Dell & Alienware 16” & 18” Gaming Laptops in 2023!

Dell and Alienware have made some big adjustments to their 2023 gaming laptop lineup! Below’s whatever you require to know! First, Gigabyte and their Aorus GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards have actually sponsored this part of the video clip! From custom colders to RGB lighting, Gigabyte’s series of graphics cards has obtained you sorted when it pertains to gaming. They’re additionally readily available in a number of pre-built systems, so you do not have to stress over placing your new computer together yourself. Leave it to the professionals as well as obtain the ideal gaming experience with the most up to date attributes like DLSS and also ray mapping right out of the box by having a look at the sponsored links listed below the video clip. Let’s begin with Alienware’s new m18, an 18 inch gaming laptop computer, which is something I don’t assume they’ve done because 2015, 8 years back. Alienware’s M collection focuses on power, so a bigger 18 inch chassis such as this should permit it to take full advantage of efficiency. It’s got 4 fans within, a vapor chamber colder as well as Alienware’s Component 31 thermal user interface product on both the CPU and also GPU, aka liquid metal. We’re taking a look at Intel’s top-end Core i9-13900HX right here, with 24 cores as well as 32 threads, yet

lower tier and also cheaper i7 HX cpus are additionally a choice. Next-Gen AMD Ryzen processors are likewise listed, however specifics weren’t offered by Alienware, but given the Intel CPU I ‘d have to presume this would imply approximately AMD’s Ryzen 9 7945HX, their brand-new top-end 16 core 32 string chip – which is double the quantity of cores as well as strings compared to the most effective AMD laptop cpus that they offered in 2015. Comparable offer for the graphics, the certain Nvidia RTX 40 collection as well as Radeon RX 7000 GPUs aren’t detailed, yet regardless, it’s still cool that they’re still offering both Nvidia and AMD choices. Offered we have actually got a 330 watt power brick, I would certainly expect as much as RTX 4090 graphics below. For the 18 inch screen we have actually got either 2560 by 1600 165Hz or 1920 by 1200 480Hz alternatives, both with G-Sync or FreeSync depending on whether it’s obtained Nvidia or AMD graphics respectively. They’re saying the 18″ panel is 14.5% larger contrasted to Alienware’s biggest m17 in 2015. Considering that I can observe the pixels on a 1080p screen at 17.3 inches, I think this’ll just get even more evident at the larger 18 inch dimension, as a similar quantity of pixels are stretched out over a broader space. So I assume a lot of individuals will

certainly probably intend to avoid that 1920 by 1200 display, unless the top priority is playing eSports games with high FPS. Due to the fact that a 480Hz screen on a laptop is the fastest I have actually ever seen up until now. In 2015 I believe the most effective we had was 360Hz. The m18 is a bit larger compared to in 2015’s m17 in order to fit that larger 18 inch display in. Yet that bigger dimension supplies enough room to permit as much as 4 M. 2 storage drives, as the specification sheet details as much as quad storage arrangements, crazy things. We only saw this in MSI’s GT77 in 2014, which was a larger desktop computer substitute style device. Unlike the Titan, we have actually simply got 2 memory slots rather than 4, however that still enables the m18 to increase to 64 jobs of RAM. Bigger laptop computer likewise indicates more room for ports. The left side has 2.5 gigabit ethernet, 2 USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports, as well as a 3.5mm audio combination jack, while the ideal just has a USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C port. The majority of the ports are on the back so cords avoid of the method. From left to best it’s

obtained two Type-C ports, Thunderbolt 4 or USB 4 Gen 2 right here with DisplayPort support, a 3rd USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A port, HDMI 2.
1 and Mini DisplayPort outputs, an SD card slot, and the power input. Like some previous Alienware versions, you’ve got the choice of investing a lot more for a CherryMX mechanical key-board If 18 inches is as well large, do not fret, Alienware are additionally revealing the new m16 this year, which is a brand-new design, it’s not just the m15 with a larger 16 inch screen squeezed in. In spite of the smaller size compared to the bigger m18, the m16 still offers the exact same Intel CPU options. Once Again, Ryzen CPUs as well as Nvidia and also Radeon GPU choices are unfortunately not specified simply yet, however I’m certain it would be able to go high end, as the m16 uses a 330 watt power block. The 16 inch screen alternatives resemble the larger m18, but there’s also a greater 240Hz revitalize price 2560 by 1600 option with greater shade gamut. According to Alienware, that new 16 inch display dimension is 11% bigger compared to what the m15 supplied last year, yet the m16 is also a little bigger contrasted to the m15 to fit it, so it’s a little a tradeoff. Larger laptop for larger screen. That said, similar to the larger m18, the

