ASUS Zephyrus M16 (2022) Review – A Thin 16″ Gaming Laptop!

The ROG Zephyrus M16 from ASUS is a thinner as well as lighter pc gaming laptop, yet typically this combination means sacrifices have to be made. This review will certainly cover all the positives and also downsides to aid you choose if it’s a pc gaming laptop computer worth buying. My M16 has Intel’s Core i9-12900H CPU, Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti graphics, 32 gigs of DDR5 memory as well as a 16″ 165Hz screen, however you can look into other arrangements as well as current prices with the links below the video clip. Prior to we enter into all the details, I have actually obtained to tell you concerning some brand-new gaming products from GALAX, who have actually sponsored this component of the video. The Vivance 01 is a 27″ 1440p 165Hz video gaming display with every little thing you need, consisting of G-Sync for smooth tear-free gameplay, a quick 1ms feedback time so you won’t miss your shot, exceptional colors, eye treatment modes to reduce blue light and also eye pressure, along with an indeterminate design. With functions like DLSS, the GALAX GeForce RTX 3050 ex-spouse graphics card offers piece de resistance in video games. Combined with GALAX’s 1-Click overclock you can easily enhance your FPS even higher, and you can also obtain their Sonar-04 gaming headset with it completely free during this promotion. These products are now offered at Mwave, examine the

funded links in the video summary to figure out more! Back to the M16. The design of this year’s version is fairly comparable to in 2015’s variation. We’ve still got the steel cover with prismatic film below which emits a refined rainbow result relying on the lighting, as well as the soft touch inside is still there, which is smooth and feels a little rubbery. The back of the laptop computer gets raised by the back of the cover when you open it beyond 90 degrees or so. This helps a lot more awesome air enter the fans below, gives you a small incline for inputting, as well as stops the audio speakers underneath from being pressed against the workdesk. The lid was extremely easy to open up and also goes 180 levels back for display sharing. Overall build high quality really feels wonderful. There’s some keyboard flex if you’re intentionally lowering due to the raise layout, however it felt strong throughout typical usage. There’s a little flex to the lid, yet no screen wobble when typing so not a problem. The hinge really felt quite strong. The laptop computer alone considers under 2.1 kg or 4.6lb and rises to 2.8 kg or 6.2 lb with the 240 watt power block and also cords consisted of. The Zephyrus collection aims to be thinner, which’s why the M16 is just under 2cm or 0.78 inches thick. Unlike in 2014’s M16, ASUS have added a MUX button this year, so we have actually got the choice of disabling optimus for far better performance in games, yet at the expenditure of battery life. Flexible sync is feasible with optimus on, however there’s no G-Sync or

innovative optimus. The 16″ screen looks excellent. It’s 16:10, so taller contrasted to the majority of others which is why there’s primarily no bottom chin, it’s just all viewable display room with a 94% display to body ratio. My panel has outstanding color gamut, though contrast was a little lower compared to others I’ve examined. It obtains relatively bright too, I gauged as much as 483 nits at complete illumination. Usually I intend to see a minimum of 300 nits as a minimum, and also the M16 was above this also at 60% brightness. The ASUS Depot Crate software program, the control board for the laptop computer, allows us allow or disable panel overdrive. With overdrive impaired we’re considering a 6.44 ms ordinary grey-to-grey response time, but with overdrive on, which is the default, this reduces to a faster 4ms, but at the expense of some overshoot and also undershoot. It’s a fantastic result compared to other gaming laptops, as well as a little faster contrasted to last year’s variation of the M16 which made use of a various panel version despite being the very same resolution and also refresh rate. Display reaction time is a factor that adds to total system latency. This is the total amount of time in between a mouse click and when a gunfire fires on the screen in CS: GO, and the M16 was doing effectively in this regard, great for competitive gamers and also almost 4ms much faster than in 2014’s version. Backlight bleed was incredibly small, I never ever observed anything during regular usage, however this will range laptop computers. Unlike in 2015’s M16, ASUS has actually included a 720p cam here with

