RX 6700M vs RTX 3060 – 17 Games Compared (1080p & 1440p)

Should you get AMD’s RX 6700M or Nvidia’s RTX 3060 graphics in your next gaming laptop computer? I’ve compared both in 17 games at 1080p and 1440p resolutions to locate out the distinctions! Here are the distinctions in specs between these 2 laptop computer GPUs. The RTX 3060 has 6 jobs of GDDR6 memory while the RX 6700M has rather a bit much more at 10 jobs, but Nvidia’s memory has even more transmission capacity as well as a bigger memory bus. CUDA cores as well as stream processors aren’t directly comparable, yet the 6700M has a higher power limitation, a minimum of at optimum. AMD’s spec sheet lists the 6700M as as much as 135 watts, while Nvidia details the 3060 as as much as 115 watts, nevertheless it can enhance higher in specific scenarios with dynamic boost. AMD likewise shifts power between the CPU and also GPU with SmartShift which resembles Nvidia’s dynamic increase. To do this testing I’m using my Lenovo Myriad 5 for the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 as well as MSI’s Delta 15 for AMD’s Radeon RX 6700M. Both laptops have 8 core Ryzen 7 5800H cpus, and also both were tested with the exact very same physical package of memory, 16 gigs of DDR4-3200 CL22 x8 single ranking memory in twin channel. I do not believe the Delta 15 has a full powered RX 6700M. I gauged it at about 120 watts in a GPU only tension test however then it quickly dipped to concerning

115, and with the CPU likewise packed up it was a lot more like 95 watts. This makes good sense provided the Delta 15 is a thinner laptop design. Even more power amounts to more warmth, so they have to have power limits. Currently while that does not appear excellent, at the exact same time the Delta 15 is the only laptop computer I understand that presently has the 6700M, so essentially this is the only way I can do this comparison at all, even if it may not be excellent. Both laptop computers were evaluated with an outside screen linked to bypass the incorporated graphics and also obtain complete efficiency, so let’s contrast both of these in 17 different video games at 2 resolutions, then later on we’ll check out rates and also accessibility, power draw as well as web content maker work. Let’s start out with Red Dead Redemption 2, which was examined with the video game’s standard. I’ve got the 1080p results down all-time low as well as the 1440p results on top, with the RX 6700M results over the RTX 3060 outcomes. The 6700M was getting to a 20% greater ordinary structure rate at 1080p, boosting to a 23% lead at the greater 1440p resolution, the second biggest difference in favor of the 6700M out of all 17 games tested. This video game lately added DLSS assistance, so I have actually tested that with the 3060 too. Sadly there’s no FSR assistance for this video game as of yet, so the 6700M can not likewise obtain a more boost. Despite the advantage of DLSS, the 6700M still had a reasonable 11% lead at 1440p. Control is a game that often tends to favor Nvidia graphics, and sure enough the RTX 3060 was doing better at 1080p here, gave it’s just 4 FPS ahead, yet the 1% lows were 19% greater on the 3060, so an extra secure experience. Points turn about at the greater 1440p resolution though with the 6700M currently

having a 13% higher average framework price. This game also has DLSS assistance though, which supplies a substantial gain to the RTX 3060, once again unfortunately there’s no FSR assistance here either. Also the 1% short on the 3060 are much ahead of the ordinary FPS on the 6700M now. I’ve also examined both with ray tracing allowed to see the differences there. The 3060 could of course likewise utilize DLSS to obtain an additional boost right here, however I intended to compare just pure RT differences. The 3060 was in advance at 1080p, but they’re quite close at the greater 1440p resolution. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on the other hand is a game that often tends to prefer Radeon graphics, which probably describes why this had an above typical lead on the 6700M. At 1080p the 6700M was reaching 19% higher typical FPS, though that claimed above 60 FPS at the second highest possible pre-programmed isn’t mosting likely to be unplayable or anything on the 3060. The space closes a little at 1440p, with the 6700M now 15% ahead of the 3060 and also really near the magic 60 FPS. Watch Pet dogs Legion shows us what the 10 gigs of VRAM on the 6700M can do for us. This game had the largest gain for the 6700M out of all 17 video games examined. There was a warning when running the video game’s criteria on the 3060, as 6 gigs had not been enough. Obviously I’m running maxed out with ultra settings here, so reduced setup presets would certainly most likely

