RTX 4090 vs 3090 & 3090 Ti, 25 Games at 4K, 1440p & 1080p

Nvidia’s RTX 4090 graphics card supplies big renovations over the older 3090 as well as 3090 Ti, however is it worth trading your entire purse for? I’ve contrasted all 3 GPUs in 25 video games at 4K, 1440p and also 1080p resolutions to discover! All 3 of these graphics cards have 24 jobs of GDDR6X memory with a 384-bit bus, and the memory speeds between the 3090 Ti and also 4090 are primarily the very same. The 3090 Ti only has 2% even more CUDA cores contrasted to the non-Ti variation, while the brand-new 4090 has 52% even more compared to the 3090 Ti, as well as the 4090 has a much greater increase clock too. Both the 3090 Ti as well as 4090 have a 450 watt TGP, however the 4090 is based on TSMC 4nm compared to the older Samsung 8nm process used with Ampere. Although Nvidia’s MSRP puts the 4090 in between the 3090 as well as 3090 Ti, right now at Newegg you can grab the 3090 from $950 USD as well as the 3090 Ti from $1100, as the 3090 Ti rate was lately cut. Prices will certainly continue modification with time, so refer to the web links in the description for updates. So then, is it worth costs at the very least $500 even more for the 4090? To discover, I’ve compared all 3 graphics cards in this test system. It’s obtained AMD’s newest Ryzen 9

7950X 16 core CPU and also 32 jobs of DDR5-6000 CL30 memory. All screening has been done with resizable BAR allowed, with Windows 11 22H2 totally as much as day as well as core seclusion off, and also with my biographies covered against a recognized very early issue that causes troubles for 4090s working on AM5. Alright let’s get directly right into the 25 game contrast at 3 different resolutions. Then afterwards we’ll take a look at things like ray mapping, DLSS 3, thermals, clock rates, power draw, efficiency per watt and also price per framework. If you do not want to hear me speak regarding each and every single among those 25 video games after that use those timestamps below. Allow’s begin with Cyberpunk 2077, no ray tracing or DLSS right here, but we’ll inspect those out later on. I have actually got the 1080p results down the base, 1440p in the center, and also 4K up the top, with three GPUs checked from most affordable down the bottom to highest possible up the top within each resolution. The differences at 1080p were instead little, as

we’re just much less GPU bound here. The 4090 was just 11% faster than the 3090 Ti here, yet then at 4K where the GPUs actually obtain placed to function we’re checking out a 57% increase over the 3090 Ti, and 67% ahead contrasted to the 3090. Halo Infinite again only had minor differences at 1080p, so not really worth spending the additional money unless you’re intending on pc gaming at greater resolutions. The gap gets larger at 1440p however, with the 4090 25% faster than the 3090 Ti as well as 32% faster than the 3090, yet then at 4K the 4090 winds up being 64% in advance of the 3090 Ti as well as 79% in advance of the 3090, a much bigger distinction. I mean also the 4090’s dips in efficiency determined by the 1% lows at 4K were more than the ordinary FPS coming out of the 3090, outstanding things. Apex Legends has a 300 FPS framework cap, even if you establish the frame limitation to 0. The 4090 was striking the framework limit at both 1080p as well as 1440p, also with all setups established to optimum. At 4K, the 4090 was reaching a 79% higher average framework rate contrasted to the 3090 Ti, the largest enhancement between these two GPUs out of all 25 video games evaluated. The 4090 was 84% in advance of the 3090, however this still had not been the biggest space between those two GPUs. Phone Call of Obligation Warzone had not been restricted by such

structure caps, as well as the 4090 was still able to provide and outstanding increase at the lower 1080p resolution. At least contrasted to most other games. The 4090 obtains us a 38% greater typical frame rate contrasted to the 3090 at 1080p, and 35% higher compared to the 3090 Ti, so yeah truly goes to demonstrate how small the performance gap between the 3090 and also 3090 Ti was. At least contrasted to the more recent 4090 anyhow. Overall Battle Warhammer III additionally had some huge enhancements with the 4090 at 1080p also. I believed this was implied to be a CPU heavy video game? Plainly the Ryzen 9 7950X is providing it what it needs, because the 4090 was 43% ahead of the 3090 at 1080p, and also 35% in advance of the 3090 Ti, which are above average gains at this lower resolution. Simply for context, at the more GPU bound 4K resolution the 4090 was 70% in advance of the 3090, as well as 57% in advance of the 3090 Ti. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is more of a CPU heavy game, so all three GPUs were carrying out regarding the same at the lower 1080p resolution. The spaces at 1440p were only minor, and after that at 4K the 4090 was 62% faster contrasted to the 3090, and also 50% faster contrasted to the 3090 Ti, both of which are slightly listed below the 25 video game standard. Talking of CPU heavy, Microsoft Flight Simulator remained in a similar boat. Or should I claim airplane? Anyway there’s generally no distinction in between the

