HONOR X9a 5G: Good Looks, Tough Display, Large Storage. Worth It? 🤔

Hi everyone welcome back to an additional video with Lim reviews. Now prior to I start this video, I simply desire to state Pleased New Year to all of you people available, I wish you had a wonderful 2022 and also an also better 2023! Right, so today’s video is everything about HONOR’s brand-new mid-range mobile phone and that is the HONOR X9a. What is this phone everything about? Well, in today’s video clip, we’re going to check out the pain points that HONOR is attempting to fix as well as certainly, discover that this gadget is truly for. Currently HONOR is saying that you understand, it’s trying to resolve No. 1 – fracturing screens, No. 2 – the absence of battery life, and No. 3 – the absence of storage space. So we’ll explore all that with the HONOR X9a and also certainly, a couple a lot more points that you understand helps you out prior to you make that acquisition choice. Right so I such as to talk concerning you recognize, fracturing displays since nowadays, we have a great deal of phones that state they have very long lasting as well as difficult screens. So we’re going to evaluate out just how strong the display of the HONOR X9a actually is. Currently I make sure you could have seen a great deal of videos on YouTube, you know, of people just

wrecking nuts and also fruits with the HONOR X9a, yet in today’s video clip, I’m mosting likely to do an extra genuine globe type of situation where I’m going to most likely to the train terminal, the flooring there resembles, totally you know screwed up, its really rough, and we’re going to test out if the tool in fact can survive a decrease onto the ground. Right so allow’s conform to the train terminal as well as check that out immediately. Alright men, so we are currently outdoors where we are mosting likely to do a drop test of the HONOR X9a so this is in fact a really sensible area. We are here at the bus quit which is near to the train terminal so this is somewhere where you might actually drop your phone as well as we’re mosting likely to start genuine very easy right here by going down it from resting level keep in mind that there is no display protector on the display itself so you’re going to drop it raw to the ground just to see how it resembles let’s choose the first examination so the initial examination is right here once again resting level this is around 60 centimeters from ground so we’re gon na go right now it’s mostly all right so going down on the ground allow’s do it one more time just for enjoyable so various other than just a bit of dirt you can see that the screen is entirely great and also no scratches no fractures whatsoever so this is actually very easy for the honor x9a which is said to have an

extremely tough screen today we’re going to do something a little much more difficult we’re going to drop it a little bit higher let’s go and also attempt and also go for one meter because this is in fact not something that it will take place daily yet might take place to you so with that said said let’s go three two one once more you can see below it is uh totally without any kind of scrapes or any fractures now we’re going to go inside and also you know I make certain you men have actually seen a great deal of video clips where people are using the honor x9a to you recognize wreck a pair of nuts macadamia nuts as well as fruit I won’t be doing the fruit yet I will just do a fast nut uh shatter to see just how it functions on the screen of the honor x9a let’s head on inside right now great so currently we go to the following quit where we are mosting likely to do the you know Macadamia Nut Wreck examination I assume it’s just for enjoyable however you recognize to show you men that this set is really fairly long lasting allow’s do it we have the nut right here allow’s

first one is done the display guard appears like it has a small opening right here yet or else the display screen need to be great anyhow we’ve currently done the decrease testers currently so we’re mosting likely to shatter a few more nuts right here just to see as well as for enjoyable there you go all right so as you can see right here the display guard is really ripping apart so what we’re mosting likely to do is we’re going to peel the screen guard in case some of you state that we are not doing it right you’re going to get the screen better out good screen brighter is off now once more we’re gon na do an additional hit test I have actually obtained a great deal of this Macadamia in my pocket so genuine one this time around yet we’re gon na do a little bit extra so you people are satisfied okay so allow’s go another an additional one all right so after some wiping you can see that the display screen right here is in fact a bit unclean but it is still not broken or anything like that actually you can shatter it all day as well as yeah pretty long lasting glacier alright so since we are finished with the train terminal decrease test and also naturally

wrecking the macadamia nut what I can wrap up below is that the screen on the honor x9a is actually hard proprietor is even giving this screen below their goal tag which basically indicates they have done a lot of r d on it to make certain that it’s really enhanced however what’s even much better is that honor is stating if you do handle to smash or crack your device within 180 days they’ll provide you a display repair service guarantee so I think that’s quite cool there since it simply shows that honor is really certain with their displays of course there might be terms and also conditions which I’ll place a link down listed below for that right so other than simply being an extremely sturdy display screen just how does it seem like to use to see as well as all that well we do have a relatively big display screen here it is an AMOLED panel and it refreshes at 120 hertz that suggests whatever is mosting likely to be battery smooth on this screen you understand just surfing content is really a happiness on this truly bent wonderful display right here currently I did

discuss rounded as well as a few of you might have jumped back right away due to the fact that you may be concerned concerning accidental touches and also all that me directly I have actually done a whole lot of screening below and I saw that the curve display screen understand for first point it provides you an almost bezel-less kind of look and also I like that about the honor x9a yet even more importantly those unintentional touches does it actually occur but fortunately here is that honor has created a truly good algorithm they call it the anti-mistouch formula so that implies that you know like discussing the sides of this bezel or the curves over right here will ensure that the phone does not sign up that as an accidental touch that’s fantastic not just in terms of searching content which I attempted utilizing Instagram you know simply surfing images as well as I tried discussing the sites it did not sign up that as well as also I attempted one more scenario where I was gaming as well as simply