m16 is still in some way able to fit four M. 2 storage space slots inside. I’ve never ever become aware of this being done in any kind of other laptop listed below 17 inches, so thinking this isn’t a blunder on the spec sheet, it’s fairly remarkable. I know I said a bigger laptop usually means even more ports, however the m16 still has the exact same ports as the larger m18, so once again, it’s rather outstanding what they’ve been able to fit into the 16 inch design. And once more, similar to the larger m18, the m16 also has 4 fans for cooling, a vapor chamber cooler, as well as it utilizes Alienware’s aspect 31, aka fluid metal, on both the CPU and also GPU. And the CherryMX mechanical key-board option is additionally offered below too for a higher price. They have actually “only” took care of to fit an 86Wh battery in the smaller m16 however, the bigger m18 increases to a larger 97Wh battery. There weren’t any discusses of either the m15 or m17 gaming laptops being refreshed this year at CES, so it’s appearing like the brand-new m16 as well as m18 are totally changing those. The brand-new models do offer more attributes, but as stated they’re likewise a bit larger as well. Luckily if you desire a smaller sized laptop computer, Alienware have actually likewise rejuvenated their X collection gaming laptop computers this year, with the all new x16 along with updates to the existing x14. The initial thing that stands apart with

the x16 is the optional RGB touchpad, something I don’t assume Alienware has provided for a couple of years currently. If I remember, it was simply one solid color in the past, now I think RGB modern technology has actually progressed and it’s got a computer animated effect. The touchpad in the x16 is suggested to be 15% bigger contrasted to in 2015’s even bigger x17 R2, which is excellent as I discovered that a person a little also little. The touchpad in the x16 still does not look that large however, but there does seem a lot more air vents at the back over the key-board to boost air conditioning, so I suppose that’s the tradeoff. Much like Alienware’s thicker m series, you’ve got the alternative of spending more for a CherryMX mechanical keyboard, which supplies both more key travel, yet likewise the choice of per-key RGB lighting rather of one zone if you want even more modification. Unlike the thicker m16, the thinner x16 is making use of Intel’s 13th gen H and also HK cpus, rather than the greater core and string matters offered with HX, and there aren’t any AMD options right here. Once again the Nvidia graphics choices aren’t defined yet, yet considering they have actually provided 5 choices we can probably assume these are RTX 4090, 4080, 4070, 4060 and also 4050, given

we’ve seen other laptops at CES announce with these. The maximum GPU power limit of the x16 was specified at 175 watts, and also while that’s most likely with dynamic increase, that means that a minimum of several of those higher end GPU choices should be able to provide max performance. Much like the thicker m16, Alienware’s thinner x16 likewise uses a vapor chamber for cooling as well as their aspect 31 fluid steel on both the CPU as well as GPU. I assume in 2014 it might of just been the CPU, but I had not been able to confirm that. They do note that it’s only offered in some choose setups, yet they haven’t actually claimed which arrangements do as well as don’t obtain it simply. In the past it has actually only been an alternative with greater specced laptop setups. Which makes feeling as it’s those greater rate CPUs and also GPUs that will require more air conditioning. I indicate, we probably do not require to squander liquid metal on the RTX 4050 arrangement, for example. Like in 2015’s smaller x15, however the x16’s RAM is soldered to the

motherboard and can not be upgraded. Based on this it also appears like you have actually obtained to choose a higher tier CPU if you want much more RAM, which I believe is kind of crap, because the higher tier CPU expense is most likely going to be way even more money contrasted to the expense of the memory. I have actually already shown in 2014 that the performance distinction between Intel’s i7 as well as i9 laptop processors truly isn’t that much. And I can’t think of that that’s going to change this year. Reality is, the more affordable i7-13700H is simply going to provide better worth and not that much worse efficiency contrasted to the higher tier i9-13900HK. So it simply directly sucks if you’re compelled right into spending even more money to obtain the 13900HK just due to the fact that you may desire greater than 16 jobs of RAM. I truly wish this changes! When it comes to storage space, it looks like there goes to the very least 2 M. 2 slots, as RAID 0 is an alternative. It looks like we’ve got the exact same 16 inch screen alternatives in the x16 as the m16, nonetheless although the m16 had a MUX button, a need for G-Sync to function, it really did not really specify advanced optimus like the x16 does right here. So it looks like this could just be an added feature that’s just present with the thinner x collection designs. Despite being a little smaller sized than the m16 in size and deepness, the x16 gets a somewhat larger 90Wh battery. The x16 doesn’t have any kind of ports on the left or right sides, so you’ll never need to bother with cable televisions hindering of your mouse hand. They have actually managed to press all ports onto the back, which from delegated ideal include a 3.
5mm audio combo jack, MicroSD card slot, two Type-C ports, one which

provides Thunderbolt 4 or USB 4, and the other USB 3.2 Gen 2. There’s a HDMI 2.1 result, 2 USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports, Mini DisplayPort 1.
4 result, and also the power input, so it’s rather crowded back there. Right before we obtain right into the new Dell gaming laptop computers, Alienware have additionally freshened their smaller sized ultra mobile x14 with the brand-new R2 variation this year. The GPU alternatives in 2014 were either RTX 3050, 3050 Ti, or 3060, and this year the 3050 is still an alternative, yet it’s using Nvidia’s freshened version with 6 gigs of VRAM instead than 4. The other 2 following gen alternatives aren’t noted, however I think it’s rather secure to presume they’re RTX 4050 as well as RTX 4060 GPUs. The maximum GPU power limit is also detailed at 85 watts this generation, which is a 10 watt or 13% increase compared to in 2014. Surprisingly the highest possible CPU listed is Intel’s Core i7-13620H with 10 cores. Last year’s x14 was available with either i5-12500H or i7-12700H, 12 core 16 string and 14 core 20 string parts specifically. I’m getting the impact that they have actually decided to restrict CPU efficiency this year in order to rather route that added power in the direction of the GPU. Which honestly is probably the method to go if the objective is to enhance pc gaming performance. I’ve shown in a lot of my video clips that adding more cores and also threads after a factor