three GPUs at 1080p as well as 1440p resolutions, the distinctions are within the margin of error variety. The 4090 was 30% ahead of the 3090 Ti at 4K, and 44% in advance of the 3090, the 2nd smallest distinction out of all 25 games examined. Red Dead Redemption 2 likewise had generally no difference at 1080p, though to be fair I’m evaluating with the high setup preset rather than the highest ultra setups, so it’s feasible that we ‘d see a larger distinction there as it could make us a bit much more GPU bound. Preferably I would certainly have utilized the highest possible settings for a GPU contrast similar to this, however I’ve recycled a great deal of my current information from Zen 4 as well as Intel 13th gen comparisons, instead than throw away an added 2 days in re-testing. This is why I’ve also got some random games like CS: GO. GPU distinction doesn’t matter at all at 1080p and 1440p resolutions, and afterwards at 4K it just makes a little distinction. It’s without a doubt the smallest change out of all 25 games, with the 4090 simply 7% faster than the 3090 Ti. Back to some even more GPU hefty video games. Passing away Light 2 had a big boost with the 4090, even at the lower 1080p resolution. The 4090 was 51% in advance of the 3090 Ti at 1080p, the greatest difference in between them out of all 25 video games at this lower resolution. The 4090 was then 55% ahead at 1440p, and also 52% in advance at 4K. Ruin Infinite also had above ordinary gains on the 4090 at the lower 1080p resolution, at the very least with the highest ultra problem setting predetermined. The 1% lows from the 4090 were way ahead of the typical FPS appearing of the 3090 and also 3090 Ti, a

remarkable outcome. Death Stranding has a 240 FPS frame cap, which is why they’re just the same at 1080p. Sort of no factor screening it, but I think it illustrates that relying on the game, there are varying reasons GPU option could not matter in all. Just the 4090 was with the ability of striking the frame price limitation at 1440p max settings, and after that at 4K none of them might do it, maybe we need a 5090. The 4090 was 48% faster than the 3090 Ti right here, as well as 61% in advance of the 3090, a below par distinction out of the 25 video games examined. Borderlands 3 on the various other hand saw above average gains on the 4090. At 1440p the 4090 was 72% ahead of the 3090, the largest performance void in between these 2 GPUs at this resolution out of all 25 titles tested. The Assassin’s Creed Valhalla results got me a little fired up, not gon na exist. I’m presently 100 hours via my second playthrough on a laptop computer 3070 Ti, yet currently the 4090 has me intending to simply use my screening device. Exactly how about some auto racing video games? F1 2021 had the most significant difference between the 3090 as well as 4090 at 4K out of all 25 games checked, with the 4090 reaching an 87% greater typical framework rate, crazy things. Again like the majority of other games, just small adjustments at the reduced 1080p resolution. The Forza horizon 5 differences in between the 3090 as well as 3090 Ti look really tiny when resting alongside the 4090, despite the fact that the distinctions we’re seeing at 4K were reasonably close to the 25 game standard. This was another where even the 1% lows from the 4090 were more than the ordinary FPS appearing of the Ampere cards. God of

