Acer Already Rebuilt The Helios!?

Last year, I stated Acer’s 2022 Helios 300 was one of the very best gaming laptops you could get. It sucked for a couple of years before that, up until they finally upgraded it and fixed all the issues I had with it. What did Acer do in 2023 after ultimately getting it? They tossed the whole thing away as well as began once again with one more redesign! Allow’s check it out, as well as the new Nitro. However first, Gigabyte and also their Aorus GeForce RTX 30 collection graphics cards have sponsored this component of the video clip! From customized colders to RGB illumination, Gigabyte’s range of graphics cards has actually obtained you sorted when it pertains to gaming. They’re also offered in a number of pre-built systems, so you don’t need to stress about putting your brand-new computer together on your own. Leave it to the professionals and get the most effective video gaming experience with attributes like DLSS as well as ray mapping right out of the box by inspecting out the funded web links below the video. Acer have actually dropped the 300, as well as are rather providing us the Helios 16 and Helios 18, describing the screen dimensions. I mean that is less complicated to comprehend, contrasted to having both a 15 inch and 17 inch variation of the Helios 300. The brand-new layout has less angled

little bits and also is easier looking, despite the new RGB lights on the back, which seems to change the front light bar in in 2014’s design. The Predator logo on the lid is much smaller compared to last year, and also general I believe the new layout looks cleaner. Much like previous Helios gaming laptop computers, this is an Intel just version with no AMD Ryzen CPU choices. We’re getting Intel’s newest 13th gen Core i9 or i7 HX cpus, and up to Nvidia RTX 4080 graphics with a 165 watt power limitation, so near full performance. The Helios goes up to 32 gigs of DDR5-4800 memory, however Intel’s HX CPUs really go up to DDR5-5600 this year, so Acer might not be taking full advantage of that if they’re selling the Helios with slower memory. I’ll have to examine that when I obtain them in for evaluation. Both the 16 and also 18 inch displays are 16:10 this year, so a lot more upright screen space contrasted to 16:9. The 16 inch display has a 2560 by 1600 resolution with 165Hz or 240Hz IPS-Level panel, and also there’s also a 250Hz Mini-LED choice which obtains incredibly intense with high shade range. The larger 18 inch screen also makes use of the same 2560 by 1600

resolution with the exact same three display choices, however for some factor there’s also a lower 1920 by 1200 165Hz alternative for the Helios 18. That appears a little bit weird to me, the lower resolution would make even more feeling on the smaller Helios 16. For me personally, at 1080p I do start to discover the pixels on a 17.3″ display. Possibly I rest as well close, however I can only envision this ending up being a lot more noticeable to even more individuals when you have the exact same amount of pixels and start extending it out additionally to 18 inches. Both the 16 and 18 inch designs have advanced optimus assistance with a MUX switch, much like in 2015. Based on this provide that’s on Acer’s website, it seems to be utilizing the exact same cooler as in 2015, as the warm pipe design looks the exact same as the 2022 Helios 300 that I examined. The port layout is a bit various this year, yet regarding I can inform both the 16 and also 18 inch designs have the specific very same ports. The left has gigabit ethernet, USB Type-A, a Mini SD card slot, something new for the Helios series, as well as a 3.5 mm audio combination jack. The right has a pair of USB Type-A ports and also a

Kensington lock at the back, while on the back from left to right we have actually got the power input, HDMI 2.1, as well as two Type-C Thunderbolt 4 ports. Speaking of the back, the RGB illumination on the bit that sticks out can be tailored with software in addition to the per-key RGB keyboard, which has 1.8 mm of key travel. Let’s relocate over Acer’s Nitro series, which is suggested to be a less expensive, extra budget friendly alternative contrasted to the higher rate Helios collection. It looks like there disappears Nitro 5 this year.Rather we’ve got the Nitro 16 as well as Nitro 17, which such as the Helios, describes the display size. Unlike the Helios, the Nitro series supplies the most recent processors from both Intel and also AMD, not simply Intel. Interestingly the Intel version evidently mosts likely to DDR5-4800 memory, while the Ryzen version can sustain faster DDR5-5600 memory. According to Intel’s specs, also the mid-range i5 as well as i7 H series processors need to increase to DDR5-5200, so once more it might simply be that Acer is picking to offer the Intel ones with 4800 memory. I’ll make certain to

