MSI’s GP66 is a BEAST in Games!

MSI’s GP66 is a monster in games! We’ve tested it in 13 different titles and also compared it versus other video gaming laptops to reveal you why! My GP66 has Intel’s Core i7-12700H CPU, Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti graphics, 16 jobs of DDR4 memory as well as a 15.6″ 1440p 165Hz screen, yet you can have a look at other setups with the links below the video clip. Currently the RTX 3070 Ti graphics run at 150 watts with vibrant boost, however I likewise found that they would still run at 150 watts despite having the CPU likewise active, so in a game for instance. Other 3070 Ti laptop computers we’ve taken a look at up until now like Lenovo’s Legion 5i Pro also have a 150 watt power limit, nonetheless that one maxes out at 125 watts when the CPU is likewise energetic, so this indicates that the GP66 ought to have a side in games. The MSI Center software enables us to establish various efficiency settings, and all screening here has actually been performed with severe performance mode and also coolerboost, aka max followers made it possible for, as well as this applies a little overclock to the GPU by default. Simply like in 2014, the 2022 version of the GP66 also has a MUX button. This indicates we have actually obtained the choice of disabling optimus to

additional increase video gaming efficiency, so all games here have actually been tested like that for best results. Alright, so what regarding the display though, offered that’s what you’re mosting likely to be looking at while playing games? MSI pc gaming laptop computers usually have quicker action times based upon my screening. For a 165Hz screen like this we seek at the very least 6ms for all transitions to take place within the refresh window, and also the GP66 is defeating this at 4.55 ms, an excellent outcome. Display response time is one element that influences the complete system latency. This is the overall quantity of time between a mouse click and also gun shot fire appears on the display in CS: GO, and also it’s an above typical result compared to several various other laptops. Alright allow’s obtain right into the video game criteria! Although my GP66 included a 1440p screen, there is likewise a 1080p 240Hz alternative too, so we’ll contrast games at both 1080p as well as 1440p resolutions to discover where it fits in contrasted to various other laptops. Then after that we’ll look into 13 games whatsoever setting levels and also check out attributes like DLSS, FSR and also ray

mapping, so allow’s enter the results! Cyberpunk 2077 was tested the very same on all laptop computers, as well as I have actually obtained this year’s GP66 shown by the red highlight. This is an excellent result, it’s only behind the greater tier RTX 3080 Ti with double the VRAM and also greater GPU power limitations in the extra expensive GE76, likewise from MSI, or Razer Blade 17. The GP66 is reaching a 12% higher typical FPS compared to the Myriad 5i Pro with the same CPU and also GPU, which need to be a result of the 20% greater GPU power limitation. We have actually got a different option of devices at the greater 1440p resolution, as we just test laptop computers that can actually run it. The GP66 is still standing up extremely well, once again only the Blade 17, much more costly GE76 and desktop computer replacement X170 were ahead. It’s just 6 FPS or so ahead of our various other best 3070 Ti result, yet percentage-wise this is still an 11% gain. Not poor at all considering they both have the exact same CPU as well as GPU. Control is additionally a GPU heavy video game, also at 1080p, and also the full powered 3070 Ti is plainly why the GP66 is so high up on the list once more. I mean it does additionally have a tiny GPU overclock by default, however I don’t actually discover those to matter way too much normally.

This time it’s simply 5 and a half percent ahead of the Myriad 5i Pro with the exact same CPU and GPU combination, so less of a space, but still easily a better outcome. At the greater 1440p resolution the GP66 was now simply 4 FPS in advance of the very same specced 5i Pro, however in regards to a percent it’s the same efficiency space as we saw at 1080p. I ought to likewise keep in mind that the 5i Pro has more recent DDR5 memory, while the GP66 is using older DDR4, so this might be an element also. Make certain you’re subscribed for when I compare these in a future video clip. Red Dead Redemption 2 was tested with the video game’s benchmark, and also again the GP66 is ahead of all RTX 3070 results as you ‘d anticipate from the Ti version, as well as simply 5 FPS or a 5% increase compared to the very same specced 5i Pro. It’s kind of crazy that the Blade 17 with 3080 Ti and next level up CPU was only simply slightly ahead, specifically when you take into consideration that the Blade expenses like $4000 USD. That’s practically double the GP66, again you can inspect current costs with the web links below the video clip. The GP66 hangs back a couple of settings in this one at 1440p. I

