RTX 4080 vs 3080 & 3090, 20 Games at 4K, 1440p & 1080p

Nvidia’s RTX 4080 graphics card provides large enhancements compared to the older 3080 and 3090, however at $1200 USD, the 4080 is not low-cost. I have actually compared all 3 GPUs in 20 games at 4K, 1440p as well as 1080p resolutions to figure out if the 4080 deserves it! I’m making use of the original RTX 3080 with 10 jobs of VRAM, not the more recent 12 gig variation. The 4080 has 16 gigs of vram, while the 3090 has one of the most at 24 jobs, as well as despite the 3090 having the greatest memory bus and most bandwidth, the 4080’s memory is clocked greater. The 4080’s GPU clock rate is likewise highest, but it has less CUDA cores contrasted to the 3090, which has 8% even more. Both the RTX 3080 as well as 4080 have a 320 watt TGP, while the 3090’s is higher at 350 watts. We’re expecting the more recent 4080 to be extra reliable though, as it’s based on TSMC’s 4nm process compared to the older Samsung 8nm utilized with the 30 series. Currently the least expensive brand brand-new 10 gig RTX 3080 on Newegg goes for $740 USD, so a little bit extra compared to its $700 MSRP, while the cheapest RTX 3090 at the minute is readily available from $1250, lower than its $1500 MSRP. The 4080 is launching with a MSRP of $1200, and while there will definitely be extra expensive 4080’s readily available,

practically this means it needs to be possible to get a 4080 for less cash than a 3090. That’s the main reason that I intended to compare these three GPUs. The 4080 and 3090 are valued in a similar way, however I additionally wanted to figure out what sort of a performance increase we obtain with the 80 collection going from the 3080 to the 4080. To discover the differences I’ve compared all three graphics cards in this test system. It’s obtained Intel’s Core i9-13900K CPU and 32 jobs of DDR5-6000 CL30 memory. The current variation of Windows 11 22H2 was utilized with core isolation off, and also the same Nvidia drivers were made use of with resizable BAR enabled. Alright let’s obtain straight into the 20 video game contrast at 3 various resolutions! After the game criteria we’ll have a look at points like thermals, clock speeds, power draw, efficiency per watt and also cost per structure to discover which GPU uses the most effective value. Allow’s begin with Cyberpunk 2077, no ray tracing or DLSS right here, but we’ll inspect those out next. I have actually got the 1080p results down all-time low, 1440p in the center, and also 4K up the top, with three GPUs examined from least expensive down all-time low to highest possible up the leading within each resolution. In spite of the RTX 3090 costing even more money, the newer

4080 had a clear lead in any way 3 resolutions, as well as was 50% faster compared to the 3080 in all instances. Performance reduces a little bit with the ray tracing ultra pre-programmed made it possible for, even with DLSS readied to quality mode. Structure rates can certainly be additionally boosted by running with a lower DLSS mode though. The 4080 was 32% ahead of the 3090 at 4K, 41% ahead at 1440p, and 35% ahead at 1080p. Compared to the 3080 though, the 4080 had a bigger 53% lead. Speaking of Ray Tracing, City Exodus Improved makes it possible for ray mapping with the extreme setup predetermined. This may in part be why this video game had a few of the largest gains with the RTX 4080 out of all 20 games examined, appearing 36% in advance of the 3090 at 4K, and 62% in advance of the 3080. Apex Legends was striking the 300 FPS frame cap at the lower 1080p resolution with the RTX 4080, despite all setups maxed out, so although it’s 49% ahead of the 3080 as well as 29% in advance of the 3090 here, it most likely can have been extra if the video game didn’t have this limitation. The 4080

would also succeed with a 4K high refresh display right here, though the 22% FPS enhance over the 3090 is in fact among the smaller distinctions out of all 20 video games evaluated. It’s not all large gains for the RTX 4080. Wonder’s Spider-Man Remastered was reaching regarding the very same framework prices on all three graphics cards at the reduced 1080p resolution. Despite our top-end i9-13900K we’re CPU limited at this lower resolution. 1440p as well as above are better able to place the GPUs to function, though once more the differences we’re seeing below are some of the most affordable out of our 20 game choice. Microsoft Flight Simulator likewise saw essentially no distinction between the 3 GPUs at the reduced 1080p resolution, and even at 1440p the 3090 and 4080 were still extremely close with each other. At 4K though the 4080 had a huge 58% lead over the 3080, and a 35% lead over the 3090, which was the third most significant enhancement out of the 20 games examined. Essentially in these even more CPU hefty games, you really need to be running at higher resolutions for the greater rate GPUs to stretch their legs. Ruin Infinite on the other hand had big distinctions with the 4080 at 1080p. The 4080 was 40% faster contrasted to the 3090 here, which was the greatest boost at this resolution out of all 20 games evaluated. Even the dips in efficiency, as measured by the 1% lows, were more than the average FPS appearing of the 3090 in any way 3 resolutions. Compared to the 3080, the 4080 was 60% faster, the second

