Lenovo Legion 5i – The FASTEST RTX 3060 Laptop!

Exactly how does Lenovo’s Myriad 5i gaming laptop perform in games? I have actually already examined the AMD Ryzen variation in the past, so now let’s learn exactly how well the Intel 5i model compares! My 5i has a 6 core Intel i5-11400H processor, though it’s also powered by approximately Intel core i7 11th gen cpus with 8 cores too, in addition to Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics, 16 gigs of memory in dual channel, and also a 17.3″ 1080p 144Hz screen. You can tailor the specifications fairly a bit making use of those links in the summary below. Now the power limit variety for the RTX 3060 graphics in this larger 17″ version is the exact same as the smaller 15″ variation. That RTX 3060 graphics can enhance up to 130 watts with Nvidia’s vibrant boost, and also with the cpu active I still located that the 3060 would certainly run up the complete 115 watts specified by Nvidia, so primarily the 5i has a full powered 3060

GPU. Lenovo’s Vantage software application can be made use of to change performance modes. All testing here has actually been finished with the highest possible performance setting allowed for ideal results, as well as by default this doesn’t use any type of GPU overclocking, though you can additionally transform that on through the BIOS which might offer a little additional boost. The Legion 5i does have a MUX button, so all evaluating in this video has actually been performed with optimus handicapped for finest efficiency in video games. For one reason or another, unlike my smaller sized 15″ AMD based Legion 5, this bigger 17″ 5i does not have Advanced Optimus. I’m not certain if this is simply maybe 17″ variations don’t have it or if it’s because the Intel setup. The MUX switch is toggled through the Vantage software application, hybrid setting on methods optimus made it possible for while crossbreed setting off means optimus as well as iGPU off. The larger 17″ panel additionally does not have G-Sync like the smaller sized 15″ models, so

expect some display tearing with optimus impaired. The average grey-to-grey display reaction time was around 8.7ms. There’s no option in the Vantage software application to allow overdrive mode, something numerous of the 15″ versions do have, given the performance is up for dispute. It’s not terribly slow, however there are a variety of faster 144Hz panels listed right here. This adds to the overall system latency being on the slower side as well. This is the overall quantity of time between a mouse click as well as when a gunshot fire takes place on the display in CS: GO. Like much of Lenovo’s various other gaming laptops, the Legion 5i ships with slower x16 memory, which I think is simply as a result of international supply shortages, so I’ll also show you what kind of an efficiency boost we can enter video games by updating the RAM to two x8 sticks. Alright so with all of that in mind allowed’s enter into the pc gaming comparisons and discover out just how the 5i compares versus other laptops. Cyberpunk 2077 was evaluated the very same on all laptops, and I’ve obtained the 5i highlighted in red. The results are quite great below for an RTX 3060 pc gaming laptop, within margin of error behind the 3060 in the AMD version just over it, though the Intel system has a bigger increase to 1% reduced. A lot of the other 3060 laptop computers checked were or else reduced, which I expect is expected as the Myriad collection are the just one I’ve checked until now with GPU

power limits this high. Red Dead Redemption 2 was checked with the video game’s benchmark, and this moment the Legion 5i was doing much better than the various other laptop computers with RTX 3060 graphics. This wasn’t as well unexpected, as when I’ve formerly contrasted Intel as well as AMD gaming laptops, Intel was generally in advance, plus that greater GPU power limit would be assisting, provided the Ryzen based Myriad 5 with very same GPU power limitations was still behind. Control was trial run via the very same part of the game on all laptops, and the 5i was doing really well below. Again it’s the most effective arise from an RTX 3060 laptop that I’ve tape-recorded until now, and is defeating the RTX 3070 in the HP Prophecy 15 just listed below it, though that one does have a reduced 100 watt power limitation. The Ryzen version of the Myriad 5 with more CPU cores was simply listed below that, as well as given both were tested with the very same x16 memory I can only presume we’re seeing Intel’s advantage in games

