Are Higher Specs Worth More $$$? HP Omen 15 Compared!

Is it worth taking into consideration the lower specced HP Prophecy 15, or should you invest even more money as well as upgrade to the greater rate design? I have actually compared both laptops to show you all the distinctions and figure out. Both laptop computers are basically the same, the crucial differences remain in the specs. The reduced end version has a 6 core Ryzen 5 5600H CPU and also Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics, while the higher end setup has an 8 core Ryzen 7 5800H CPU as well as Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics. These are the differences between the cpus, so the major distinction is that Ryzen 7 has 2 added cores contrasted to Ryzen 5. The 5800H likewise has a greater maximum increase clock as well as a little added cache. Now these are the differences between the graphics. The 3070 has 2 jobs of extra VRAM and 33% more CUDA cores. It’s likewise obtained a higher power restriction range, nevertheless both the 3060 as well as 3070 in HP’s Omen 15 have the exact same 100 watt power restriction. When it comes to the rate differences, the reduced specced Prophecy 15 begins at $1120 USD, and also it costs $340 or 30% even more money to update to Ryzen 7 and also the 3070, so let’s discover if the added expense is worth it. Both laptop computers coincide with concerns to build high

quality as well as layout, essentially all that’s different below is the CPU and GPU – oh and the screens. Both laptop computers have 15.6″ 1080p 144Hz screens, nonetheless the higher specification version included an AUO panel while the lower spec version came with an LG panel. The shade range as well as brightness wasn’t as well various, within margin of mistake, and the display reaction times were incredibly close together too, so I intend you might possibly get either panel in your Omen 15 as well as anticipate them to do about the very same. The complete system latency is about the very same too, this is the quantity of time between a computer mouse click and gun shot fire in CS: GO, though both were on the lower side contrasted to options. Next let’s talk regarding battery life. Both of my Omen laptops had the exact same size 70.9 Wh battery, nevertheless the Prophecy is additionally readily available with a lower 52.5 Wh capability alternative. With the exact same larger dimension battery, the lower specced model was lasting a bit much longer as expected, simply 5 mins a lot more while running a game and also both were around the 2 hr mark which is above average. Beyond pc gaming in the YouTube playback examination the greater specced config was still lasting for about 8 and a fifty percent hrs, while the lower specification

one was pushing past 9 hrs. I presume lower specs equals less power draw. Let’s have a look at thermals following before we enter the games. Both laptops appear to have the exact same cooling remedy within, two fans and warmth pipelines shared between CPU and also GPU. These are the temperature levels for both laptops, evaluated at various times however in the exact same ambient room temperature level. I’ve obtained the still outcomes down the bottom, and also the lower specced model was a little warmer here, while the remainder of the tests were done with CPU plus GPU cardiovascular test to represent a worst case workload. With both running in the reduced balanced setting, the lower spec model was once again a little warmer. Stepping up to the greater performance mode, once more the higher specification model was cooler, well at the very least for the CPU, its GPU was a little warmer now but not by a lot. Both were likewise able to obtain a little cooler with the air conditioning pad I utilize, link is in the description below. I’m believing the reduced spec version may be reaching greater temperature levels since it’s hitting higher clock speeds, both for the CPU as well as GPU. Technically 6 cores should be able to clock greater than 8 with the exact same power applied, as there’s simply less to power, to ensure that makes good sense. The GPU could likewise be clocking higher if vibrant boost has more power offered if it’s not being used by the cpu, and also again 6 cores is much less to power. Sure enough in well balanced mode at the very least, the reduced specification version is using less power for the CPU, according to the blue bars, however getting even more power for the GPU in the eco-friendly bars. The same is also real in the higher