decrease the void, yet the 6700M was getting to 1% lows that were higher than even the 3060’s average FPS at both resolutions. Currently the 3060 can use DLSS to enhance performance, yet it’s no suit for the added VRAM readily available to the 6700M which is still ahead, given I’m testing with DLSS established to quality, so if you’re fine with sacrificing quality you can most likely further increase structure price with a different DLSS choice. The RTX 3060 was appearing in advance in Cyberpunk 2077 no matter the resolution, though it’s simply a 2 to 3 FPS difference, absolutely nothing significant yet hey winning’s winning. This video game also has DLSS assistance though, so the 3060 has the ability to get a substantial speed boost by turning this on. Again like the others, no FSR assistance readily available here now. We’re checking out a 41% greater typical structure rate on the 3060 at 1080p, as well as 59% higher at 1440p. The 6700M was back ahead in Telephone call of Task Warzone, with a 10% higher ordinary frame rate at 1080p and 12% greater at 1440p. Like most various other games where the 6700M wins though, it’s not as if the 3060 is using awful outcomes. 87 FPS at max settings at the higher 1440p resolution was still playing fine for me. This is yet another video game with DLSS assistance, and also transforming this on can give the RTX 3060 the win at both resolutions. We went from the 6700M having a 12% lead at 1440p before DLSS to the 3060 now having a 15% lead over the 6700M. Microsoft Flight Simulator was doing much better with the 3060 graphics essentially. The 6700M had a higher 1% low at

1080p, however the 3060 was a couple of frameworks ahead in regards to ordinary FPS. The 1% lows are concerning the very same at 1440p, yet the 3060 had a 9% higher ordinary frame price below, or regarding 5 FPS. As an eSports title, you can suggest that higher structure rate is more vital in Fortnite contrasted to most other games that I’ve covered. This one normally does far better on Nvidia equipment, as well as that’s the situation here as the 3060 has its greatest lead over the 6700M out of all games at 1080p, though it’s just like 6 FPS. The 3060 is still in advance at 1440p, now it’s less than a 2 FPS distinction to the typical framework price. This game has DLSS assistance though, so it’s feasible to get some rather huge gains on the 3060 graphics. F1 2021 was checked with the highest setting preset which allows some ray tracing impacts by default, as denoted at the top of the graph. This might partially be why the 3060 was in advance, though the lead is small at 1080p with simply a number of FPS difference. The void raises at 1440p, but the 6700M is still close to 60 FPS below at max setups. Rather of speaking through the rest of the 8 games separately detailed, I’ll simply blow up through them so we can enter the average differences as that’s even more intriguing, also if every one of this screening did take lots of hrs to finish. A bigger option of games is necessary to help get a better rounded average. Do not

hesitate to pause the video clip if you want a closer consider these extra video games. Generally over all 17 games checked at 1080p, AMD’s Radeon RX 6700M was reaching regarding 7% higher ordinary FPS when contrasted to Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3060. The 3060 was still much faster in 7 of the games provided at the end of the chart, yet worst case it’s only a 5% difference. The 6700M was in advance in the various other 10 titles and also with bigger differences, with the greatest distinction kept in mind in Watch Dogs Myriad as a result of the 6 jobs of vram in the 3060 being a restriction in this test. Tipping up to the higher 1440p resolution as well as the 6700M still had a 7% lead over the 3060, however the 3060 was now only ahead in 5 video games compared to the 7 at the reduced 1080p resolution, though a few of the video games the 3060 was doing better in had greater margins at this greater resolution. For the most part though the 6700M was in advance, yet in addition to the VRAM restriction in Watch Dogs Myriad at max setups, the 6 jobs on

the 3060 seems alright at 1440p, at the very least today. If we rather think about that video game as an outlier, after that the 6700M still has a 4% lead on average out of the other 16 video games. I have actually likewise contrasted the 6 games that offer DLSS to see how that aids within sustained titles. We’ll just take a look at 1440p, as I think this is where DLSS can supply a practical benefit, a lot of games ran perfectly at 1080p without it. The 6700M was 12% slower when contrasted to the 3060 with DLSS enabled, though this is only a standard of 6 video games, and we can see outcomes vary substantially depending upon the details title. The DLSS results might be boosted better in the majority of games as I picked to check with quality settings where possible. Now you could be asking where the FSR results are. Reality is, these 17 video games are what I have actually been testing for months currently, years in situations of some of them, but FSR just isn’t offered in any of them yet. FSR is still relatively new, and it’s just made an appearance in some newer games. Now no offense to anyone that plays them but they’re not titles I have actually become aware of, a minimum of compared to the much more prominent games that we simply went through. Should I have chosen some arbitrary video games that do have FSR support as well as examined them on both laptops, perhaps, but I don’t believe so. I really did not select any one of these video games simply due to the fact that they had DLSS. In a lot of cases DLSS was included after the truth like in