Windows Hello there encounter unlock, which I located to function quick. I do not recognize what’s taking place with the video camera as well as microphones, but as you can hear it just directly up noises dreadful. The chiclet key-board has a single area of RGB backlighting which illuminate all keys as well as second features. Key illumination can be adjusted in between 3 degrees with the F2 as well as F3 shortcut keys, while the F4/ Aura key lets you cycle between 5 different illumination effects. The key-board has 1.7 mm of key traveling and I suched as keying on it, it’s got a nice clicky feeling contrasted to others like MSI’s GP66 that I’m currently testing, make certain you’re subscribed for that testimonial as it can damage the M16 in other means. There are some added keys above the key-board on the left for quantity modification, microphone mute, as well as a faster way to open the Depot Crate software. The touchpad is huge, extremely smooth and also feels good and also exact. I liked it so much more contrasted to the Mark 15 from ASUS that I just recently covered, this is certainly among the much better ones out there. The left has an air exhaust air vent complied with by the majority of the I/O, including the power input, HDMI 2.0 b result, 2.5 gigabit ethernet facing the preferred way so you do not have

to lift up the device to remove it, USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A port, 2 USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C ports, the initial of which is likewise Thunderbolt 4, complied with by a 3.5 mm sound combination jack right down the front. The right has a 2nd USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A port, UHS-II MicroSD card port, there’s an air exhaust on this side also as well as a Kensington lock right up the back. The standing LEDs get on the back and hard to check out when you’re resting in front of the equipment unless you relocate your head onward. I additionally desire to keep in mind exactly how tough it was to really connect anything into the USB Type-A ports, at least originally. It’s a bit much better now, however yes just attempting to place anything in was actually stiff as well as tough. I do not know if that was just a problem with my device, but yeah it was really tough to plug anything right into the Type-A ports. Both Type-C ports can be used to charge the laptop computer with approximately 100 watts, as well as both likewise provide DisplayPort 1.4 support. If you’ve obtained optimus made it possible for after that the Thunderbolt 4 port will attach to the incorporated graphics, yet if optimus is handicapped after that Thunderbolt 4 will certainly connect straight to the Nvidia graphics. Both the other Type-C port as well as HDMI ports currently connect straight to the Nvidia graphics regardless of what. And although we validated that

the HDMI port does support G-Sync, so variable refresh rate, it only rises to 4K 60Hz 8-bit. There are 13 Phillips head screws to get rid of to enter. The 3 in the center are under rubber covers for some reason, and there are 2 various screw sizes, so maintain track as you eliminate them. The front right screw doesn’t appeared of the panel and instead increases it up, which makes opening it extremely easy. The devices I use for opening laptops are connected below the video. There are holes for air circulation directly above the consumption followers. Inside we’ve got the battery down the front, two M. 2 storage ports just above on the left and right, one memory slot between with the remainder soldered, as well as Wi-Fi 6E card left wing. Wi-Fi performance was excellent, a center of the pack result contrasted to various other Intel based options. The upgradeability rating is the very same as others from ASUS that just have the one memory slot. Otherwise it’s obtained 2 M.2 drives for storage space, upgradeable Wi-Fi as well as it was very easy to open. Honestly for most individuals, I don’t think the firm memory is that big of an offer. Specifically if you obtain the 16 gig setup like I have actually obtained below. With 16 jobs of soldered memory plus one more 16 job stick you have actually obtained 32 jobs, and that’s mosting likely to be plenty for

most games in the near future. Particularly taking into consideration that I still think 16 gigs is a wonderful wonderful spot today, as well as naturally you might constantly set up a 32 job stay with take it up to 48 gigs total ability. And look into this video clip after the testimonial if you intend to obtain a concept of what the efficiency difference lacks memory installed as well as just depending on the soldered memory. Currently the m16 is likewise offered with just 8 jobs soldered to the motherboard, so if you set up an 8 job stick you would certainly be considering 16 gigs overall, or if you installed a 16 gigs overall then 24 jobs overall, or 40 gigs complete as an absolute maximum if you set up a 32 job stick. Currently based upon my own testing, normally I have actually located even worse efficiency when you begin having larger capacity differences on either side, so I possibly wouldn’t be looking to run an 8 +32 arrangement. It is definitely feasible however purchasing the 8 gig soldered memory choice can be limiting to you in future, so yeah that’s the reason that I would personally go with the 16 gig of firm memory if it’s a choice. The speakers were alright however second best. It still appeared respectable despite having the front encountering ones covered. Absolutely nowhere near like the Scar 15 I recently covered. There’s hardly any bass as well

as they appear muffled at higher volumes. This is the 2nd Windows 11 video gaming laptop computer we’ve examined this year that didn’t fall short the latencymon examination. Mentioning audios, by default it plays this on boot. It’s possible to disable it in the Depot Cage software application or Biography. The M16 is powered by a 4-Cell 90Wh battery, and ASUS have some good alternatives to aid make the battery last longer. The first is panel power saver, which is enabled by default. This will reduce the display’s refresh price to 60Hz and also switch off the overdrive mode when you unplug the battery charger, and also immediately reverse it when you plug back in, and also this is why the display briefly flashes black when it changes. If optimus is enabled, you’ve also obtained the option of allowing Eco mode. This generally disables the Nvidia graphics and also just makes use of the incorporated graphics to additional boost battery life. As well as you can additionally establish it to immediately apply when you disconnect the battery charger. The battery actually lasted for 3 minutes less with the iGPU