Battle had some decent gains at the reduced 1080p resolution at high settings, so not even the highest possible ultra settings. Once again, recycling my CPU data, it is what it is. For some factor the 1% lows were even worse on the 4090 at 4K, unsure what the bargain was there however it was reproducible. It’s not that much of a distinction however, as well as the ordinary framework price was still 50% faster contrasted to the 3090 Ti as well as 63% ahead of the 3090. This is my first time testing Rainbow 6 Removal. It’s behaving comparable to several others with 1080p not being that much different between the three GPUs. The 4090 was just 17% faster contrasted to the 3090 at 1080p, however after that 68% faster at the higher 4K resolution. Enjoy Dogs Myriad had an even smaller sized difference at 1080p, as well as the 1440p outcomes do not precisely make me want to go out and also exchange my wallet for a 4090. At 4K the 4090 was 74% ahead of the 3090, and 60% ahead of the 3090 Ti. Metro Exodus Enhanced was just tested at high setups, so maybe by maxing it out we ‘d see larger gains with the 4090 at 1080p, yet regardless 4K was still offering the 4090 above ordinary gains, getting to a 62% greater ordinary frame rate compared to the 3090 Ti, and 75% ahead of the 3090. Fortnite is possibly one of the most awful

circumstances of reusing my CPU contrast data, as I checked with tool setups figuring competitive gamers most likely aren’t maxing whatever out. So not optimal for a GPU contrast. Because of this, the gains from the 4090 were below par compared to most other games, with the 4090 reaching a 46% greater average frame rate contrasted to the 3090 at 4K, as well as 38% higher than the 3090 Ti. Sort of similar deal in Much Cry 6, I really did not also test with HD structures on, as well as the 1080p as well as 1440p results just had minor distinctions. Also the differences at 4K were small, so perhaps it’s just the game, with the 4090 41% in advance of the 3090 Ti and 50% in advance of the 3090. I indicate those are still respectable outcomes, simply not as remarkable contrasted to a lot of the various other games checked. The Riftbreaker is one more remaining from my recent CPU comparison data, so as a CPU hefty test it’s not a surprise to see no differences at 1080p and also 1440p resolutions.

I can have not included this video game, yet the reality is some video games are simply CPU heavy, and also I wanted to represent that by revealing that the 4090 may not constantly offer gains. It seems tough to have a 25 video game contrast without consisting of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which was tested with the video game’s benchmark device if you want to compare to your own outcomes or those of one more customer. The 4090 was 82% in advance of the 3090 at 4K, and also 66% ahead of the 3090 Ti, a few of the bigger differences out of the video games covered. Last game before we enter the good things, so it’s time to wake up if you have actually been dropping off to sleep. The Witcher 3 was tested with the greatest ultra setting predetermined, and also at 4K the 4090 was 52% in advance compared to the 3090 Ti, and 65% ahead contrasted to the 3090. Typically over all 25 games evaluated, at 4K the RTX 4090 was 63% faster compared to the RTX 3090 from last gen. As we can see outcomes actually differ as well as rely on the certain video game. CS: GO advantages more from extra CPU power than GPU, so it had not been a surprise to see it down all-time low here with virtually a 13% gain on the 4090. F1 2021 up the top was 87% much faster on the 4090. Tipping down to the lower 1440p resolution and the RTX 4090 currently had a 39% lead over the RTX 3090. We have actually obtained a couple of even more of our CPU hefty video games down all-time low of the graph, and in some cases the RTX 4090 isn’t able to provide any type of efficiency gains over the RTX 3090, a minimum of with the setting levels I’ve examined with. The distinction gets smaller at the lower 1080p resolution, as we’re simply less GPU bound right here, with the RTX 4090 currently 22% ahead of the RTX 3090. There are still plainly some really great gains with the newer RTX 4090, yet honestly 1080p isn’t really where these GPUs beam. The RTX 4090 was 52% faster when compared to the RTX 3090 Ti at 4K. This looks like an instead excellent gain compared to the most effective that was offered last gen.

Certainly a few of our more CPU minimal titles really did not see rather as big gains, yet then others like Apex Legends were even more than 80% much faster with the RTX 4090. At 1440p we’re considering a 32% boost with the RTX 4090 over the RTX 3090 Ti in our same 25 game choice. Simply like we saw when contrasting the RTX 3090, a few of the CPU hefty video games were seeing generally no distinctions between these 2 GPUs, once more at least with the certain setting presets I have actually evaluated with. At 1080p the 4090 was currently practically 18% faster than the 3090 Ti usually, though 9 of the 25 video games saw much less than a 5% performance distinction. It clearly depends upon the game, as Perishing Light 2 was still 50% quicker with the 4090, yet yes if you’re playing 1080p the 4090 ends up being less worthwhile, though at the same time, I doubt the majority of people are wanting to purchase either of these GPUs for 1080p gaming. If we check out the typical structure prices for all 25 video games, we can plainly see that the 4090 has a larger enhancement contrasted to the smaller difference between the 3090 and also 3090 Ti. The void in between the 3090 and 3090 Ti is way smaller sized fairly, and we can likewise see that the 4090 has the biggest lead at the highest 4K resolution, as even more games are GPU bound there and also the 4090 gets far better utilized. When we consider price, a vital thing to do as these do not grow on the GPU tree, the 4090 finishes up being worse worth from a price per framework perspective at 1080p as well as 1440p resolutions. The 4090 was slightly much better