here. Now every one of those laptop computers that we just compared with were examined with their supply memory, due to the fact that I intend to reveal you the performance that you can in fact anticipate when you go and purchase among these laptops and also run it right out of the box. I have revealed in the previous the difference x8 as well as x16 memory can make in a Lenovo pc gaming laptop computer, so now let’s see exactly how that assists out the 5i. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider we’re able to improve average FPS by concerning 10%, rather an excellent gain for such a basic adjustment. The updated Myriad 5i is currently ideal in accordance with the greater rate and extra pricey Legion 5 Pro with RTX 3070 graphics, though the 5 Pro additionally has slower x16 memory as well, so that can also be more increased with a memory change. No matter, it’s fairly a decent improvement, and also goes to reveal that Intel laptops gain from much better RAM also, it’s not simply AMD machines as a great deal of individuals seem to believe. Currently the frame price differences in between x8 and also x16 memory will naturally depend upon points like the details game, the resolution examined, and the video games setting degree, yet in general standard

x8 memory is quicker than the x16 stuff that Lenovo ships their laptop computers with, so if you can get some it may be worth the upgrade. You can locate the memory that I have actually examined with linked in the summary below. Alright so since we have actually seen exactly how the 5i in fact contrasts against various other laptops in video games, let’s examination out even more video games in all setting levels. Peak Legends was evaluated worldwide’s side map. It was running efficiently also with all settings at maximum, with an average structure rate that’s more than the display’s 144Hz refresh price, though we could enhance even the 1% low greater than this with all settings rather at minimum. Telephone Call of Responsibility Warzone was also tested with all settings either at minimum or optimum, as well as this is since these video games do not have actually constructed in setting presets. There

was less of a gap in performance between max and also min right here, so could also just run with some decent setups so it does not look all potatoey. Fortnite had the ability to make great use of the 144Hz screen, even at high settings the ordinary framework rate was greater than the screen’s refresh rate, and also one action lower to tool settings could also get the 1% low more than this too, so an extremely smooth experience. We compared control earlier, yet now let’s see how ray mapping and DLSS go. I’ve got the supply results revealed by the purple bars. With ray tracing enabled in the green bars it’s actually still running above 60 FPS reduced settings, though personally I assume it looks better with ray mapping off at high setups while additionally performing much better. We can make use of DLSS, shown by the red bars, in mix with RT to improve performance though. Cyberpunk was also contrasted earlier, however I’ve obtained the RT plus DLSS made it possible for settings right here at the leading now too. They’re fairly low, just 30 FPS as well as listed below, though you can certainly usage DLSS without RT to improve performance greater than what I’m showing right here if you like. Microsoft Flight Simulator was running above 60 FPS with the premium setup pre-programmed, and close to 100 FPS if you’re fine with prioritizing smoothness over visual top quality at reduced settings. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was tested with the games standard, and also over 60 FPS at max settings in this one is a suitable arise from a laptop,

however again reduced setups can get us to around 100 FPS if you don’t mind points looking worse. Watch Canines Legion was examined similarly, yet this time around there’s a huge distinction going from ultra to really high setups which I think results from the 6 gigs of VRAM offered to the RTX 3060 graphics, as the video game gives a VRAM alerting regarding it the 6 jobs not being sufficient. CS: GO was doing very well here. Basically this test constantly shatters incredibly high FPS whenever there’s a MUX switch, without that we ‘d most likely be seeing 100 FPS approximately reduced, which’s since the iGPU just becomes too much of a traffic jam with extremely high framework rates. Similarly Rainbow Six Siege had the ability to hit super high structure prices for the very same reason. Esports titles like this typically see good renovations in transforming the RAM from x16 to x8 too, yet hey even at max settings below we’re well above the display’s refresh rate so I’ll

allow that slide here. Red Dead Redemption 2 was contrasted previously, as well as the high settings I compared with appear like an excellent sweet place. Max setups wasn’t quite 60 FPS, but medium and low weren’t supplying way too many added structures compared to high. Darkness of the Tomb Raider was doing fairly well, though as we saw we can improve ordinary FPS at max setups by upgrading to x8 memory. Battleground V was additionally running uncreative, yet these are older video games now, I’ll ditch this for the more recent 2042 variation once it’s out. Mentioning older titles, The Witcher 3 was additionally running fine at max settings, though we can obtain quite a large 45% increase to typical FPS by lowering the setups to high. I’ll cover definitely every little thing else like thermals, battery life and also even more in the upcoming complete testimonial video clip, so make if you’re new to the network after that ensure you’re subscribed for that upcoming material. Check this video clip following to discover out if it deserves paying more money to obtain the RTX 3070 graphics contrasted to the 3060 that I have actually checked below, or this to obtain a much better understanding of the distinction the RAM can make in video games, and also come as well as join me and also the neighborhood in Discord and get behind the scenes videos by sustaining the network on Patreon.

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