setting enabled, however this small difference is within the margin of error range. Outcomes can be better depending on what you’ve got installed and also what applications are running. You may find that some programs call the Nvidia graphics much more and also wake them up, something that is prevented with the iGPU only setting. As is typically the case with Intel video gaming laptops, the battery life just can not contend with the AMD Ryzen choices that dominate the top of the graph. That claimed, it was lasting longer contrasted to most other Intel pc gaming laptop computers I have actually examined, and also longer than in 2014’s M16 too. Allow’s take a look at thermals next. There are multiple warm pipes shared in between the CPU and also GPU and the CPU has Thermal Grizzly fluid steel used. Awesome air is pulled in beneath then tired out of the left and also best sides in addition to from the vents listed below the screen. The Depot Cage software application allows us alter between different efficiency settings. From cheapest to highest we’ve got silent, efficiency, turbo and also handbook setting. Handbook is the just one that provides us modification. We can transform the follower curve for the CPU and GPU, adjust power limitations, as well as optionally reduced the thermal throttle limit for the GPU if you’re paranoid. Both Turbo as well as manual settings use the

exact same overclock to the GPU, though hands-on setting gives us the choice to tailor it. The temperatures were great when just resting there still. The remainder of the outcomes are from incorporated CPU and GPU tension examinations which aim to represent a worst instance, so I would certainly expect most games to be a bit colder. The CPU as well as GPU do not show up to be thermal throttling, however that’s not the instance – extra on that particular momentarily. Maxed out in manual setting we’re checking out 92 degrees Celsius on the cpu, nonetheless it was possible to decrease this by 6 levels with a cooling pad. The one I check with is linked listed below the video clip. These are the clock speeds for the exact same examinations just shown. Although manual setting increases the CPU speeds compared to turbo, according to the blue bars, the GPU rate in fact lowers, at the very least previous to including the air conditioning pad. This is since the GPU was in fact thermal strangling in both turbo as well as hands-on settings, despite the GPU temperature

levels formerly looking ok, Nvidia strangles at 87 levels after all and also we were under that. It’s not till we consider the GPU location temperatures that we see Nvidia’s 87 level limit was really being struck. Looking at the power degrees being reached assists highlight what’s going on right here. In a mixed CPU as well as GPU workload, silent mode caps the CPU at 28 watts, then 30 watts in performance setting, 40 watts in turbo mode while hand-operated mode goes up to 60 watts, though we can customize it as well as lower it if we desire. The GPU power levels are all over the area. Just hands-on mode with the air conditioning pad totally removed GPU thermal throttling, permitting it to perform at its full 100 watts. The 3070 Ti can rise to 120 watts in the M16, yet that’s with dynamic boost and just happens when the CPU isn’t filled up at the same time. Basically hand-operated setting is offering the CPU more power, which subsequently makes the GPU thermal throttle harder, so it does not draw as much power in manual setting prior to adding the cooling pad contrasted to turbo mode. Right here’s how a real video game executes with the various efficiency modes being used, so turbo and also hand-operated mode were both scoring the same here. It’s only in our cardiovascular test situation with both the CPU and GPU totally packed up where turbo mode shows up to strike a greater GPU

power limitation contrasted to hand-operated setting. In the video games I checked it was alright, however it would certainly depend on the particular game as well as settings as to whether or otherwise the GPU would strike thermal throttling. A whole lot of you left discuss the M16 game benchmark video asking if turbo mode would certainly execute much better than hand-operated mode. To further demonstrate that this rarely matters I have actually retested a pair much more video games at two resolutions and also confirmed that efficiency differences are all within the margin of mistake array. In a CPU only workload like Cinebench though the distinction in between turbo as well as hand-operated modes is larger. This is due to the fact that somehow manual mode restricts the PL1 to 60 watts, and also the Depot Crate software does not allow you boost it above that. I believe this is a bit silly, Turbo mode lets the CPU run up to 90 watts and the laptop is plainly efficient in running it lengthy term, so I’m uncertain why they do not let us do this in hands-on setting as well. Essentially today this indicates you require to switch in between manual and turbo mode depending on what you’re providing for optimal efficiency. If we check out just how the most effective results compare versus other video gaming laptops it’s standing up very well when you think about exactly how the M16 is a thinner pc gaming laptop computer contrasted to both machines that are scoring far better than it. It’s beating the far thicker and also a lot more expensive

