RTX 3050 Ti vs GTX 1660 Ti – MUST See Before Buying 3050 Ti!

You really require to see what a GTX 1660 Ti video gaming laptop computer can still do prior to you think about acquiring a more recent RTX 3050 Ti design. I have actually compared both laptop computers in 14 different games to show you all the distinctions! The newer RTX 3050 Ti almost has 67% more CUDA cores and also it can possibly hit higher boost clock speeds, nevertheless it’s obtained much less memory. Both GPUs use GDDR6 memory, however the older 1660 Ti has 2 gigs of added capacity, together with even more memory bandwidth as well as a bigger memory bus, regardless of coming out 2 years previously. Both GPUs are available with various power limit varieties which will influence efficiency, yet both of the laptop computers I’ve examined have the very same greater 80 watt restriction. Both laptops I’m checking with are the Core 17 from XMG for the RTX 3050 Ti and also my Lenovo Myriad 5 for the GTX 1660 Ti. Both laptops were likewise tested with the specific very same physical set of memory and although the Myriad 5 does allow you disable optimus, however the core 17 does not, and also as that would be an unreasonable benefit I have actually checked both laptop

computers with optimus enabled to keep a level having fun area. Yeah one of these is a 17″ and also the various other 15″, but thermals weren’t a restriction so I don’t assume this issues. Now something I do need to address is the CPU differences in between these two laptops. I do not assume it’s feasible to obtain a GTX 1660 Ti with either a modern Intel 11th gen or Ryzen 5000 processor, so there’s practically constantly mosting likely to be a CPU distinction no matter, as 3050 Ti just launched with more recent CPUs available, that’s simply a fact of life when the 1660 Ti is already a number of years of ages. The Core 17 on the various other hand has Intel’s new 11th gen i7-11800H, and that’s just the only laptop I’ve had so much that’s obtained RTX 3050 Ti graphics. I used the Legion 5 for this contrast because at the very least its cpu still has 8 cores. Currently it would certainly have been a much fairer comparison if I also had the 3050 Ti in a Myriad 5 with, say, the newer 5800H cpu, at least after that both would certainly be 8 core Ryzen. As things stand, we’re likewise looking at an Intel vs AMD difference right here, so to attempt and also make up for that we’re only going to be concentrating on higher establishing presets in this contrast, as those ought to be much more GPU bound in basic. Alright prior to anyone begins madly typing in the remarks “unfair contrast because different CPU, unsubscribe!

” I’ll provide you a little spoiler as well as note that despite the 11th gen cpu, the 3050 Ti most likely still isn’t worth thinking about compared to the 1660 Ti. So let’s obtain right into those 14 various video games and discover why, and also after the video games we’ll examine out points like content developer work as well as rate distinctions and cost per framework. Cyberpunk 2077 was checked with the specific same run with the video game on both laptops. I have actually got the 3050 Ti results on the top and also the 1660 Ti results below. The older 1660 Ti is getting to 16% higher average FPS in this examination, even its 1% reduced is close to the standards that are qualified on the 3050 Ti. Red Dead Redemption 2 on the other hand was doing far better on the 3050 Ti when checked with the video games benchmark. The 3050 Ti is virtually 9% in advance, but at the same time this is less than a 5 FPS distinction. It’s additionally worth keeping in mind that the test can’t also perform at the greater ultra setup pre-programmed with 4 gigs of VRAM, so the 3050 Ti would run out good luck there. Mentioning insufficient VRAM, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla demonstrates the constraints of the 3050 Ti. This was the worst doing game on it out of all 14 titles evaluated.
It’s performing exceptionally inadequately right here contrasted to the older 1660 Ti, merely because the 1660 Ti has 2 gigs of extra memory. Now things would certainly naturally be various at reduced setting levels, but I believed this demonstrated perfectly what can take place in many cases with 4 gigs of VRAM. Control is a GPU hefty game, as well as the 1660 Ti was doing better right here also. The difference to ordinary frame rate was only 3, yet look into the 1% lows, the 1660 Ti was getting to a 27% higher 1% low, so a much extra steady experience from the older hardware. Just for a little enjoyable, allow’s see just how well ray

mapping does. The 3050 Ti is clearly in advance right here as it has equipment designed to accelerate ray tracing, while the 1660 Ti does not, yet with frame prices like this I would not think about ray mapping anyhow. That claimed, RTX graphics does obviously also supply DLSS assistance which GTX does not have, so you might rather use that to enhance efficiency in sustained games. Microsoft Trip Simulator was tested in the Sydney landing obstacle, and the 3050 Ti was 17% in advance in this one, though I believe it’s more CPU hefty, so it might be the instance that we’re rather seeing several of those differences between the processors right here, it’s tough to state just how much is because of the GPU distinction. Watch Pet dogs Myriad was evaluated with the games criteria, and the differences weren’t as well big right here, however it’s yet an additional win for the older GTX 1660 Ti. Fatality Stranding was doing far better on the 3050 Ti, well a minimum of in terms of typical FPS, its 1% reduced was slightly behind, though it’s only a little distinction, as well as genuinely these framework rates at max settings are going to be flawlessly usable with either. Fortnite was examined with the exact same replay on each laptop computer, the 3050 Ti is in advance yet once more it’s not such as the difference is that big, as well as in these esports titles I assume it’s going to be harder to say whether or not we’re checking out CPU differences. Likewise Rainbow 6 Siege was doing a fair bit much better on the 3050 Ti, reaching 13% greater average FPS, however there’s a much larger 38% boost to the 1% low, which again I believe is an outcome of the CPU differences that exist in between

