Lenovo Legion Slim 7i (2022) Review – Thin Gaming?

Lenovo’s Legion Slim 7i is sort of like a thinner and lighter version of their popular Legion 7i video gaming laptop, however concessions need to be made to get a more mobile machine. That claimed, it is in fact far better contrasted to the larger Myriad 7i in some means, so let’s check it out in this testimonial! I’ve obtained the onyx grey finish right here, yet there’s additionally tornado grey which is a lighter color. Unlike the Legion 7i, its larger sibling, there’s no RGB light bar on the front, or illumination in the air vents or on the lid. The cover, indoor and also bottom panel are all aluminum with a plated coating. The whole equipment feels nice as well as well built, yet the edges might feel a little sharp if you clean up versus them. There’s only small flex to the key-board deck many thanks to the all-metal construct, as well as the lid was rather stiff as well, yet while doing this I saw that it’s not also difficult to glide it around. The rubber feet below just aren’t very grippy. However it does not move when utilizing it typically. The display goes the full back for sharing, and also it was simple to open with one finger as the center component of the lid stands out a little. The joint seems strong also when ripping it open difficult. The cover still really feels easy as well as smooth to open, and also only wobbles a little when typing hard. It really feels slim and also portable to lug, but Lenovo just notes the elevation at the thinnest factor, granted I didn’t find the back to be that much thicker. The laptop alone weighs 2.3 kg or 5lb, boosting to 3.1kg or 6.9 pound with the 230 watt

power brick as well as cable televisions for billing. Lenovo’s site notes that it’s offered with either a 230 watt power block like I have actually obtained below, or a smaller as well as lighter 170 watt block, which is probably what’s available with lower specced options. My setup has Intel’s Core i7-12700H cpu, Nvidia’s RTX 3060 graphics, 16 jobs of DDR5 memory, and also a 16″ 2560 by 1600 165Hz display with G-Sync, but you can tailor it and check costs with the web link listed below the video. My laptop has a 1080p camera above the screen in the center, however some regions might have 720p. There’s no Windows Hi face unlock, as well as you can utilize the activate the right hand side to physically detach the electronic camera for privacy. Here’s how the video camera and microphones look as well as appear, and right here’s exactly how it appears while I’m inputting on the keyboard, and as you can see there’s only a little display wobble. My keyboard has per-key RGB backlighting, however there’s likewise a white only alternative, and all tricks and additional functions get illuminated. Key-board illumination can be changed in between 3 degrees or shut off by holding feature as well as pushing the up or down arrow tricks, but you can readjust between 9 different levels through the Vantage software. This likewise allows you swap between 6 constructed in lights profiles, and also you

can additionally hold feature and also press spacebar to change via these too. Spectrum is utilized to handle the RGB lighting, and also we can customize each of the 6 profiles with various integrated in results or manually set various keys to whatever color you like. Personally I like keying on Myriad keyboards, and also I assumed this set felt excellent, though a little much less clicky sensation compared to the larger Myriad 7i. The glass touchpad is smooth, clicks down anywhere and is accurate to click with. The power button is over the keyboard and also increases as a finger print scanner, which I discovered to function promptly. The left side has an air exhaust vent and also 2 Type-C ports, the one closer to the back is Thunderbolt 4 while the one closer to the front is USB 3.
2 Gen 2. The best side has an air exhaust also, as well as a 3.5 mm sound combination jack, the video camera separate button, and also an SD card port. The remainder of the ports are on the back in between even more air exhaust vents. From entrusted to right we have actually got an HDMI 2.1 outcome, three USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A ports adhered to by the somewhat smaller rectangular power input on the right. I really like that the port icons on the back obtain lit up, so you can quickly see where you’re plugging a cable in when being in front of the maker without needing to turn it around, regardless of the lighting situation of your area. You can hold the function trick and also press the letter U to transform these on or off. I additionally found that they instantly transform off when you unplug the power, no matter of if you currently

