Xiaomi Haylou Solar Smartwatch Review – INSANE Value for Just $20! You HAVE To See This!

hello guys welcome back to an additional video with Liam reviews so when again I’m back in the car to shoot my videos due to the fact that I do not belong to fire my video clips however today I’m incredibly delighted to provide you the Halos solar so this is a SmartWatch that I’ve been waiting for a really lengthy time currently he got released it I think a month earlier but I lately obtained mine for twenty United States bucks guys this is 20 dollars and took care of to ship it from China to Malaysia here for an additional 10 US bucks so bear in mind if you do wind up getting this thing it could cost you regarding twenty thirty it’s somewhere around there yet it is a really budget plan SmartWatch and think what men I’ve been utilizing it for the previous two days currently as well as I truly like the experience of the Halos solar SmartWatch so in this video I’ll be showing you men what was available in package of course I’ll run you via how this watch functions also the sort of attributes that you can get out of these 20 dollars SmartWatch and also yeah we do not more goodbye let’s simply delve into the video clip today alright individuals so here’s package of the hey sorry incorrect box alright guys so this is package of the Halos solar so allow me simply zoom in truly quickly right here to show you people a few standard specifications that you can get out of this SmartWatch so it does comes in a steel body comes with twelve sport modes it comes with an all-day heart price

screen thirty days of standby battery a TFT HD touchscreen as well as certainly your rest monitoring as well so what was available in a box was in fact truly common I simply like it open similar to this and also you obtain a black box that just how you did formerly and also if you open it up you’ll obtain a watch which is really right below and you obtain a battery charger that resembles this so I’m not too keen on the battery charger right here since it is an extremely strange charger it comes in this really small tiny magnetic item that you actually put it to the back of the watch like that bag is actually not that solid however it actually draws I’m rather aware like that note is that yeah so this is just how you bill the halo Sola right there alright so allow me simply placed that down as well as focus on the watch itself so this is the halo solar watch people undoubtedly it is available in a round screen and I actually felt that it feels a bit more premium than a $20 not clean as a result of the little weight that it has here you have really great materials individuals this is a steel body so a steel bordering this room so actually it in fact reminds me of my amazing GTR that I have below so this is also a steel body however yes this is twenty dollars guys and this has to do with 150 if I remember correctly so we do obtain a solitary button at a website right here which is a multi-function button you can go back is your back switch as well as your lock button and also around the back we have these plastic

products below and obviously a number of sensors at the back so the band that the halo solar came in is a twenty two millimeter strap and the truth that it comes with these honey locks that the back ways that is going to be extremely simple to exchange off so the most effective could look a little bit inexpensive however remember that this is in fact very comfy Albany got on my wrist so at the front we have a one factor 2 8 inch TFT display which is actually pretty intense if you see right here I’ve obtained 4 levels of brightness settings here and also I can set on the wash itself but I’m extremely satisfied with the brightness degrees because I can most definitely see really plainly also outside with the Strongs I’m placing at me so let me simply show you people a little bit of a walk about on this device right below so if you took out on the leading normally you will obtain your control setups a couple of shortcuts here you have actually got your brightness degrees you have your settings discover your device in addition to an evening setting which prevents the watch from this like lighting up at evening when you’re resting so let us go back and also if you swipe downwards this is where you enter into the primary menu where you get a pair of apps below I’ll reveal you individuals more concerning that later and if you swipe in the direction of the right this is where you get your widgets actually you swipe in from the right and laugh is the exact same since it is actually a loop of your widgets so if you sweat in the direction of the left very first you obtain a

pair of info right here your activity steps for the day so if you proceed to swipe to the left you obtain your heart rate sensor as well as this is in fact quite exact I inspected I studied with my blood pressure screen and the readings were actually quite regular so swiping to the left once again we obtain my rest setups so this was my rest last evening I entered regarding 7 hours and 50 mins of sleep and also evidently according to this thing right here it says that I have about six-and-a-half hrs of deep sleep as well as 1 hr of light rest so you can see even more of this info in the app itself a lot of details there I like this interface as well as currently you likewise obtain your weather condition setups so you only obtain three days in advance here as you can see you can see the whole week however I believe that’s respectable sufficient at retail weather condition as well as if you most likely to us the last one this is your breathing workout where you can commence one minute or 2 mins to have that breathing workout so allow me show you what happens when you click the play button you will inform – simply unwind and after that eventually I inform you to take a breath according to this little bubble right below that increases to inhale as well as to take a breath out when the bubble obtains larger great so I’m pretty basic stuff there let me just reveal you