learn if you can still update it to faster DDR5-5200 memory yourself once I obtain it in for evaluation, ensure you’re subscribed! Based on the fact that AMD’s HX cpus seem to rise to DDR5-5200, I’m going to assume that the Nitro is instead utilizing HS collection cpus, as for some factor these assistance higher DDR5-5600. The 16 inch display is 5% bigger compared to the older 15 inch version as well as additionally now has the taller 16:10 element ratio, similar to the Helios. It’s offered with 1920 by 1200 or 2560 by 1600 resolutions and also a 165Hz revitalize rate. The bigger 17 inch version has 1080p 144Hz or 165Hz options, along with 1440p 165Hz, and these are your regular 16:9 facet ratio. In 2015’s Nitro 5 was updated with a MUX button for the very first time, and also now this year both the Nitro 16 as well as 17 are obtaining updated with sophisticated optimus, so you can exchange in between integrated as well as discrete graphics instantly without requiring to reboot.
And also the Nitro currently additionally utilizes fluid metal on the CPU, similar to the higher rate Helios. The ports likewise look the same as the Helios, which opts for both the 16 as well as 17 inch models – they’re all the very same, so I won’t repeat myself. According to the item web pages, the Intel versions have Wi-Fi 6 assistance while the AMD variations sustain the more recent 6E requirement. Offered it’s not

defined and my experience with screening Wi-Fi in AMD laptops, it wouldn’t shock me at all if the killer options in the Intel laptops wind up performing much better. Wi-Fi cards are only like a $20 upgrade however, so it’s not truly an offer breaker. It’ll boil down to individual preference, yet I like the smaller low-key Acer logo on last year’s version, contrasted to the brand-new N they’re embeding the center this year. I do not know, It’s simply a little bit too edgy for me. When it comes to rates as well as schedule, Acer’s Helios 16 will be readily available in North America in March, beginning at $1650 USD, while it costs an additional $50 as well as a month of time to get the bigger 18 inch design. The Nitro 16 as well as 17 begin with around $1200 USD, and also appear after the Helios collection in May, yet likewise at a reduced price point, though the specific specifications wherefore this consists of aren’t mentioned. I imply the reality that Acer’s item page promotes the Nitro with DLSS 3 assistance indicates that it’s at the very least using Nvidia’s RTX 4050 graphics, as well as Nvidia have stated that RTX 4050 laptops will certainly begin with $1000, so I don’t recognize for sure, but it wouldn’t amaze me at all if that $1200 Nitro was with the RTX 4050.

4050 laptop computers at that beginning price point aren’t going to have

wonderful functions like a MUX button, advanced optimus and also fluid metal. I thought this was fascinating because in the past Acer’s Nitro series has actually usually been even more budget pleasant than this. I was kind of hoping that they would additionally rejuvenate it with that said new revitalized RTX 3050 6 gig, due to the fact that at the very least then we ‘d get a choice listed below $1200. Not every person has that much to invest on a laptop. For that factor I ‘d likewise be shocked if Acer stopped selling their last gen more affordable designs. Or else they’re simply not going to have anything in the reduced cost variety. I obtain it, this year’s Nitro does have new additional features as well as those do not come absolutely free. Yep, it appears like its features are starting to obtain quite close to the Helios, and also that’s beginning to set you back more cash. Check out the remainder of the brand-new gaming laptop computers appearing in 2023 over below! There are some actually amazing versions appearing this year, so I’ll see you over in one of those video clips next!.

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