had them on before plugging in. Currently if you have actually obtained optimus on then the front Type-C as well as rear HDMI ports attach straight to the Nvidia graphics. The Thunderbolt 4 Type-C port attaches to the Intel integrated graphics. After that if you turn optimus off with either the Vantage software or BIOS then that Thunderbolt port does not offer any kind of screen output at all, and also you can’t make use of innovative optimus to transform that. We additionally confirmed that the HDMI port can run a 4K outside screen at 120Hz 12-bit with G-Sync. Both of the Type-C ports on the left might be used to bill the laptop with up to 135 watts, an increase from in 2015’s 100 watt limitation. You can just use the maximum 135 watts if your battery charger supports 20v 6.75 a, so Lenovo do not seem to be making use of the PD 3.1 criterion. This means that this 140 watt charger I have actually obtained from Ugreen maxes out at 100 watts when attached, and I presume that would be the situation with many other modern-day chargers also. Lenovo do obviously have their own 135 watt charger, so you may need to buy that if you wish to totally power this equipment over Type-C. Naturally when I say fully power I indicate up to 135 watts which is the restriction. You’re constantly going to obtain even more power using the complete power brick, yet sadly this limit indicates that at any time I have actually checked performance with a Type-C battery charger linked it’s with a 100 watt limit. Getting in calls for unscrewing 8 Phillips head screws, all

the same size. This was possibly the hardest laptop to open up out of 200 plus makers. I in fact curved the steel in two different spots just attempting to get my pry devices in. If you handle to get within, we’ve got the large battery down the front, the set up M. 2 SSD simply above, a solitary memory slot just over that, a Wi-Fi 6E card to the left of those, and also a second M. 2 storage slot on the. The Wi-Fi efficiency was quite great when contrasted versus other gaming laptop computers, though the same card in this year’s somewhat thicker Legion 7i was executing much better. Because of the smaller sized and also thinner dimension of the laptop computer, there’s 8 jobs of DDR5 memory soldered to the motherboard which can not be updated. The single slot in mine came with an 8 job solitary ranking x16 stick mounted. Lenovo keeps in mind that it sustains up to 24 gigs, so the firm 8 jobs plus a 16 gig stick, though they note that this is based on configurations they market it with. I don’t have any type of 32 job DDR5 sticks to attempt and also max it out, yet I would certainly be surprised if 40 gigs does not function. The set up 1TB NVMe M. 2 PCIe Gen 4 SSD was performing quite well, and the second M.2 slot sustains 4 lanes of Gen 4 too. The

speed from the SD card port was alright, yet the card really did not click in as well as stuck out rather a bit, so do not bump it. The upgradeability rating loses a factor for missing a RAM slot, and I took off the full point from simplicity of access as I found it so hard to open up. If you don’t care regarding how tough it is to get in, after that the score would certainly have been a 5. The audio speakers are found underneath on the left as well as best edges in the direction of the front. I believed the audio speakers sounded respectable for its dimension, absolutely over average for a gaming laptop computer with some bass. It gets audible, as well as there’s only small wrist remainder vibration. The latencymon results weren’t great in our normal 5 minute examination while idling. My Slim 7i is powered by the largest possible 99.9 Wh battery, however there’s likewise a smaller sized 71Wh alternative that considers 200g or 0.4lb less, so anticipate much less run time with that one. We’ve got the alternative to push the feature plus R shortcut to decrease the screen’s refresh rate down from 165Hz to 60Hz, which will offer us even more battery life. Sadly this does not immediately happen when you separate and also reconnect the charger like MSI and ASUS laptop computers. It’s possible to obtain an additional hr and also a half of run time in the

YouTube video playback test just by utilizing the faster way to run the display at 60Hz. Offered this is such a simple adjustment that deserves doing, I have actually made use of the far better outcome when contrasting it with others. At virtually 10 and also a fifty percent hrs it is just one of the much better arise from a pc gaming laptop that we have actually got, specifically thinking about that it’s obtained an Intel CPU. Normally speaking, Intel based pc gaming laptops don’t last anywhere near as long, so the Slim 7i goes over in this respect. You still get the option in vantage to restrict the optimum cost degree to 75 to 80%, which should aid enhance the life-span of the battery by not maintaining it fully billed regularly. This can’t be used with quick cost at the same time, which charges the battery faster. Let’s look into thermals next. There’s one thick heatpipe shared in between the CPU and GPU with Lenovo’s typical thermal substance below. There are 2 followers which exhaust air out of both the left and also ideal sides along with out of the vents on the back. We can see there are plenty of openings below where the followers are for air intake. The Vantage software allows us change in between different efficiency modes, which from most affordable to highest are silent, balance and also efficiency. Equilibrium mode likewise has an optional AI setup which is meant to give an optimal experience in supported games. Assume best efficiency without the followers going also loud. You can also press the function and also Q faster way to