individuals the menus today so naturally I obtained mentioned I acquired this watch myself from China so this is the Chinese version see to it you individuals obtain the English variation so whatever will be in English so first off we have your activity status right below which I in fact didn’t to the lengthy run so obviously it is still extremely standard all right given that I have actually obtained a message below this is how your alerts will appear like incidentally guys it features around five lines of text and yeah it’s really clear to see even on this small screen right here okay so let me simply get back right into the food selection now we likewise have your heart rate right here this is your tasks food selection and we have 12 different sport modes right here we have the common running climb being you know yoga just a great deal of fundamental stuff right here and if we really struck start that this is how the interface would look like so allow’s go back in the meantime because we’re not mosting likely to have any kind of activities so one point you need to recognize is that the tasks does not consist of swimming which’s because this watch is just ip68 rated that indicates that you will only be able to be immersed in 1.5 meters of water for as much as half an hour so clearly this isn’t appropriate for swimming you can get some water splash on this device right below you will not pass away however this is not indicated to track

your swims okay so something to note about the Halos solar SmartWatch is that it doesn’t featured a GPS on board so you have to rely on the GPS of your clever phone if you intend to track any kind of place information for your tasks like your runs or your cycles so in fact it’s quite practical because if you are the type of person who currently brings a mobile phone out with you you can let this track it with the SmartWatch itself as well as observe that this app and also the watch itself is in sync so if I just desire to end the activity I can just strike the pause switch your react right away on guard itself struck the end button and there you go extremely simple to use but yeah just bear in mind that the watch itself doesn’t featured general practitioner and also you need to rely upon the general practitioner of your mobile phone to deal with the halo Solar so one point I noticed about the responsiveness of the halo Solar is that it is a little bit somewhat slow for this small little watch right here but yep you’ll obtain made use of to it because and also forgive it since it’s just a twenty buck SmartWatch alright so if you observe below we really have a music tracker and also this really functions quite well with my mobile phone right below you can use the water to manage your music on your smartphone so you just discover that I’m hitting it and also it’s actually extremely receptive it really responds nearly promptly people so the great news below is that you can have your play pause and also your following as well as previous but you can’t readjust the volume so I believe it’s rather alright considering this is a very spending plan wise watch right there and this is what you get on the halo solar alright men I believe that’s it for the attributes and also the walkthrough of this watch itself allow me show you we do have a pair of watch encounters pre-installed right into the watch you can’t really download and install brand-new watch faces you just have a few watch deals with here as well as yep

there’s a little bit of the collection part here you don’t get a whole lot of watch faces but this watch service in fact function quite possibly for the halo solar we have about 5 watch deals with in below right currently and also I ought to like the analog one but if you like something flashy similar to this you might really establish this as your our wallpaper also as well as yep so once again this is the halo sole our SmartWatch let me simply show you people again and also put it on my wrist so you individuals can have a suggestion on exactly how you will certainly resemble so once again my wrist is the size of my race has to do with 16 centimeters as well as this is exactly how you will certainly resemble on my race so I’m a quite slim individual as you could currently recognize and also this is how it looks on my wrist it looks flawlessly great guys since it is really slim this is really comfy to put on even when I was sleeping so this watch relies on a race to awaken that you wake the watch itself it does not have an always-on screen however I assume it is pretty ok I’m anticipating regarding 20 days of battery life on this watch because I utilize my phone a great deal so normally I laugh a great deal of notices coming in however yes extremely delighted with these $20 SmartWatch right here alright men I believe that’s it for this initial impressions of the halo solar SmartWatch general I’m really delighted with the quantity of worth I am receiving from this $20.00 SmartWatch and also of course once more I require to state that this is the Chinese version as well as you will certainly need to get the global version for the English SmartWatch version alright I’ll definitely be testing this out for an additional pair extra weeks and also I’ll reveal you guys my experiences if you have any kind of inquiries do not hesitate to leave them down in the comment section below you recognize I attempt to address whatever and I’ll see you men in the next one bye

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