Poco X3 Pro vs Redmi Note 10 Pro: Which Should You Buy? Let Me Explain!

hello men welcome back to one more video clip with lim reviews so in today’s video clip we have 2 really comparable devices here the poco x3 pro along with the redmi note 10 professional right so both devices right here are in fact retailing for really similar pricing and also relying on your country or area the rates will be as such anyways like i claimed both really comparable in terms of prices but in terms of specifications and also as well as customer experience they are actually both really various so in this video i’m mosting likely to be sharing with you a really quick summary of the distinctions between the poco x3 pro as well as the redmi note 10 professional and also perhaps after watching this video you will have a more clear concept on which one must you select right there great so to begin with we’re going to start off with the style itself as you can see here on the poco x3 pro this looks specifically like the x3 nfc from in 2014 so no shocks over there it still looks really beefy it is very thick right there incidentally and at the front you do get that small dot display screen at the leading okay so going on to the redmi note 10 pro

currently this design in my point of view is a better design it looks very comparable to the the xiaomi mi 10 t pro those gadgets if you remember that as well as i personally such as this back layout right here it looks a lot more straightforward as well as underrated the grey color possibly matches me as well much more importantly it has a slimmer body profile right below so putting both side to side you can actually see just how beefy the poco x3 professional in fact is and the point below is that both devices are in fact utilizing 5 000 milliamp hr battery so a good idea that redmi taken care of to place it in a smaller sized plan okay so at the front it additionally comes with a solitary selfie electronic camera between so really comparable stuff right there layout smart as well as develop high quality i would certainly claim i’m absolutely choosing the redmi note 10 professional yet that’s subjective to you great proceeding allow’s talk a bit concerning that screens now this is where it gets very various right here so i’m mosting likely to start with the poco x3 pro right below this is an lcd screen as well as the good idea here is that it is high refresh rate 120 hertz uh and it’s really very smooth to make use of uh the negative news here however is that this is an ips lcd display screen and also like i have actually discussed sometimes in my previous video clip the

sunshine exposure is just not that excellent specifically when you are outdoors you won’t really have the ability to see the screen itself currently it’s a totally different story for the redmi note 10 professional right here this comes with a similar resolution to the poco x3 pro in reality the exact same dimension yet this comes with a super amoled display screen so shades and also comparison degrees are so much better as well as naturally we do have 120 hertz right here also so in terms of display alone i would say that the win needs to go with the redmi note 10 pro i just simply take pleasure in viewing images my social networks and youtube video clips all on this device right here so i’m very delighted with this one right there great proceeding let’s chat a bit about the power and also the handling that’s taking place in these devices right here so starting with the poco x3 pro this is utilizing a brand-new processor from snapdragon the snapdragon 860 which was based on the snapdragon 855 so refining power wise it is actually pretty solid most definitely stronger than the redmi note 10 professional about one and a half times more in terms of just benchmark ratings as well as my examination system here includes 6 gigabytes of ram now proceeding to the redmi note 10 pro this is actually being powered by the snapdragon 732 g as well as my examination device here comes with 8 gigabytes of

ram all right those are simply numbers however in terms of real everyday usage exactly how does it really feel all best i’m going to be straightforward with you after using both these gadgets for more than one week to two weeks now i should say that in regards to just sheer performance as well as speed up the win has to go with the poco x3 pro right here so it opens applications a little bit much faster video games introduce a bit faster too the graphics are a little bit much better too but i would not state that it is significantly much better than the redmi note 10 pro this gadget right here is no slouch in any way releasing video games and whatever is likewise rather fast it’s simply that it’s not as fast as the poco x3 pro right there so i would say both devices are very strong in regards to day-to-day use and video gaming also however the x3 pro simply has that age in terms of rate and also power all right proceeding to the next point let’s talk a little regarding the electronic cameras at the back right here because they’re really various once more we’re going to begin with the poco x3 pro right below we do have a quad cam configuration with a major sensor of 48 megapixels uh we have an ultra wide in addition to a macro as well as depth sensing unit so once again i’m just mosting likely to highlight the main sensor below we have 108

megapixel major sensing unit on the redmi note 10 pro so in regards to resolution as well as exactly how much information you can in fact capture the redmi note 10 pro right here most definitely triumphes with its 108 megapixel main sensor it is simply way extra detailed compared to the poco x3 pro however once again this is simply numbers yet in regards to everyday use just how does the photos look like well i’m mosting likely to reveal you a couple of samples right below so you can choose on your own yet if you were to ask me i would state that the poco x3 pro below takes pictures that are a little more cooler whereas the redmi note 10 pro over right here takes photos that are a bit much more warmer uh aside from that i would say i’m going to leave it to you guys to evaluate which sort of images you favor from both gadgets right below okay currently proceeding to my following factor allowed’s talk a little concerning the battery in both devices right here like i discussed both tools come with 5000 milliamp hour batteries and they do feature the 33 watt charger in a box so nothing excessive to compare regarding there they’re both really strong and also runs for definitely a little greater than a day depending upon your real use so you won’t have any kind of concerns to do with the battery here yet i should mention again that the

redmi note 10 pro is available in that slimmer account which i like compared to the poco x3 pro all right apart from that i would certainly claim that in terms of simply actual use which one do i like as well as which would certainly i suggest now this is extremely basic actually if you have a similar spending plan for both devices below you should opt for the poco x3 pro if you need that utmost performance so if you’re trying to find the most effective efficiency the much faster tool of both below the poco x3 pro is the one that you must go with undoubtedly however if you’re like me as well as you’re just looking for a gadget that is able to do very perfectly on a daily able to take care of video games takes great pictures and also even more notably for me it can be found in this slim account most definitely you will certainly wish to choose the redmi note 10 professional one more major highlight below is the display that you will be searching a lot of the moment this incredibly amoled screen definitely crushes the ips present on the poco x3 pro right there so i would claim that this is also among the primary deciding aspects in designing both gadgets here yet again for the most performance you should opt for the poco x3 pro and also you can’t really go wrong with either among these gadgets anyhow alright people i think that’s it for my video clip here thank you so much for enjoying till completion if you have any concerns do not hesitate to ask me down in the comment section listed below and i’ll see you people in the following one bye

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