transform in between the 3 efficiency settings, and the shade of the power switch will certainly transform so you can easily inform which is currently in use, as noted here. Performance mode can not be made use of when running on battery power. We’ve likewise obtained the choice of switching on a GPU overclock with vantage as well. You can personalize it here, but we have actually left it fail whenever it was evaluated, as well as it only operates in well balanced or efficiency settings when connected in. At the time of recording in early October 2022, there’s no fan control offered in this laptop via the software that’s integrated in. There is however the Myriad Area software, which does provide some fundamental control. Sadly now, it’s just readily available in Chinese. Hopefully we see these functions integrated into Vantage in future. The BIOS has this option where you can lower the peaceful level to 3 different RPM degrees, though we’ve done all screening right here with the default degree 1 used. As well as truthfully just resting right here now with the laptop running on battery, I can’t even hear it in any way, so I assume that’s probably mosting likely to be great, as well as in addition to it’s not even on the most affordable silent setting, it’s on balance. The interior temperature levels were cool when simply sitting there idle. The

remainder of the outcomes are from incorporated CPU as well as GPU stress tests which aim to stand for a worst instance complete tons scenario. The GPU was just barely striking thermal throttling in performance mode, as Nvidia restrictions this to 87 levels Celsius. The air conditioning pad I test with, connected listed below the video clip, was able to reduced temps a fair bit. These are the clock speeds being gotten to during the same anxiety tests. The most affordable quiet setting in fact had the very best CPU efficiency, as per heaven bars, but that’s due to the fact that the GPU doesn’t need as much power in this setting, which is why the 3060 in the green bar is clocking reduced there. The GPU clock speeds in performance mode hardly improved with the cooling pad. Once again, the thermal throttle there was very small, at least with this particular test within my specific ambient area temp, since the GPU was essentially maxed out at 100 watts with or without the cooling pad. 25 watts for the i7-12700H isn’t amazing, yet in video games with a greater resolution like our 2560 by 1600 display I think focusing on GPU power is the action. Right here’s how a game does with the various efficiency modes in usage. Balance mode with a 100 watt Type-C charger was dramatically reduced compared to simply using the normal 230 watt power brick, at the very least at 1440p. Surprisingly the AI mode was a little behind, which wasn’t the instance on the Myriad 5 or Legion 7i, after that efficiency setting was the exact same with or without the GPU overclock used at 69 FPS, nice. The CPU had not been running above 25 watts with the GPU going hard at the very same time, a CPU just work like Cinebench was able to enhance it a lot greater. Evaluating with a 100 watt Type-C battery charger linked led to the CPU running

with a 45 watt TDP in this test, while efficiency mode with the correct charger increased this at 90. It’s not the most effective result we have actually obtained from an i7-12700H, yet it’s also in a relatively slim equipment like a pair of various other near scoring results. A minimum of it’s not lower like Razer’s Blade alternatives, and also the Slim 7i was still able to defeat other bigger thicker versions with 12th gen Intel cpus. AMD’s Ryzen 6000 was a reasonable amount reduced comparatively, but this changes if we disconnect the battery charger and also rather run simply off of battery power. The Slim 7i was among the most awful carrying out laptop computers currently, together with a variety of various other Intel 12th gen alternatives. Those AMD makers that were lower while plugged in are now all better ahead when running on battery power. I think this would certainly be the situation with the ryzen version of the slim 7 also. Many laptops I examination are in the reduced 30 levels Celsius range on the keyboard at idle, and also the Slim 7i was a little cooler than this. It gets warmer with the cardiovascular test running, but wasn’t uneasy. The greater well balanced mode is warmer, however still not what I would certainly call hot. The highest efficiency mode obtains greater still. The middle is coming close to warm feeling now, however the WASD tricks as well as wrist rest were only cozy, so not an issue when playing video games, however the followers are additionally

