RTX 3080 Ti vs RX 6900 XT – 17 Games Compared!

Nvidia’s brand-new RTX 3080 Ti graphics card is right here, however just how does it compare against the less costly RX 6900 XT from AMD? I have actually contrasted both graphics cards in 17 various video games at 3 resolutions to reveal you the differences. Let’s begin with the distinctions in specifications, the first evident difference is that the 6900 XT has 16 gigs of memory while the RTX 3080 Ti has 12 gigs, though Nvidia’s is much faster GDDR6X. The 3080 Ti expenses 20% even more cash however, well at the very least based on the MSRP, which let’s face it is pretty worthless presently. This is the system that I’m utilizing to evaluate all 3 GPUs in, so AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU and 32 jobs of DDR4-3200 memory are the essential specifications. I’ve utilized MSI’s B550 Tomahawk motherboard and also resizable BAR was allowed on both cards. Let’s begin out with the video gaming comparisons, adhered to by things like power draw, material developer work as well as rates and availability, or lack thereof, afterwards, or you can time take a trip to an appropriate part with the timestamps below. Cyberpunk 2077 was checked in little china with the road kid life course. I’ve obtained the 1080p outcomes down all-time low, 1440p results in the center, and also 4K up the top. The 6900 XT was reaching greater average FPS at both 1080p as well as 1440p, though it was behind the 3080 Ti when it came

to 1% lows. At the highest possible 4K though it’s a win for Nvidia, approved less than a 5% lead. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was examined with the video games benchmark, as well as this examination saw the greatest gains on the 6900 XT out of all 17 titles covered. Honestly it looks even more like an insane outlier compared to many of the various other games we’re taking a look at, this set just appears to actually prefer Radeon graphics. Also the 1% lows at 1080p are over the average FPS from the 3080 Ti. Red Dead Redemption 2 was additionally evaluated using the video games criteria. This time the 3080 Ti was in advance in all circumstances, however the void gets larger as we reach greater resolutions. The Nvidia GPU was just 5% in advance at 1080p, yet then 10% ahead at 1440p and also 22% ahead at 4K, the biggest distinction out of all 17 video games covered at this resolution. Borderlands 3 was evaluated with the video games standard, as well as this is another title that has a tendency to favour Radeon graphics, so not unexpected to see it taking the lead this moment around. The 1% lows in particular seem to have huge gains on the 6900 XT, at 1440p and 4K they’re close to the ordinary FPS from the 3080 Ti. Control on the other hand often tends to favor Nvidia, and I have actually evaluated it with as well as without ray

tracing, allow’s start with ray mapping off. Again the larger distinction seems to be in the 1% lows, at 1440p the 3080 Ti was getting to 25% greater 1% reduced while the increase to typical FPS was reduced at 13%. The 3080 Ti might likewise push past the pleasant pleasant 60 FPS also at 4K max settings, placing it 18% ahead than the 6900 XT. With ray tracing enabled the 3080 Ti is in one more league, not also shocking given the game appeared before AMD had graphics cards that sustained ray mapping. Certain the 6900 XT can still do ray mapping here, yet also the 1% lows from the 3080 Ti are far above the ordinary FPS of the Radeon GPU. Fatality Stranding on the various other hand had massive 1% low enhancements with the 6900 XT at 1080p, modest gains at 1440p, then both were generally the exact same at 4K. While the 1080p outcome looks good, I doubt anyone is checking out buying either of these cards for 1080p video gaming, so I ‘d argue the greater resolution outcomes are a lot more useful. Fortnite was doing better with Nvidia, once more fairly large gains noted in the 1% lows at lower resolutions. At both 1080p as well as 1440p this is the greatest win for the 3080 Ti out of all 17 games evaluated. Telephone Call of Duty Warzone on the other hand had one of the largest differences in support of the 6900 XT at both 1080p and 1440p resolutions. Its 1% lows are in advance at 4K, though the average FPS is a number of frameworks behind the 3080 Ti, approved that’s possibly not something you’re as well likely to notice in practice. Microsoft trip simulator had primarily no significant differences to ordinary FPS at 1080p and 1440p, a little bit even more of a gain to the 1% lows for Nvidia, after that at 4K the standards were better ahead

