially just how the way it connects to the dock at the base of this rog phone 5 good allow’s relocate remove that in the meantime and also put this apart and continue concerning this device right here all right so uh sufficient about video gaming in regards to in fact using this device

on the everyday i imply i need to claim it simply flies um every little thing social media is incredibly fast uh you do not have to wait for anything even instagram for example introduces up relatively quick also and once again i must just applaud that 144hz screen right here because it’s simply so buttery smooth uh so like i said if you’re looking for something to last you 2 to 3 years possibly a minimum of in regards to efficiency uh the rog phone 5 right here will most definitely help you out in that market all right so let’s relocate on to the following factor right below and that is where we intend to chat a little bit about the cameras at the back so i comprehend that uh the cameras like simply like what everyone says is not the primary priority of gamers yet asus is kind adequate to put in a 64 megapixel imax 686 sensor at the back here so you do get some good pictures you additionally have a 13 megapixel ultrawide sensing unit that does a rather excellent task as well as finally a 5 megapixel macro sensing unit so all these numbers are simply numbers when again however i had the ability to take some respectable shots both in the day and in the evening so i’m mosting likely to reveal you a number of examples to make sure that you can consider that you can take a look on your own and also think whether this is something that you are okay with personally i assume that if photography is not your primary problem uh this asus rog 5 here is still able to draw in some pretty respectable shots both in day and also evening and yeah this is what you can get out of the asus rog phone 5. great uh going on to my following point let’s talk a

little bit about the battery in the back so we do have a 6000 mah battery and to be straightforward i’ve been attempting to kill the battery off throughout my entire days of use and also it was really tough to obtain it to decrease so this phone is one of the phones that has actually lasted the longest in regards to battery life i’m most definitely getting at least one and a half days on a solitary fee men and also that is not something that we see extremely typical on various other tools right there i assume my friend uh han from hans computerese he made use of to have an asus rog phone for or something like that and he was constantly telling me concerning how the battery lasts so long so this is likewise among those endurance champions so if you’re looking for something that has a terrific battery life and additionally flagship specs the rog phone five below is right here to aid you out once again if you do lack juice you do have this 65 watt charger that can be found in the box so you ought to have the ability to juice up your tool fairly promptly so like i stated this is not simply suggested for gamers men even ordinary customers or possibly moderate gamers like you as well as me we can most definitely still utilize on the technology that’s readily available for the rog phone 5 in our day-to-day lives with this tool right below uh last however not the very least i wish to talk extremely quickly concerning that stereo speakers so the stereo audio speakers here is an additional remarkable work it

goes actually loud and as a matter of fact let me simply try and obtain a music having fun so you can see uh what this point is all regarding i directly feel that this audio speakers right here obtains a bit 3d-ish so it sounds actually tidy allow’s see what we have right here let’s simply choose among those non-copyright songs so we don’t have any kind of copyright declares all appropriate people to ensure that was simply an example of just how the dual audio speakers seem like i recognize it is rather challenging to actually communicate this sound quality via the video on youtube right below however yeah trust me men this stereo speakers right here is among the very best it provides this really awesome as well as outstanding audio experience so also i directly don’t use the earphone jack that much so i’ve been using my stereo speakers right here many of the moment alright men i think that’s basically what i want to cover with the asus rog phone 5. directly like i claimed people if you’re seeking a flagship device right here as well as you’re just bought with what’s the major stream you must really have a look at this asus rog phone 5 right here since it simply includes so many functions many fun features really that actually makes this phone extremely unique to own and also i in fact appreciate utilizing it throughout my whole past one week plus with this tool right here so yeah it’s really positive kind of experience with this phone right below great guys if you have any type of questions that you want to know even more about this asus rog phone 5 let me recognize down in the comment area listed below if you such as this chill video do not fail to remember to provide me that thumbs up and also i’ll see you people in the next one bye.

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