louder currently also, let’s have a pay attention. The fans were peaceful when just sitting there idle. It obtains louder in the greater settings as you ‘d anticipate, even more efficiency requires even more cooling, but maxed out in efficiency mode was a little quieter compared to most various other video gaming laptop computers I have actually checked. Prior to we get involved in the video game standards, let’s take a look at the screen, given that’s what you’re mosting likely to be looking at when playing games. It’s obtained a MUX switch which can be toggled through the Vantage software application by altering the GPU functioning setting to dGPU setting and also rebooting, however you most likely will not require to use that since it’s additionally got innovative optimus, which suggests you can turn optimus on or off without rebooting. The Slim 7i is offered with these various display alternatives. I have actually got the 2560 by 1600 165Hz screen with G-Sync, yet there’s likewise a lower 1920 by 1200 alternative that’s dimmer, the exact same one I have actually got however with higher 240Hz rejuvenate rate, and also a 165Hz MiniLED panel that gets extremely intense, yet does not have G-Sync. So maybe better for makers than players. My screen has good color range for a pc gaming

laptop, however I would certainly desire extra if you’re additionally doing professional content creation. Don’t get me incorrect, the screen looks wonderful, however this is a video gaming panel. The higher resolution display is advertised at 500 nits, and also ours was gauged at 544 nits at complete brightness, however it can likewise obtain exceptionally dim at reduced degrees also. The Vantage software application lets you allow or disable overdrive mode, which impacts display reaction time. Overdrive is enabled by default, which causes a 4.65 ms ordinary grey-to-grey feedback time, lower than the 6ms needed for transitions to occur within the 165Hz freshen home window. This introduces some overshoot and also undershoot however, which you can get rid of by disabling overdrive mode, but this enhances the feedback time a little to 7.44ms. It’s an excellent result when compared to various other video gaming laptop computers, and also it’s making use of the specific very same panel as this year’s Myriad 5i Pro as well as Myriad 7i. The total system latency is the quantity of time between a mouse click and also when a gunshot fire appears on the screen in CS: GO. Once more not the most effective result, but there are a lot of various other extra pricey makers that were slower. Backlight bleed wasn’t looking great, specifically from the lower left, as well as we did notice this when checking out darker content, but this will range laptop

computers. Currently let’s discover just how well this year’s Legion Slim 7i compares versus various other laptops in games! Although we have actually got the 2560 by 1600 screen resolution display here, all testing has been done at either conventional 1080p or 1440p as this is simply what we have information for for the objectives of comparing. If you want to see just how this laptop computer performs in 15 games at all setup degrees with functions like ray mapping, FSR or DLSS after that check out the link in the description after this one for my video game standard video clip. Cyberpunk 2077 was evaluated the exact same on all laptops, and also I have actually obtained this year’s Legion Slim 7i revealed by the red highlight. It’s still over 60 FPS at high settings, at the very least at the reduced 1080p resolution. It’s doing much better compared to the RTX 3070 in last year’s TUF Dashboard F15 from ASUS, which is additionally a thinner laptop computer style, though that a person just had a quad core CPU. I’m still waiting to obtain this year’s variation. The Slim 7i is in advance of other reduced powered 3060 laptops like Acer’s Nitro 5, as well as this year’s Legion 5 with higher GPU power limitation was around 10% faster. We’ve obtained a various choice of laptops at the higher 1440p resolution, as this degree of equipment gets on the boundary of what we ‘d really test below. It goes to the very least defeating in 2015’s ASUS Zephyrus G14 which had an also lower