performance setting, but it’s just like a one watt or so distinction in either direction. In Cinebench R23, a CPU just work with the GPU currently still, the Ryzen 7 5800H had the ability to reach a 30% greater multicore rating, which is anticipated considered that it has 33% even more cores compared to the 5600H. The boost to the solitary core rating on the other hand was lower at just 6% with the 5800H compared to the 5600H. They both shed efficiency when working on battery power, nevertheless the 5800H currently has a smaller sized 19% lead. Still a suitable distinction, yet it would show up that without wall power the 8 core chip sheds even more efficiency, which again makes sense as even more cores need more power. Both felt cool to the touch when simply resting there idle, low 30 levels Celsius is a normal outcome. There’s only a minimal difference when running the tension tests in the lower balanced setting, then with the highest performance setting, which ran the followers at optimum, the reduced specced model was a couple of degrees cooler in the middle hot area. Allow’s listen to the follower sound. The reduced specification model was a little a lot more audible when idling, otherwise the fan sound was rather equivalent when under tons. Now let’s discover out just how well both laptop computers compare in 11 various games. Let’s begin with Red Dead Redemption 2. I’ve got the higher specced Ryzen 7 plus 3070 model revealed by the purple bars, as well as the reduced

specced Ryzen 5 plus 3060 design revealed by the red bars. I have actually likewise tested all available setting presets which are provided on the entrusted most affordable down the bottom as well as highest up the top. In this situation the greater specced Prophecy 15 was getting to 22% higher ordinary FPS at max settings, among the far better results. Cyberpunk 2077 had some interesting results. There’s almost no adjustment at low setups, then at ultra settings the greater specced config was practically 9% higher in regards to average FPS, however have a look at the ray tracing results with DLSS set to top quality near the top, even the 1% low from the higher specced model was well over the typical FPS from the reduced spec, so perhaps the greater spec equipment for RT and DLSS with the 3070 assists out right here. Watch Dogs Legion had the most significant difference in between the two laptops at max settings out of all 11 games examined, with the higher specced setup reaching 29% greater average FPS contrasted to the reduced spec. Once more in this situation even the 1% low from the higher end machine led the average FPS from the reduced specced design. It’s not all substantial gains though, Rainbow 6 Siege only had a 5% increase to ordinary FPS at max settings, and although the gain to 1% low was greater at 14%, the reduced specced version still had a 1% low above the display’s 144Hz revitalize price, so it’s not going to be a problem whatsoever.

Furthermore CS: GO, one more esports title, saw just as tiny gains with the higher end Prophecy 15, simply a 5% boost to typical FPS. Fortnite on the other hand had some of the most significant differences at max setups. The higher specced Prophecy was 25% faster than the reduced specced design, a minimum of in terms of average FPS, we can see the distinction in 1% lows is quite tiny no matter establishing level, and after that at reduced setups typical FPS changes are extremely small, matching what we saw in other games. Control was examined with both ray mapping and also DLSS, yet allow’s start with both impaired, so supply gameplay. With simply stock gameplay the greater specced Omen 15 was reaching 14% greater typical FPS over the lower specced design, and like various other video games the gap was smaller sized at lower setup presets. The portion difference barely transforms much when enabling ray tracing, yet the efficiency decreases dramatically. That’s where DLSS comes in to improve performance, once again not large voids and reasonably the reduced specced model is still running the game flawlessly great right here even at max settings. I was enthusiastic we would certainly see a bigger difference like in cyberpunk with RT and also DLSS, but that wasn’t the instance. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a

video game that I have actually gotten back right into lately with the new DLC, yet the differences with the higher specced laptop computer were poor out of the video games checked, with simply a 5 FPS increase or 8% gain at max setups, again with smaller sized differences at reduced setup degrees. The distinctions in Shadow of the Burial place Raider were additionally second-rate, very same results at most affordable setups then simply an 8% gain for the greater specced Omen at max settings. Battleground V is one more older title nowadays, and once more just a smaller 7% boost to average FPS at max setups with the greater specced Prophecy here, with smaller distinctions noted at lower settings. Similar sell The Witcher 3 once more, no genuine modification at lower settings, after that a bigger space at the greatest ultra setting predetermined where the greater spec Prophecy was getting to 17% higher typical FPS. Usually out of these 11 games evaluated, at the highest possible setup preset at 1080p the higher specced Omen 15 was 13.