MSI GE76 by a percentage which is rather remarkable. Given that maker definitely does have clearance for tweaking. Performance hangs back when we disconnect the charger as well as run simply off battery power. It’s still among the higher results out of the very same option of laptops because of the greater core and string count, nonetheless various other 8 core Ryzen choices were currently able to beat it. The keyboard was a little warmer compared to other pc gaming laptops at still. Most relax 30 degrees Celsius, however still this is great. It’s quite warm in the center with the anxiety tests running in quiet setting, however that’s anticipated right here as the tradeoff is reduced follower sound. The following degree up in efficiency mode was much cooler in spite of it carrying out much better now because the followers get faster. Turbo setting was beginning to obtain warmer in the center however I would not say it’s awkward. Guidebook setting was a little cooler, though as we saw earlier the GPU power restriction seems to lower for the CPU in this examination, though the followers were similar as turbo, allow’s have a pay attention. The fans weren’t making audible sound when resting there still, however they can get rather loud in turbo or manual settings, at the very least in this worst situation situation, however there is some degree of modification with hand-operated mode. The thermal cam permitted us

to plainly see that warm air was exhausted onto the screen. I can’t really claim if this is mosting likely to be a concern without doing lengthy term screening, this is still a brand brand-new design, but ASUS have told me in the past that they have actually done the screening and they think it’s great. Plus I simply haven’t listened to of any type of screen issues with the Zephyrus collection laptop computers. You ‘d believe if it was an usual concern every person would be finding out about it like various other things like MSI joints or Razer battery bloat. If this has been an issue to you in your Zephyrus laptop then please do let me understand in the comments. Now let’s find out just how this year’s Zephyrus M16 actually carries out in video games and contrasts against other pc gaming laptops! We’ll focus on 1080p as well as 1440p resolutions here as that’s what we have actually obtained for the functions of contrasting, however take a look at this video clip after the review if you want to see just how well the m16 does in way extra video games at its indigenous 2560 by 1600 screen resolution. As well as we’ve also tested even more functions there like DLSS, FSR as well as ray mapping. Cyberpunk 2077 was examined the same on all laptops, and also I have actually obtained this year’s M16 revealed by the red emphasize. It’s just a number of settings in advance of in 2015’s 11th gen M16 with reduced tier 3070

graphics and reduced power restriction. Last year’s variation doesn’t have a MUX button either, however in GPU heavy video games such as this we’re not anticipating that to make much of a difference. Specifically at higher resolutions, which is possibly why in 2014’s M16 is now even closer to this year’s at less than 1 FPS behind. There’s primarily no sensible difference between them that you ‘d actually observe while playing. I’ve just tested one various other 3070 Ti laptop computer until now, the legion 5i Pro, as well as with a higher GPU power restriction it’s around 10% ahead, or regarding 5 FPS, nothing significant. Control is likewise a GPU hefty video game, also at 1080p. It leads the RTX 3080 in in 2014’s G15, yet see to it you’re subscribed for when I get this year’s brand-new 2022 version to test. Once again it’s in advance of in 2015’s M16 with reduced tier specifications, but we’re chatting less than a 5% boost to typical FPS. At 1440p in 2015’s M16 is also better here, we’re discussing 1 FPS reduced generally which you can absolutely argue is within the margin of mistake variety. It’s kind of crazy when you think about that a much smaller and also thinner 14″ laptop computer from in 2014 was ahead of it. Here are the 3DMark results for those that locate them valuable, currently for some content maker examinations. Adobe Premiere was tested with the Puget Equipments standard, and this year’s M16 had the ability to obtain us among the far better outcomes, which I believe is simply due to it having an Intel 12th gen processor, as aside from the MacBook, Intel 12th gen controls the top of the chart. Although

the video games really did not have much of a distinction between this year’s and also in 2014’s M16, below the 2022 design was scoring 24% more than the older one. The M16 got us one of the finest results so much in Adobe Photoshop. It’s the 3rd best result taped until now and is within the margin of mistake variety compared to the thicker as well as much more pricey MSI GE76 simply above it. It’s also currently 32% in advance of in 2014’s M16. Fairly a large solitary generation dive. It’s doing fantastic in DaVinci Willpower as well, only being beaten by thicker 12th gen laptop computers that have greater GPU power limitations, so not too surprising when you think about exactly how much Resolve depends on GPU power. This year’s M16 was scoring 12% higher contrasted to last year’s design in this examination. I’ve additionally examined SPECviewperf which examines out different specialist 3D