there. I’ll simply briefly skip with the results for the various other 8 video games, I have actually talked through 9 titles already that were either mainly in favour of Nvidia or AMD to illustrate that it can truly rely on the video game as well as the resolution. In contrast the rest of these games generally saw smaller sized differences generally, so let’s look into the ordinary differences in any way 3 resolutions following. On average the brand-new RTX 3080 Ti is around 6% slower in regards to ordinary FPS when contrasted to the RX 6900 XT in all 17 video games at the reduced 1080p resolution. Essentially, 1080p games were doing much better on the Radeon card, but as I stated earlier, simply the number of individuals are looking to spend $1000 USD plus even thinking ideal instance MSRP for 1080p pc gaming? I would certainly say most likely very few. Tipping up to 1440p and usually the 6900 XT still has the lead, with the 3080 Ti currently nearly 3% slower usually. Points are beginning to move over to the Nvidia card, but out of this option of games at least the 6900 XT still has more of an advantage, also if we do not consist of the huge gains seen in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. At 4K most games are now doing far better on the Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti, and offered both of these graphics cards can quickly manage modern-day video games with high setups at this resolution, I think this is most likely one of the most essential comparison. The 3080 Ti was currently around 6% faster than the 6900 XT, so on standard not by a big margin, particularly when bearing in mind that it likewise sets you back 20% even more cash. As an outcome the 6900 XT is supplying better value when it involves cost per frame, at least when thinking MSRP which I get is type of pointless right now however

at the very same time I don’t have anything else to pass, so here we are, with any luck this is valuable at some time in future. Not only is the 6900 XT less costly, however as we saw generally it was carrying out better at 1080p and also 1440p. The 3080 Ti normally performs much better at 4K, but that’s balanced out by its higher rate. The 3080 Ti simply appears a bit also costly, it costs 20% more money compared to the 6900 XT while providing a 6% performance boost in video games at 4K, yet hey I mean this is the leading end of an item stack and also lessening returns enter into play and also value goes out the window. I assume if the 3080 Ti had the ability to match the $1000 USD rate factor of the 6900 XT then things would be far more intriguing, however hey at this point in time people are probably just getting whatever they can obtain their hands on, so maybe this comparison wasn’t that valuable. Now let’s have a look at the distinctions in material maker workloads, it’s not all just about gaming! I have actually evaluated DaVinci Resolve with the Puget Equipments benchmark, and the 3080 Ti is scoring almost 7% over the 6900 XT, so although Nvidia wins it’s not suitable when the 3080 Ti has a 20% higher MSRP. The space was a bit bigger in Adobe Premiere, at the very least this moment the 3080 Ti is scoring 21% more than the 6900 XT, so a sensible scaling when contrasted versus the prices difference. In terms

of power attract the 3080 Ti system was attracting 12% even more power from the wall in Control at 4K, though in this specific game there was likewise an above average 18% boost to FPS in games, so does not seem as well negative, but this video game did seem to prefer Nvidia so those percents would vary by game. I think hardware unboxed already summarized the 3080 Ti perfectly in their video. Why make these things instead of more affordable models when there’s already inadequate supply? Wonderful inquiry, well asked. Ideally the 4 days I invested examining the 3080 Ti went to the very least valuable to someone. If you’re new to the network then obtain subscribed for future contrasts similar to this one, come and also join me in Disharmony as well as obtain behind the scenes videos by sustaining the network on Patreon, and also if you want to see exactly how the 3080 Ti contrasts versus Nvidia’s own lineup then inspect out my video from yesterday over right here, I’ve additionally contrasted it against their 3080 as well as 3090 to see where it fits in, so I’ll see you over because one next.

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