does not increase the pc gaming performance in the majority of games. To make sure that new 13th gen 10 core processor is probably still going to be plenty. Also with fewer cores as well as threads, other renovations like higher IPC as well as higher solitary core boost are probably going to mean that the 13th gen CPU winds up defeating the 12th gen i7 in video games anyway. The 14 inch display still has G-Sync and progressed optimus like in 2015’s design, but this year it’s utilizing a 16:10 facet proportion, so a little taller which must mean a little less plastic chin on the bottom and also even more viewable display area. I think it’s a little bit odd that they have actually boosted from 1920 by 1080 pixels last year to 2560 by 1600 this year. More pixels just objectively require more GPU horse power to run in games, and yes they have improved the GPU power restriction this year as well as they also have brand-new RTX 40 series GPUs which will be more effective. I still assume a 1920 by 1200 screen would certainly have been a far better fit for a smaller 14 inch device. At smaller screen sizes you really don’t need a lot of pixels for a display to still look good. And also much less pixels would certainly likewise suggest greater FPS in games, as the video games would certainly be much easier to perform at that lower resolution. Somewhere where much more pixels do make sense is the video camera upgrade from last year’s 720p to this year’s 1080p. Or else the dimension of the x14, its battery, its 130 watt Type-C charger, its ports, max of 32 jobs of soldered memory and also one M.2 slot are basically the like last year’s

x14 R1 version. Alright currently allow’s get involved in the new Dell video gaming laptops! The prominent G15 collection gets a design refresh which looks much more heavyset than prior to with an extra tilted style, and additionally with more shade choices too, including some amazing looking pastel options. I actually like the appearance of the purple one. Simply in instance the channel logo didn’t give you any kind of hints, it’s my preferred color. Like the Alienware laptop computers, certain RTX 40 series GPUs aren’t discussed yet, but I would certainly need to presume it would certainly at the very least get the 4050, 4060 and also 4070 based upon in 2014’s G15. We’ve just obtained Intel 13th gen CPUs noted here with the higher end HX cpus, yet it wouldn’t stun me if there will certainly be a lot more alternatives later, or it could differ extra in various nations. I do not understand, the Dell G15 collection is indicated to be extra mid-range, so it seems strange that they’re going for Intel’s HX instead of the less costly H series. Specifications for the AMD Ryzen variation of the G15 and also G16 have not been offered at this time, yet Dell have actually pointed out that the Intel configurations will certainly be releasing this year in Q1 while the AMD variations will certainly be coming later in Q2. Some time in between April and June. Display choices consist of 15.6″ 1080p panels with a reduced top quality 120Hz display as well as better 165Hz option. Successive is Dell’s G16, which is essentially the same as the G15, except that it’s obtained a bigger 16 inch 16:10 display with a larger 2560 by 1600 resolution, with 165Hz and even much faster 240Hz alternative below. The laptop

computer itself winds up moring than a centimeter or half an inch deeper in order to fit the taller 16:10 display however, otherwise practically every one of the remainder of the specifications seem to be basically the very same as the G15. Actually I have actually just observed that the ethernet options seem to vary based upon the GPU, and also Dell have actually detailed RTX 4050, 4060 as well as 4070 choices in the G16, despite the graphics area just stating following gen, so it resembles my hunch with the G15 may be right. If you have actually seen any one of my Dell or Alienware video gaming laptop examines over the last couple of years, you have actually probably heard me whine regarding the management software program, Alienware Command Center, or AWCC. This year the software has finally been reconstructed with variation 6.0, precisely what I have actually been asking for for several years. It looks much cleaner and easier to make use of from what they’ve shown during CES! As long as the actual functionality functions well and it doesn’t have the very same old problems like taking forever to open up after boot, or different pests when it comes time to upgrade, after that this will certainly be a big improvement. I actually got the perception that last gen AWCC

simply had means excessive tech debt. It appeared like they were simply including things onto it for years and the stability just continuously became worse. Ideally this is a fresh reset. When it comes to prices and also availability, we’re looking at a Q1 launch for the Intel and also Nvidia choices, while the AMD setups seem to be later on in Q2, so someplace in between April as well as June. Rates will naturally depend on exactly how you spec the particular maker, but they were still able to give us with these price details. Once more not truly too valuable as we don’t recognize precisely what specifications they describe. I’ll be evaluating all these brand-new upcoming Dell as well as Alienware laptops in complete reviews as soon as possible, so make certain you’re subscribed! Till then, you can discover even more regarding all of the remainder of the new pc gaming laptop computers being available in 2023 over below, I’ll see you in among those videos next!

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