taking a look at if I glide it throughout the bezel side below does anything take place and also the bright side is it does not occur so I assume an honors formula here is truly terrific due to the fact that it stops all those unexpected touches which is something of a migraine where you recognize most users face when they are utilizing a bent display right various other than that it does include 300 Hertz of touch sampling price that suggests if you are video gaming your reactions will certainly be rather quick and it does go all the means as much as 800 nits of illumination and I’ve examined it by sitting beside a very intense home window though and also the excellent information is I might in fact see the web content on the display rather well having claimed that a person final point on the display below is that it does support 1920 Hertz pwm dimming and this implies that generally it decreases the flicker coming off the display of the honor x9a and also this will certainly really lower the stress on your eyes especially if you are the kind of person that likes to you know browse material during the night so with the 1920 Hertz pwm dimming there’s much less flickers and also all that definitely you’ll be much more comfortable on the eyes so those are just what you can expect in regards to the display screen on the honor x9a it’s a hard long

lasting display screen yet also one that looks good and is very good to make use of best let’s relocate on and also speak about that large storage space now proprietor states that it features 256 GB of storage space there could be other options I’m uncertain regarding that at this point however 256 GB of storage space is good sufficient for you to store greater than 60 000 images so you can download a great deal of applications which is what I did just mounting heaps of apps right into the phone right here and also it need to be able to take care of that without an issue as well as obviously if you take a great deal of pictures again don’t have to bother with that in terms of the ram it comes with 8 plus 5 GB as well as I did a really quick test here in fact to run a couple of apps as well as after that go back to them to see if they are still performing at where I left it at currently once more fortunately right here is that they were still running of course this truly depends upon the type of apps that you utilize on The Daily but also for my very quick test I saw that the additional RAM right here did actually aid to make sure that the applications were still running in the history and I think that is wonderful now proceeding let’s discuss the third pain point that honor is trying to solve which is the battery life well we do actually have a rather big

battery in this really slim kind aspect think it or otherwise we do have 5100 Mah of battery in right here and it does support 40 watts of quick fee but just how does all those numbers translate to real life usage now in terms of daily usage I saw that I could rise to close to two days of battery life with just one single fee and in regards to the billing rates on a sales that you can do like thirty minutes of billing as well as get 12 and a fifty percent hours of YouTube streaming so if you are the sort of person that streams a great deal of video clips onto your phone you will be able to enjoy them on the honor x98 with great battery life now since I’m mentioning about the video clip streaming thing I ought to state that this tool right here is white Creeping plant L1 certified that means you can enjoy Netflix and also HD just in case anybody out there is questioning alright so those are everything about the three pain factors that you recognize honor is attempting to fix a tough screen huge battery life as well as naturally a huge storage space well exactly how does it seem like to use on The Daily what are the other stuff that you might need to find out about well very first thing first I desire to begin to talk a little bit

about that design I’m simply trying to get all 3 colors up right here we do have the white the environment-friendly the black they all have their very own various sort of looks the black is actually really reflective as well as it does capture a reasonable little finger prints but the green the emerald environment-friendly as well as the white right here really has this matte structure that is really extremely wonderful to touch as well as you recognize it doesn’t capture any type of finger prints whatsoever so rather excellent things there aside from that I have to reiterate this is really Slim device right here it’s extremely incredibly slim individuals and also in terms of the cameras at the back we do have a three-way camera setup now that is being led by the 64 megapixel primary sensor and also you additionally have an additional ultra white along with that macro lens now exactly how does it perform well I’m going to show you individuals a couple of pictures now in different circumstances we have actually pictures taken during the day photos taken throughout the evening and also this is all to give you an idea on exactly how the camera carries out currently you may already recognize that every video camera does in different ways the method their style is various as well as Every person suches as various kinds of photos some people like you recognize pictures that are more saturated Some people like photos that are much more all-natural so I’m going to reveal you all these photos today so you can see as well as have a concept of the photos coming from the honor

x9a and whether you will certainly like them alright so other than the video cameras you may be questioning what’s powering this device well we do have the extremely effective Snapdragon 695 5G chipset in here that is really sufficient for day-to-day usage however I simply desire to highlight the 5G rates individuals so just recently I make certain a number of you realize 5G is really broadening throughout our country as well as I did the 5G test right here as well as there as well as I discovered that the signal of 5G on the honor x9a is in fact really strong the faster speed I procured was 800 Mbps down down and it is really extremely really quick good individuals to ensure that practically sums up my quick take on the honor x9a again it is an extremely good mid-range mobile phone here that’s able to address a pair of pain factors if you’re trying to find something to use long-term as well as you don’t intend to stress regarding your screen fractures you do not wish to stress over your absence of storage or an inadequate battery life you can certainly take a look at the honor x9a right here if you intend to learn more information I’ll leave a web link down below and if you have any type of concerns concerning this gadget really feel complimentary to ask me down in the remarks listed below with that thanked for seeing today’s video clip right throughout once more I want to desire you a fantastic 2023 as well as I anticipate seeing you individuals in the next one stay safe everyone bye

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