work. Intel 12th gen supports fast PCIe gen 4 storage space, as well as the 2TB SSD was able to provide exceptional read and also compose rates. The UHS-II MicroSD card slot was doing fairly well as well. The card clicks in and rests the entire way into the machine, so no possibilities of accidentally bumping as well as breaking it, though it

might be a little frustrating to remove as you have to stick a fingernail in There aren’t a whole great deal of choices to change with the BIOS, simply the fundamental minimal stuff that you would certainly anticipate any type of laptop computer to have. Others like MSI offer even more customization via their innovative BIOS. Linux assistance was examined on Pop! _ OS 21.10. By default out of the box the key-board, touchpad, speakers, ethernet, Wi-Fi and camera worked. Key-board shortcuts for screen illumination, keyboard illumination and volume controls also functioned, nevertheless it had not been possible to utilize the Aura key to alter the RGB lighting modes and I could not adjust performance modes either. Allow’s go over rates and accessibility following. This will of course modification over time so refer to those web links in the summary for updates. At the time of taping the very same setup I have actually evaluated however with half the SSD room opts for $2150 USD at BestBuy, yet they are known for regularly running sales, so once again check the link in the summary for deals. Currently let’s summarize all the good and bitter pills of the Zephyrus M16 to aid you determine if it’s a video gaming laptop computer worth purchasing. Overall there are some nice enhancements below compared to in 2014’s version, consisting of a cam over the screen as well as the MUX switch, though it would certainly

have been icing on the cake if the display also had G-Sync support, because G-Sync does need that direct connection between display and also the Nvidia graphics and we have that currently with the MUX switch. There is adaptive sync if optimus is enabled, but to in fact get the efficiency increase with the MUX button you require to transform optimus off. So yeah G-Sync would have been a nice bonus.The MUX switch likewise influences video games much less at greater resolutions, like our indigenous 2560 by 1600 that we’ve got below. So also though this was included, in a whole lot of video games we don’t see that huge of an efficiency difference, specifically at greater settings, though eSports titles might be a different tale. The internals really did not show up warm based upon the typical sensing units I gauge, yet I was seeing the GPU hotspot being caused. I nearly never ever see this, so I’m not certain if it’s just my equipment. It’s feasible that it can simply be silicon lotto game or perhaps the thermal paste had not been applied correctly to the GPU or something. Sadly I simply can’t take off the heatsink as well as confirm since then I ‘d have to deal with the fluid metal on the cpu and also then it would not be performing at stock for the following reviewer that obtains this machine. In any situation, the efficiency in games was suitable. I imply yep there are clearly various other laptops that likewise

have the 3070 Ti that perform much better, like the Myriad 5i Pro, but that’s additionally a thicker device so it can endure greater power restrictions, and at the end of the day this machine was still running video games at high settings in a resolution above 1440p. CPU performance outside of video games was superb in turbo setting, which assists various other jobs like content creator workloads to do effectively. Integrated with the bright display that likewise has a high color gamut, I might definitely see this laptop computer being excellent for someone that does a mix of gaming and material creation. I’m just not exactly sure why ASUS do not let us increase the CPU greater than 60 watts in hands-on mode. It’s undoubtedly efficient in doing it in turbo mode, so why not let us do it there also? It simply causes complication and also the weird scenario where some workloads wind up doing better in turbo and others in handbook, though as we saw for video games it really did not actually issue. I didn’t like the audio speakers, battery life had not been impressive but that’s standard for Intel pc gaming laptops. I thought the keyboard and touchpad were wonderful, as well as there’s good I/O, though I make certain an absence of HDMI 2.1 for 4K high refresh screens will certainly be a disadvantage for some. I don’t actually think that the firm memory is that huge of an offer as long as you opt for the design that has the 16 jobs. Of program that will certainly set you back more than the 8 gigs so if you can only afford the 8 job option then you’ll have to weigh up the future upgradeability selections, since that could be more limiting for you in the future. If you like the thinner Zephyrus layout yet think the M16 might be a little bit also big for you then have a look at this evaluation next of the ASUS Zephyrus G14. It still packs rather a punch despite being a smaller 14 inch model. Or else we’ve still obtained the new Zephyrus G15 to cover, so make sure you’re subscribed for that evaluation!

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