most significant difference at this resolution between these two 80 series GPUs. The 4080 was 44% faster than the 3080 at 1440p in Fortnite at max setups, and also 27% in advance of the extra costly 3090, though all 3 GPUs can improve framework rates even greater merely by transforming on DLSS. Halo Infinite commonly had above average gains with the 4080 contrasted to the remainder of the 19 video games, with the 4080 reaching a 55% higher typical structure price contrasted to the 3080 at 4K, and also 33% greater compared to the 3090. Don’t forget that the 3090 in fact sets you back even more cash at the time of the 4080’s launch, so it will certainly be fascinating to see if 3090 prices drop appropriately. You can inspect present prices with the links below the video. Forza Perspective 5 was also around 33% faster at 4K with the 4080 when compared to the 3090, while the 4080 was 51% in advance of the 3080. A 50% efficiency increase with the 4080 sounds wonderful compared to the older 3080, you have actually got to pay 62% more money to get it. F1 2021 is an additional auto racing game, as well as the 4080 was even additionally ahead of the 3080 at 4K in this one with a bigger 55% lead in typical FPS, and also a 31% lead when compared to the extra costly 3090. Red Dead Redemption 2 additionally had great enhancements with the 4080. The 3080 as well as 3090 outcomes look a lot more detailed along with the 4080 especially in the lead. In spite of

exactly how things look, at 1440p the 4080 was simply 40% in advance of the 3080, a poor lead out of the 20 games checked. Dying Light 2 seems to be fairly GPU heavy, even at the reduced 1080p resolution the 4080 had a 55% lead over the 3080, and also was 33% ahead of the 3090, above ordinary gains. Borderlands 3 was still around 60 FPS at max setups 4K on the RTX 3080, however the 4080 was getting to a 45% greater ordinary frame rate, though remarkably it had a higher 55% lead at the reduced 1080p resolution. In the majority of games, the distinctions at reduced resolutions is lower, but that’s not the instance right here. The Assassin’s Creed Valhalla results just made me wish to stop testing for this video and also play the game, I still have not complete the last DLC, and dipping into 4K max setups would still get me 100 FPS, a 46% lead over the 3080 I’ve been using. God of War had a slightly greater 1% reduced on the 3090 at 1440p somehow. I retested both the 3090 and also 4080 to double check this however got the same result, so not as well certain what the offer existed as this is the only game out of the 20 where it was happening. In Rainbow Six Removal the 3090 was only 15% faster contrasted to the 3080 at 1440p, not so great when you consider that it sets you back around 69% more money. The 4080 on the various other hand was 46% faster while setting you back around 62% more cash, a somewhat much better deal. View Pet dogs

Myriad was still around 60 FPS at max settings 4K on both 30 collection GPUs, however also the 4080’s 1% lows were greater than the typical FPS from the older cards, so a much more stable experience with the 4080. Far Cry 6 was an additional of those games that only had tiny differences at the lower 1080p resolution, however it’s not as if these GPUs are designed for 1080p pc gaming. At 4K the 4080 was 22% in advance of the 3090, as well as 39% in advance of the 3080, which were still well low-grade differences as this game seems more CPU reliant. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was checked with the video game’s benchmark, which is complimentary if you intend to compare to your own configuration. The 4080 was 39% ahead of the 3090 at 1440p, and 59% ahead of the 3080, among the bigger distinctions out of all games tested. Last video game prior to we get involved in the excellent stuff, so it’s time to get up if you’ve been dropping asleep. The Witcher 3 was checked with the highest ultra setting preset, and as another older game these contemporary GPUs have the ability to run quite possibly. Even the 3080 was well over 100 FPS at 4K max settings, though the 4080 was 46% faster. Generally over all 20 games checked, at 4K the RTX 4080 was 48% faster contrasted to the RTX 3080 from last gen. As we can see outcomes really differ and also depend upon the particular game. Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 had some of the tiniest renovations with the