worth than the 3090 Ti at the greatest 4K resolution. Technically the 3090 is ideal in terms of value, primarily you have actually reached pay even more if you want the additional efficiency from the 4090, not truly a shock. If you’re preparing on video gaming at 4K though and can pay for the 4090, it’s resembling a much better pick contrasted to last generation’s best 3090 Ti at today’s prices. The computer with the 3090 Ti set up was utilizing the most power in Cyberpunk 2077 at 4K ultra settings, while the 4090 was just using a little bit extra compared to the 3090. The 4090 is improving ordinary FPS in this video game by even more than 50% though, so from an efficiency per watt point of view, the 4090 actually winds up being the most efficient, a minimum of in this one specific video game. So not just is the 4090 fairly doing the best in regards to frame rate, you’re getting even more performance out of your power bill with it as well. As we anticipated from the spec sheet, the 4090 is clocking much greater contrasted to the 3090 and also 3090 Ti as well, which is no question part of what adds to it doing a lot better. We can not actually fairly compare thermals because I have actually obtained Nvidia’s owners edition 4090, while my 3090 and also 3090 Ti are MSI’s Pc gaming X Triad layout, yet just for completeness, my 4090 was running a little colder as well. As for ray mapping performance, I’ve evaluated Cyberpunk 2077 with the highest RT predetermined at 4K. Now we would of course obtain a lot higher framework rates with DLSS allowed, yet I intended to compare raw RT performance only. In this test, the 4090 was getting to a 70% higher ordinary framework rate compared to the 3090 Ti, as well as 91% higher contrasted to the 3090, so some great

gains if you’re inclined to map those rays. DLSS 3 sounds like a wonderful improvement, however it’s only available for the RTX 40 series, and I’ve tested it with the 3DMark DLSS test for this video. The 4090 was scoring 25% much better with DLSS 3 enabled contrasted to the older DLSS 2. This is almost a 200% greater score with DLSS 3 compared to DLSS off for the 4090, a big boost, yet it’s tough to claim for certain if this would equate straight to video games, as 3DMark examinations are usually much more artificial. Currently I haven’t really examined DLSS 3 on the RTX 4090 in any type of genuine video games, because right now when I’m making this video it’s prior to the 4090 has formally released, as well as it’s simply sort of tough to get BETA builds of different games that do have DLSS 3 support constructed in. Currently to be reasonable to Nvidia, they did supply us with a number of games that we could utilize to examine DLSS 3 very early. Yet with the amount of personalizations, workarounds and other different cautions, honestly I just could not really be troubled after doing 25 video games on 3 graphics cards. Properly contrasting DLSS 3 would be way much easier once it’s in fact readily available publicly in games. I additionally don’t typically compare visual quality, so I do not assume there’s as well much point of me contrasting the efficiency distinctions between DLSS 2 and

also DLSS 3 if I’m not going to evaluate just how they look. Yeah sure, I can state DLSS 3 is whatever percent quicker, yet unless I’m actually contrasting the distinctions in aesthetic top quality, I do not believe there’s much factor. I’m just not much of a pixel peeper, so I’ll leave those contrasts for networks like Equipment Unboxed as well as Digital Foundry. Anyway, the 4090 expenses regarding 45% more money compared to the 3090 Ti today, however at 4K it likewise executes 50% better, so if you’re rich and have the cash then the 4090 is definitely looking quite good. If you’re not constructed from money like the majority of us, then you might desire to wait on the 4080 launch next month. Get subscribed for my approaching 4080 contrasts, and if you are spending this kind of money on your PC, I’ll also be comparing the most effective CPUs in these exact same 25 games soon. Intel Core i9-13900K versus AMD Ryzen 9 7950X. Again, you’re definitely going to desire to make certain you’re subscribed for those contrasts.

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