powered 3060, given that is a smaller 14 inch version. Red Dead Redemption 2 was evaluated with the video games benchmark tool. The lower wattage 3060 in the Slim 7i is close to the complete powered RTX 2070 from a couple of years back, okay. The Legion 5 was getting to a 10% higher framework price here too, though its 3060 does additionally have a 30% higher GPU power limitation. It’s stone’s throw off 60 FPS at 1440p high settings, and also do not neglect, we’re not utilizing attributes like FSR or DLSS in the contrast examinations to enhance performance. Control is a GPU hefty video game, and the 100 watt 3060 was 10% ahead of the last gen 2070 this moment, provided at 1080p several of that distinction may also be because of the jump from Intel 9th gen to 12th gen CPU. This year’s Myriad 5 with greater powered 3060 was 16% in advance in average framework price now, and a variety of reduced powered 3060s weren’t much behind. This game appears to favor Nvidia equipment, which is why the Slim 7i is currently ahead of the Radeon 6800S at 1440p for the very first time currently, and this year’s Legion 5 was 18% faster now, however do not neglect it’s also a thicker device to suit its greater powered 3060. Here are the 3DMark results for those that find them valuable, currently for some material developer examinations. Adobe Premiere was evaluated with the Puget Systems benchmark device, as well as the Slim 7i is racking up surprisingly well below. It’s close to the Myriad 5i Pro simply listed below it, which is an objectively quicker maker both in terms of CPU and GPU performance, so not exactly sure what the bargain is there. Adobe Photoshop likes

single threaded efficiency, and also this one isn’t much off contrasted to various other 12th gen i7 laptops, only truly the higher rate i9s are striking much greater ratings. GPU power generally matters more in DaVinci Resolve, however the Slim 7i was still able to come out in advance of various other greater powered 3060 laptop computers. Unlike the others, the 12700H fairly executes much better, so this must be giving it the win despite the reduced 100 watt GPU power limitation. The Blender or food processor rating was a little under higher powered 3060s, however in advance of the 3050 Ti, so right where you would certainly expect. We’ve also examined SPECviewperf which evaluates out various specialist 3D workloads. The BIOS has actually extra choices compared to various other video gaming laptop computers like ASUS, however not quite as much modification as MSI’s innovative BIOS. A lot of the choices in below can additionally be customized via the Vantage software program, however there are some great extras in below like transforming the fan modes. Linux support was evaluated with an Ubuntu 22.04 online CD. By default the key-board, touchpad, as well as video camera functioned, yet the Wi-Fi and speakers weren’t functioning out

of the box, probably needs extra chauffeurs. The key-board shortcuts for adjusting performance modes, keyboard lights and also impacts all function as that’s embeded in firmware. Let’s review pricing and availability following. This will transform with time, so refer to the link below the video clip for updates, as Lenovo are known to frequently run sales. At the time of recording, in the United States the Myriad Slim 7i starts at $1400 USD for the RTX 3050 Ti arrangement, while the RTX 3060 I have actually got is just $80 more. Truthfully taking into consideration just how much better the 3060 performs compared to the 3050 Ti which it has 2 gigs of extra VRAM, this is possibly a much better option. It does have a reduced resolution screen, however you might suggest that would make it even less complicated to run video games on. All things taken into consideration, I do think that the Myriad Slim 7i is a nice portable gaming laptop computer. The greatest aggravation that I had with it was simply exactly how hard it was to really open it up and also enter. I shouldn’t be flexing steel in several locations simply to enter. And also thinking about there’s just one memory port inside as it’s got 8 jobs soldered to the motherboard, perhaps there’s less reason for you to desire to act anyhow. I intend that’s simply among the limits of having a thinner gadget. I could conveniently see myself picking this laptop computer over the larger Legion 7i due to the fact that I just personally make use of laptops if I’m actually traveling, as well as

portability is pretty vital to me. Extra so than getting the outright ideal performance all the same. Combined with its outstanding battery life, particularly for the Intel design, as well as the truth that it’s still able to run games well on the 3060, it’s not as if it’s mosting likely to be a hard time.And also despite the RTX 3060 going for 100 watts, I still found it adequate to run video games at the 2560 by 1600 resolution. Just ensure you make use of features like FSR and DLSS for the very best experience where feasible. However that stated, video games would obviously be even easier to run if you spend less cash and obtained the 1920 by 1200 screen rather. It simply could not look quite as wonderful as it’s not fairly as brilliant. You can learn exactly how well the Slim 7i executes in 15 games in this video over right here next. We have actually evaluated it with functions like ray mapping, DLSS and also FSR in all setting degrees so you can really obtain a suggestion of what it can. Or if you do not mind a thicker equipment then look into my full review on the bigger Legion 7i over below following, as that’s far more powerful. I’ll see you in one of those video clips next!.

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