REALME WATCH S: My Honest Review and Should You Buy.

hi there people invite back to an additional video with lim reviews so in today’s video clip i’m taking it back to the cars and truck due to the fact that uh it’s just not practical to videotape in the house uh but in today’s video clip we’ll be looking into the genuine me view s that i have below on my wrist today and i’ve been using it for a number of days currently and i just wanted to share with you guys my point of views as well as thoughts concerning what this watch really has to do with and whether you should take into consideration purchasing it as your next wise watch so without additional ado allowed’s not lose excessive time with the intro and allow’s just leap right right into the watch itself so i’m currently shooting with my smart device here so the video footage could not be the most effective looking however i’ll try to make it useful so please bear with me yep you can see me there utilizing my apple iphone first off allow’s talk very swiftly about how it looks i think it looks rather suitable not also certain regarding the 2 stripes down on the strap although the band does feel respectable it is in fact quite thick below the strap so extremely excellent quality rubber band below although a little bit also thick for my preference but yeah immaterial going on allow’s speak a little regarding the build high quality concerning this watch so i noticed that we do have this metal sort of look on the sides all over the watch

itself as well as it does feel pretty good it does not feel like any type of type of low-cost plastics or whatnot so oh yep just just so you recognize the price of this point is about 329 ringgit i assume but also for 12 12 it’s opting for 299 ringgit which is in fact rather cost effective so at the sides below we do have these 2 switches which are really rather awesome among it is actually like a pick as well as back button as well as the other one resembles the shortcut secret where you can trigger your workout settings when you simply click it right now so really easy to operate simply 2 buttons over right here what i didn’t truly like regarding these switches is the way it seems not sure if you can hear it over the the phone right here but yeah not a big complaint it’s simply that the buttons do feel um i do not recognize how to describe it’s not the most effective yet yeah it works quite well all right so following up i simply intend to chat a bit about that display screen so we do have a circular screen as you can see below it obtains rather brilliant even under like extremely strong sunshine similar to this but yep great display okay so you can see that the bezels on the display right here is really rather thick uh i assume in a way it’s likewise good because if we have such a little little screen uh the

watch would certainly look really a lot smaller however with these significant bezels around it it kind of offers you that this watch is a big watch possibly much more suitable for the guys i’m not also certain i make certain it works well for the ladies also but yes it simply offers the impression that this is a larger watch uh yeah to make sure that’s probably the goal that actual me is trying to get with the actual me enjoy s yet indeed back to the screen it’s respectable i would certainly state very clear actually you can place on your very own image as your wallpaper so i have actually obtained this truly trendy bmw m4 or something taking place right here and also it looks great individuals i mean yeah it looks actually great all right so if you see this the display doesn’t really freshen really rapidly and also you can see this really obviously when you swipe through the widgets so rather of like slide moving across or simply gliding throughout or you see that there is a it just snaps to the following page which in my viewpoint is actually great however given that we get on that note let me show you guys exactly how this works if you just glide down here and also there is a bit of a delay going on yet again uh to my to my to me this is actually quite

appropriate uh as well as it’s immaterial all right so let me simply reveal you just how you navigate this watch if you draw down from the top this is where you get your alerts and you can actually see your notifications rather clearly right here the tags are in fact adequately large sufficient for you to have an excellent sight on this so facebook yeah you have some comments over there thanks for that let’s return and also if you just swipe up from the lower uh this is where you get right into the begun into the application checklist so we do have a pair of applications here are pre-installed into the watch undoubtedly this is not use os so you can’t install any various other apps right into the watch itself but this is what you get uh we do have a number of products right here the weather your heart rate you have your songs regulates your spo2 readings uh certainly you have your sleep tracking a timer your countdown and also even a video camera shortcut key so this is got the kind of apps that you can anticipate to get from your watch as well as it’s actually rather quite

excellent i would certainly claim since it covers all the essentials that you would get out of the watch obviously this doesn’t come with any inner memory or a built-in mic or a speaker you can not make phone calls directly on one’s guard itself and also neither can you listen to any kind of sound from the watch so yeah pretty typical things all ideal relocating on let’s take a peek at the listing of activities here as well as that is where we obtain to the faster way key uh we have i think 16 tasks here it comes with your runs your walks your biking a few other things right here that you can see on the video camera right currently you certainly have a couple more stuff right here and also allow me see if we do have we do not have swimming in fact appears like we do not have swimming right here so it is water resistance however appears like swimming isn’t one of the tasks being tracked right here so if you’re trying to find swimming you obtained to look in other places men another point to keep in mind about this watch is that it does not featured a gps developed in so you will have to lug your smartphone with you if you wish to track any type of rate or

range or you know one of the most essential details that you require so you need to bring a mobile phone with you and also yeah that’s a little downer although for myself personally i always lug my phone on me when i go with my runs all right so besides that we do have the activities like i pointed out that’s not your heart rates and you can see it right below really i assume it’s the screen behind yep this is where you have your heart price tracking throughout the day heart rate you have your sleep tracking as well i think it is quite precise actually i slept at 2 last evening rose at nine in between i had time awake your light sleep your deep rests your rem yeah i could be dreaming of some rubbish right there so i have rapid eye movement taking place in addition to that you also have your sbo2 let me see um i have it in my list below and really i did test it out and also i obtained like 97 or something like that it’s fairly quick to actually spot your spo2 and also that’s what i value about this watch i’ve tried some other watches as well as it took like 30 to 45 secs so the genuine me watch s does it in like 15 seconds i type of guaranteed exactly how accurate the sp02 readings are but yeah i mean it exists so whether you trust it um that’s actually approximately you great men i

believe that’s practically it for the real me view s aside from that we do have some battery life a great battery life taking place below actual me is advertising this to be able to last two weeks on one solitary fee so far i’m obtaining respectable battery life below too regarding like 10 per day yes so i’ll most definitely be reporting more on that particular as well as seeing if we can actually strike the 15 or 2 week promoted battery life however uh if you do get 10 days approximately i assume it’s in fact currently good enough for a watch similar to this great guys i assume that’s virtually it for this video i really got ta get out of the auto currently uh yet yeah simply to rapidly sum up the actual brand-new watch as at the rate it includes a pretty respectable collection of attributes that you can anticipate from a smartwatch today obviously at the price too there are many choices out in the marketplace as well yet yes i believe the genuine me watch s is a quite respectable value purchase for any person seeking an economical smart watch all best uh if you have any more concerns as constantly do not hesitate to leave them down in the comment section listed below and don’t forget to like this video clip if you like it and also i’ll see you people in the following one bye

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