4080, while others like Ruin Eternal and City Exodus Enhanced did the very best on the 4080. Tipping down to the reduced 1440p resolution as well as the RTX 4080 still had a comparable 47% lead over the RTX 3080. Generally we begin seeing smaller sized differences at reduced resolutions, as higher resolutions have a tendency to be a lot more GPU bound, so I believed it was fascinating that the 4080 was a similar amount better than the 3080 in our 20 game examination at 1440p too. The performance space does obtain a bit smaller sized at the lower 1080p resolution for this factor though, with the 4080 now around 39% faster contrasted to the 3080. Some of the CPU hefty games like Flight Simulator and Spiderman had generally no actual renovations with the 4080, however I question the majority of individuals are seeking to purchase these pricey GPUs for 1080p video gaming anyhow. If we rather compare the 4080 versus the 3090, at 4K we’re looking at the 4080 coming in 28% quicker in our same 20 game option. Once again don’t fail to remember that right currently at the time of the 4080 launch, the 3090 does set you back more money, and thinking about the 4080 is performing better, I can only envision that it won’t be long before the 3090 price decreases accordingly. Once again you can inspect present rates with the web links below the video clip. At 1440p the 4080 still had the exact same 28% lead over the 3090, similar to at 4K. Once again the

most CPU hefty games like Flight Simulator and also Spiderman had the tiniest gains with the 4080 right here, while others like ruin depended on 40% faster. The 4080 was 25% in advance of the 3090 at the lower 1080p resolution, once more with the CPU heavier games seeing an also smaller distinction currently, though best situation DOOM was still 40% much faster with the 4080, with all the other results lying someplace in between. Right here’s just how framework rates look if we instead take the average of all 20 games in any way resolutions. I believe this far better permits us to aesthetically see just how much better the 4080 is. The 3080 as well as 3090 are a lot better with each other, while the void in between the 3090 and 4080 is visually higher. Once we factor in price, an essential thing to do as these don’t grow on the GPU tree, the RTX 3080 really winds up being the finest in terms of value. Yeah it performed the cheapest out of these three options, however it’s also a fair bit less expensive contrasted to the others as well. That claimed, the RTX 4080 wasn’t that much behind. The 4080 does set you back quite a bit a lot more, however it likewise does a fair bit better compared to the 3080 also, making it more beneficial when contrasted to the 3090, as the 3090 was always doing even worse than the 4080 regardless of costing more

money. The PC with the 3090 installed was additionally attracting one of the most power from the wall surface in Cyberpunk 2077 at 4K ultra setups. The newer 4080 was making use of around 4% more power compared to the 3080, however the 4080 had the ability to supply a 28% greater average frame rate, which was actually the smallest difference out of the 20 video games examined. This causes the newer RTX 4080 being best in terms of efficiency per watt, with the 3080 and 3090 being very close together. The 4080 does make use of more power than the 3080, yet the 4080 winds up being even more power efficient compared to the 3080 as the efficiency space is a lot larger. Certainly the 4080 is additionally more reliable than the 3090, that’s no surprise as the 3090 was both making use of even more power while likewise executing worse in video games. As we got out of the spec sheet, the 4080 is clocking much higher contrasted to the 3080 and 3090 in this video game too, which is no doubt part of what adds to it executing so a lot far better. The 3090 does have more CUDA cores, but the 4080’s clock higher as well as get on a smaller sized procedure. We can’t actually relatively compare thermals because I have actually got Nvidia’s creators edition for the 3080, MSI’s Pc gaming X Triad for the 3090, as well as MSI’s Suprim X for the 4080, so they have actually all obtained different coolers, with the 4080 being far bigger than the remainder. Keeping that in mind, below are the temperature results for completeness. The RTX 4080 was really running the coolest, but it’s tough to state just how much of that results from the extremely substantial cooler. Do not obtain me

incorrect, the RTX 3090 is still absolutely an excellent GPU for gaming, but it simply doesn’t make feeling to purchase the time of the less expensive 4080 introducing. It’s going to be actually interesting to see how the launch of the 4080 affects 3090 rates, as the 3090 is mosting likely to have to boil down fairly a little bit in order to stay competitive versus the 4080. Of program presuming that the 4080 remain in supply at sensible prices, which is yet to be seen. Now the 3090 does of program still have other advantages, like its 50% higher VRAM ability, and while this could be a lot more useful in non-gaming workloads, in the 20 video games checked here, it didn’t truly appear to matter since the 4080 was still appearing ahead in AAA video games at max setups 4K. Essentially unless the rate of the 3090 decreases by a couple of hundred bucks, the 4080 just makes more sense. The 3080 does still supply much better worth contrasted to both the 4080 and 3090, and it still performs fairly well in video games. So it’s truly going to depend whether you’ve got the spending plan for an added $500 or two to get a 3090 or 4080. Currently the RTX 4080 likewise presents DLSS 3 assistance, which theoretically ought to provide an additional performance increase compared to older DLSS 2 options. DLSS 3 will certainly not be sustained on the RTX 30 collection, so the only method to make use of DLSS 3 is with RTX 40. As DLSS 3 is still early days and it’s still turning out in video games, I haven’t tested it for this video clip, yet you can take a look at this exceptional video clip by Equipment Unboxed where they have actually examined both efficiency and also visual quality with DLSS 3. Otherwise you can figure out just how a lot far better Nvidia’s top-end RTX 4090 graphics card is contrasted to the most effective from last gen in this one, so I’ll see you over in one of those videos next!

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