5% faster than the reduced specced Omen 15. Several of the esports titles rarely saw any type of change, while more demanding titles might benefit much more from the specification bump. I suspect the difference could be larger at 1440p, as the additional VRAM with the 3070 could come right into play, however alas, both of my devices came with a 1080p screen. If we rather compare to all video games set to the lowest setting preset, well the higher specification model is only 5% faster usually, with just large gains still kept in mind in Red Dead Redemption 2 as well as Watch Canines Myriad, or else the distinctions are fairly small, so you’re just actually going to wish to consider spending more for the higher end version if you’re video gaming at higher settings, which to be reasonable you ‘d most likely be performing with a 3060 or above anyhow. From an expense per structure perspective, well the more affordable arrangement is supplying better value. It’s obviously less costly, yet the performance gains from the greater specification design price more to obtain, so simply put the 5600H plus 3060 model is a much better bargain, at the very least at the stock pricing, sales will of program change this. Possibly the difference would be higher if we were

comparing full electrical power 3060s as well as 3070s, as the max power limit of the 3070 can practically go higher compared to the 3060 based on Nvidia’s specification, it so takes place that HP chose to restrict both in the Prophecy 15 to 100 watts. Plus there’s additionally no doubt that both are being kept back since they can’t disable optimus. I’ve listened to that the Intel models of the Omen 15 do have a MUX switch and also let you disable optimus, so it’s pretty strange that the Ryzen designs don’t have this somehow. However regardless, both laptops can get a rate boost by connecting an outside screen to any of the display screen ports, as these all link straight to the Nvidia GPU bypassing the incorporated graphics as well as optimus. I’ve got the 5600H plus 3060 configuration highlighted by the red bars, and the higher tier 5800H plus 3070 setup highlighted by the environment-friendly bars. In this particular game, the higher specification laptop was just 1 FPS in advance of the reduced specification version with an exterior screen, while the higher specification design has the ability to obtain a wonderful more increase. Currently for some material creator work. Adobe Premiere was checked with the Puget Equipments criteria, and both laptops are highlighted in red. The greater specced Omen was scoring just 8% above the reduced specced Omen, so not really a considerable distinction thinking about the hardware changes. The

distinctions are even smaller in the Adobe Photoshop examination. I believe this examination depends on solitary core efficiency, and also like we saw previously in Cinebench, the modification there is definitely much less contrasted to multicore performance. There’s a bigger 15% gain in DaVinci Resolve with the higher tier version. This examination commonly depends much more on the GPU, and in spite of both having the very same power limit, the 3070 seems to be assisting more contrasted to the other creator tests. Both of my laptops featured a 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD but from various brand names. I found the composes on the higher spec version to be better, while the checks out were ahead on the reduced spec version, very little to grumble regarding in either instance, but this might vary by region as it depends on what drives they use. Those are the primary differences, again the higher specced Prophecy 15 is $340 even more compared to the lower spec design which is about 30% even more money. It kind of audios worth it when you consider that going from 6 to 8 CPU cores is a 33% boost. The difference of going from 6 gigs of VRAM in the 3060 to 8 gigs of VRAM in the 3070 is additionally a 33% boost and also the 3070 also has 33% more CUDA cores contrasted to the 3060. I think on paper it kind of sounds like you’re getting what you’re paying for, but as we’ve seen that’s usually not the case when looking at the real performance. In multithreaded CPU tests that can really make the most of the extra cores it would certainly be worth it, however in most video games as well as applications the

5600H and also 3060 seem to be plenty. Basically if you’re simply doing 1080p pc gaming I assume the 3060 and 5600H is completely sufficient. It’s still mosting likely to play practically any modern-day game at high settings not a problem. I mean there’s a futureproofing debate in support of the 3070 and also 5800H however I always state simply get what you can pay for today. If you’re flawlessly fine to spend the extra three or four hundred dollars to obtain the greater specification model then yeah I ‘d most likely just do it if it’s something you’re going to be utilizing for like 3 plus years anyhow. I presume just don’t feel obligated to obtain the greater specification version if you can only manage the reduced specification one. With all of that in mind, allow me understand which of these two Prophecy 15 configurations you would certainly select down in the comments below. You can have a look at my complete evaluation on the Prophecy 15 over here if you need a lot more info as I enter into even more depth because one. I have actually only covered the differences in this video as opposed to speaking about absolutely every little thing. Get subscribed if you’re new to the channel for future laptop computer comparisons similar to this one, and also come and also join me in Discord and obtain behind the scenes video clips by supporting the network on Patreon.

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