have actually claimed in the past that a few of the older outcomes in this video game at this resolution don’t appear precise because a video game update, as well as I fully believe this is the factor that in 2015’s 5 Pro seems ahead. This year’s 5i Pro was only examined a couple of weeks prior to the GP66, so that’s an extra precise contrast, as well as again the GP66 had a 5% higher typical FPS. MSI’s GP66 is completing extremely well contrasted to other laptops, approved it is only the 3rd 3070 Ti laptop we have actually had up until now, however taking into consideration that I was expecting the Legion 5i Pro to be just one of the far better results this generation, I have actually reached say that I’m amazed with this. Currently that we understand where this year’s GP66 fits in compared to other laptop computers, let’s see exactly how it performs in more games whatsoever setup levels in addition to with attributes like DLSS, FSR as well as ray mapping. Let’s start out with God of War. With DLSS established to high quality mode also the highest ultra establishing preset was obtaining us around 60 FPS for the 1% low, so even the dips in efficiency weren’t that negative. Forza Perspective 5 was tested with the game’s criteria. Reduced setups was obtaining us a structure price near to the screen’s 165Hz revitalize price, also at 1440p, though high setups was still easily over 100 FPS. Dying Light 2 was another game evaluated with DLSS on top quality mode. Despite DLSS

on the reduced of the 2 ray tracing presets was simply able to hit 60 FPS. High setups without RT gets us 43% higher ordinary FPS, so depends how terribly you wish to map those rays. Fortnite was additionally evaluated with DLSS on top quality setting, yet no ray mapping here as I believe that just makes less feeling in a competitive eSports style video game. High settings was close to the screen’s refresh price at 1440p, and also also maxed out at epic setups was 100 for the 1% lows. I have actually constantly found Phone call of Responsibility Warzone to run well also at greater resolutions such as this, and also the GP66 was no exemption to this. I’ve checked it with either all setups maxed out or at minimum because it does not have constructed in establishing presets like the remainder of the video games. Microsoft Flight Simulator on the other hand wasn’t able to strike 60 FPS at max settings, though it additionally doesn’t really require an incredibly high framework rate to delight in like those competitive games. Evidently this video game is obtaining DLSS in the future, so if that happens anticipate better possible boosts. Much Cry 6 was examined with the video game’s benchmark utilizing FSR on quality mode. 100 FPS at max setups is an

excellent result, though the lower setup presets do not raise performance as much contrasted to lots of various other games, so could as well have fun with it looking good. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was above 60 FPS at max setups, which I truthfully think is a wonderful result speaking as someone that played the entire video game at a lower structure price than that. Max setups are practically never worth it however, so I ‘d probably stay with high settings. See Pet Dogs Myriad was over 60 FPS at max settings for the 1% low, once again this set does not require ultra high structure prices to enjoy either, so even at 1440p you should be able to have the video game looking excellent and also running smooth enough. Rainbow Six Siege was accomplishing 1% lows that were higher than the display’s refresh price at max settings, so no problems at all here as also the dips must appear smooth. Control was checked previously in the comparison section, and now we have actually got ray tracing made it possible for in the environment-friendly bars. Integrated with DLSS on, ray tracing was in fact carrying out well also at max settings obtaining us 80 FPS, though as we can see a lot higher is possible without it. Cyberpunk 2077 was also tested earlier, and now with the RT presets here we can see that we’re not obtaining excellent

results at this higher resolution despite having DLSS on high quality mode. The just recently added RT reduced predetermined had the ability to obtain us 60 FPS, yet ultra setups without RT was a little far better, though we can obtain virtually dual FPS at reduced setups. The point exists’s a large variety of FPS and also top quality presets so you have actually got some option to tune it how you want. Red Dead Redemption 2 was reaching greater than 60 FPS at max settings with DLSS in the video game’s criteria, however decreasing just one level to high gets us a relatively good 36% increase, and like I stated previously, max settings usually aren’t really functional. Inspect out just how Lenovo’s Legion 5i Pro performed in a comparable option of games over here following, or this video clip to discover out if it deserves updating from the 3070 Ti to the 3080 Ti, and obviously make certain you’re subscribed for the upcoming complete review of the GP66 which will certainly cover every little thing else like battery life, thermals and even more!

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