Red Dead Redemption 2. I simply chose to include some DLSS results since that’s in fact supported in some of the video games that I examine. It’s just a reputable benefit that the RTX 3060 graphics contends the minute, due to the fact that a great deal of video games support DLSS whether or not you like it. With any luck we can get some more preferred games that sustain FSR in the future. When it comes to the VRAM differences, for one of the most part the 6 jobs in the 3060 typically seems to be enough at both 1080p as well as 1440p resolutions, though this was not constantly the situation. The one exemption seems to be Watch Dogs Myriad, where the RX 6700M had significant gains as a result of the added VRAM capacity. This might be an indication of what to anticipate years from now, as most likely in future more demanding video games at greater resolutions will make use of much more VRAM. It’s tough to predict, but yes, perhaps in time I would certainly expect the RX 6700M to get an even bigger lead over the 3060 as a result of this difference. At the same time I don’t think the RTX 3060 is unexpectedly going to become unplayable or anything. Fact is I assume it’s the most effective pleasant area on the Nvidia side today. Personally I wouldn’t be making the purchasing choice totally based upon the VRAM count.

We’ve simply got no concept exactly how things are going to search in future. Maybe by the time the VRAM distinction starts ending up being much more significant you may be looking at a laptop computer upgrade anyhow. Right before we obtain right into the cost differences I have actually also compared both laptops in some material designer workloads and we’ll check out the power draw distinction. SPECviewperf tests out different specialist 3D workloads, as well as the 3060, revealed by the purple bars, was still able to find out ahead in a number of tests, but the 6700M likewise had some pretty huge leads, it simply relies on the certain test. I’ve compared the total system power draw from the wall with both laptop computers running Control at 4K max settings with an outside display. The 6700M laptop was attracting 34% even more power, and it was around 13% in advance in regards to ordinary FPS, so there may be a debate for Nvidia being extra effective, however this game generally executes far better with Nvidia graphics, so without measuring power reel in every single game I can not actually claim for certain. Alright so usually talking, the RX 6700M was defeating the RTX 3060 in many cases. Honestly this had not been as well unusual given even AMD appear to be contrasting the 3060 with the 6600M, however I’m still waiting to obtain that laptop in for testing. Yet as soon as it’s right here I definitely will contrast it to the 3060 as well, so see to it you’re subscribed for that one! I just determined to make this contrast due to

the fact that when I contrasted the 6700M against the 3070, the 3070 was ahead, and yeah it seems like these 2 are much more detailed with each other than that. That stated however, as stated the 3060 does of course have the advantage of DLSS which exists in a number of prominent video games, and in most cases that does give it the edge over the 6700M. Both of these laptop computers ran modern games at high settings even at the greater 1440p resolution without any kind of troubles. None of the video games evaluated collapsed on either laptop computer or anything like that so chauffeur stability seemed penalty. After that what about price difference? Costs of both will certainly obviously modification with time, so describe those web links in the summary below for updates. At the time of recording, MSI’s Delta 15, the only pc gaming laptop computer presently offered with RX 6700M graphics, goes for $1600 USD in the US, granted this is currently for sale. Now, the Lenovo Myriad 5 I’ve checked with RTX 3060 graphics is around $1550 USD, so a little less costly, however I have actually seen it available for closer to $1400 which would make it far more attractive from a price to efficiency perspective. Truthfully if the 3060 laptop is around $100 to 200 less than the 6700M I ‘d possibly simply obtain the

3060. Oftentimes the performance distinction isn’t that excellent and you do get DLSS assistance. That stated if the price distinction is better the 6700M could be worth it. Generally it does execute much better, it has more VRAM, and FSR could be much more valuable in future. However those last 2 factors relate to the future, and I do not truly advise buying based upon future promises. Obviously there’s means even more to think about when buying a brand-new laptop other than simply the GPU efficiency, so take a look at my full testimonial of the MSI Delta 15 over here beside get all the information about it. I have actually covered whatever else like thermals, battery life and also even more. Or examine this contrast next to see if you need to rather consider the RTX 3070 over the RX 6700M. Make certain you’re signed up for the channel for more upcoming laptop contrasts similar to this one, as well as come as well as join me and also the neighborhood in Dissonance as well as get behind the scenes videos by supporting the channel on Patreon.

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