these two systems. City Exodus was checked with the video games standard, as well as exceptionally close outcomes with both below, essentially no real difference from a sensible point ofview as well as truthfully margin of mistake stuff, however based upon the results the 3050 Ti was 2% in advance. Battleground V appears to be one more game that takes advantage of even more VRAM. The 1660 Ti was 40% faster right here, and also its 1% reduced was well over also the typical FPS that the 3050 Ti was able to create. The Witcher 3 on the other hand was a little ahead with the newer 3050 Ti, yet 80 plus FPS on the 1660 Ti at max settings doesn’t truly make the 3050 Ti appearance amazing provided it lagged in most of the various other video games. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with the video games standard, and at the greatest setting pre-programmed the 1660 Ti was a couple of FPS in advance, once more only a small difference, but if the older GPU is less costly then it can be an excellent deal. F1 2020 was checked as the necessary auto racing video game, I have not purchased the newer 2021 yet. The 3050 Ti was much ahead right here, to the factor where I’m asking yourself if it’s the distinctions in the CPUs that we’re seeing, as even its 1% reduced is in advance of the 1660 Ti’s ordinary FPS. Usually over all 14 games checked at 1080p, the newer RTX 3050 Ti was concerning one as well as a fifty percent percent slower than the older GTX 1660 Ti. Naturally there are CPU distinctions at play, but I believe that’s always mosting likely to be the situation as I do not think both GPUs are even available in laptop computers with the exact same CPU generation. In any kind of case, concentrating on greater setting presets

need to generally be a lot more GPU heavy, as well as although there are some outliers for each GPU, when averaged out there’s no genuine distinction. Then it all comes down to price differences, unless the 3050 Ti is looking like an excellent offer compared to the 1660 Ti, or you truly desire modern functions like DLSS, then the 1660 Ti could be worth taking into consideration. Older 1660 Ti laptops may additionally have better schedule as they have been out for a couple of years already, whereas 3050 Ti laptop computers have only been getting made throughout the times of parts lacks. And also with the 1660 Ti being older there would certainly also be a bigger pre-owned market. Currently price distinctions will certainly adjustment over time, so refer to those links down in the summary for updates. The Legion 5 that I’ve evaluated with right here is currently over $1200 USD, so it’s increased from the $1000 price that it was concerning a year earlier, supply and also demand I guess. Obviously there are less expensive 1660 Ti designs, such as this Intel 6 core version of the myriad 5, and honestly that’s still going to do effectively for pc gaming, the distinction in between 6 as well as 8 cores in games in a laptop computer is normally quite tiny, a minimum of today. A Legion 5 with 3050 Ti and also newer CPU on the various other hand is concerning $1300 USD, a minimum of on Lenovo’s website. Currently they appear to have a sale with for $1050, so reveals it’s worth going shopping around. As far as expense per structure goes, well the $1000 1660 Ti is the very best, however the 3050 Ti with that said sale had not been much behind, however at regular full costs, the 1660 Ti is supplying much better value here, setting you

back much less for similar FPS. It’s likewise worth noting that Lenovo’s Myriad 5 has taken place sale for $1400 with the RTX 3060, and as I have actually shown in this video clip below, it performs significantly better compared to the 3050 Ti. If you’re looking at a 3050 Ti laptop computer as well as the 3060 is not much extra pricey, most definitely consider it. Allow’s obtain back to 1660 Ti vs 3050 Ti. Truthfully if it’s simply for gaming, at least out of these Lenovo Legion 5 examples, I ‘d probably simply pay much less and also obtain the 6 core Intel processor with the 1660 Ti. As we have actually simply seen, the 1660 Ti stands up well compared to the reduced VRAM 3050 Ti, as well as for much less cash it’s a lot more eye-catching. Now when for sale the 3050 Ti can look quite practical, and also as we’ve just seen, for the many part it does alright in the majority of video games. My problem though is that if we’re already starting to see restrictions of the 4 gigabytes of VRAM in the 3050 Ti today in 2021, after that what are points going to be like one, two, three, five years from now? It’s difficult to advise something when I can currently see limits. The truth is, most individuals maintain their laptop for a few years quickly. These points aren’t specifically cheap and also lots of people don’t update them every generation, so the added VRAM from the 1660 Ti might wind up long-term longer than the 3050 Ti. Sure, the 1660 Ti is already a number of years old and also combined with last gen CPUs, yet I ‘d possibly be leaning in the direction of that, unless I’m targeting reduced settings or intend on making hefty usage of DLSS. That claimed, the GTX 1660 Ti laptop computer will be able to

capitalize in video games that support AMD’s FSR, which is currently presenting in various titles. I’ve also examined out a pair of material designer workloads simply to see how things differ compared to gaming. V-Ray is a CUDA test, so the greater CUDA core matter present in the more recent 3050 Ti was always mosting likely to give it an edge. It’s racking up about 25% greater than the 1660 Ti in this test, much greater compared to the majority of the video games we took a look at earlier. Mixer was additionally tested making use of CUDA, as well as the 3050 Ti was completing the longer classroom benchmark 42% faster than the 1660 Ti, so one more larger gain contrasted to the video game examinations. Regrettably I haven’t had the ability to test things like thermals or battery life since the air conditioning designs as well as batteries of both laptops is simply completely different. Wherever feasible I do attempt to do my contrasts with the exact same chassis, however unfortunately that just wasn’t feasible right here. So which GPU would you choose? The older GTX 1660 Ti, or the more recent RTX 3050 Ti? Allow me know down in the comments listed below, and also make certain you obtain signed up for the channel for future laptop comparisons such as this one. I’m likewise working on comparing the 1660 Ti versus the 3060 so we can see what the differences are when both generations have 6 gigs of VRAM. Or else come and join me in Disharmony and support the scenes videos by supporting the network on Patreon, and also check out several of my other laptop computer comparisons over below next, I’ll see you over in among those.

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