The Smallest RTX 3080? ASUS XG Mobile Tested With Flow X13!

This little box consists of Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics, as well as it attaches to this small 13″ 8 core Ryzen laptop with a solitary cord to supply considerably far better performance in games. I’m going to show you simply exactly how well this setup carries out in video games and also applications to help you make a decision if it deserves it. The external graphics, or eGPU, is a personalized design by ASUS called the XG Mobile, and also it’s readily available with RTX 3060, 3070, or 3080 graphics, and also I’ve got the highest possible 3080 design below. ASUS are making use of laptop GPUs in the XG mobile instead of the desktop versions, so in spite of the exact same names like RTX 3080, this does mean they’re specced in different ways. The mobile 3080 I have actually obtained has less CUDA cores and slower memory than the desktop card, nonetheless it is additionally offered with more memory, my unit has 16 jobs of GDDR6. The XG mobile with 3080 is able to add to the complete 150 watt restriction of the laptop GPU, and the 3070 perform at 125 watts or 140 watts with dynamic increase, so once again full power laptop GPU. I think there’s implied to be a 3060 model, however I can’t find specs for it simply yet, yet thinking about the greater end designs are complete laptop GPUs I ‘d think that one would

certainly be a max power limit version also. Currently 150 watts is dramatically greater when contrasted to the 35 watt GTX 1650 in the ASUS Flow X13 laptop. Currently, the X13 is the only laptop computer that can collaborate with the XG Mobile, however ASUS are really hoping that the XG Mobile is just the begin and that it will be suitable with future laptops besides just the X13, however, for currently this is the just one that functions with it. With the XG Mobile connected to the X13, it implies the GTX 1650 in the laptop computer is idle, permitting the 8 core Ryzen cpu to carry out better. There’s just more power as well as thermal clearance readily available for it since we have actually moved the graphics workload on the surface. In addition, when the XG mobile is connected to the X13 the laptop computer will be completely powered, and also it’s making use of a straight PCIe connection. It looks like Oculink, nevertheless ASUS have validated the pin-out is various in instance you wanted to attempt as well as run a desktop computer GPU or something. Conventional eGPUs are limited to Thunderbolt 3 or 4 rates of 40 gbit per second with 4 PCIe 3.0 lanes, which can be a bottleneck. The XG Mobile has 8 PCIe 3.0 lanes with 63Gb/s of bandwidth

dedicated to the graphics, so around 57% more transmission capacity contrasted to a typical Thunderbolt eGPU, however there are of training course a bunch of other positives and negatives for both the XG Mobile and also Thunderbolt eGPUs. I’ll be comparing both of those in a future video committed to the topic, so ensure you’re subscribed for that one, due to the fact that up until now the results are looking really interesting. If we run a game with the XG Mobile connected making use of the laptop computer’s display, the signal goes through incorporated Vega graphics to get to the display screen. This is basically a comparable bottleneck to a laptop with Optimus, yet we can avoid it and improve efficiency by linking an exterior display directly to the DisplayPort or HDMI results of the XG Mobile. It would have been awesome if the XG mobile linked directly to the display screen of the X13 for improved efficiency, but I expect that just had not been feasible for some reason. The objective of this video clip is to see what type of a performance enhance the XG Mobile gives us in video games contrasted to simply making use of the GTX 1650 graphics of the X13 on its own, with the second objective of seeing simply just how much extra performance you can get by attaching an outside display to the XG Mobile. With that in mind, allow’s begin out with the gaming tests adhered to by web content maker workloads later on. Cyberpunk 2077 was evaluated in little China

with the road youngster life course. These are the results with ray tracing off, we’ll look at ray tracing on in the next chart. Under the 1080p area I have actually got 3 results. The bottom one is with the laptop computer’s GTX 1650 just, so without the eGPU. The result above is with the RTX 3080 linked to the laptop, yet with the laptop screen in usage, as well as the result above it is with an outside display linked to the XG mobile with the laptop computer’s screen off. Above that I have actually also checked 1440p and 4K with the exterior display. I might not establish these resolutions with the laptop computer’s panel, and also that’s why the laptop computer screen was just checked at 1080p. Anyhow for the outcomes, the video game is generally unplayable with the ultra setting predetermined on the 1650, but including the 3080 provides much much more usable structure rates. I’ve additionally checked with the RT Ultra preset and established DLSS to top quality setting. Certainly I’ve obtained no result from the GTX 1650 as it’s not with the ability of ray tracing, yet the 3080 eGPU was still able to surpass 60 FPS at 1080p, as well as there was no genuine distinction in between making use of the laptop computer screen or an external monitor. Interestingly the

framework rates are really a little greater at 1440p and also 4K with ray tracing on, most likely many thanks to the enhancements connected with DLSS. Red Dead Redemption 2 was checked with the video games benchmark tool. With the high setting predetermined, we’re considering a reduced 27 FPS on the GTX 1650 at 1080p, nevertheless we’re able to boost this by a substantial 270% with the RTX 3080 in the XG mobile eGPU. Like the last video game, there’s generally no distinction between using the laptop’s display or an outside screen, and also even the highest possible 4K resolution was still able to go beyond 60 FPS. Microsoft Flight Simulator was tested in the Sydney landing challenge. The 1650 was around 20 FPS with the high setting predetermined at 1080p now, and also although the 3080 isn’t using fairly as big of an increase contrasted to the last video game, it’s still able to provide an 88% higher average FPS with the laptop computer’s screen. If you’re able to utilize an outside monitor though, well it’s feasible to get an additionally 20% boost in ordinary frame price contrasted to utilizing the laptop computer’s screen. I have actually examined Control with and without ray mapping, allow’s begin with ray tracing off outcomes. Once again like many other games the 4K efficiency with the 3080 is greater than what the laptop alone is qualified of supplying at 1080p. While you can definitely play this video game at lower setups on the 1650, it’s no suit for the eGPU, even 1440p is providing well above 60 FPS at max

setups. Here’s just how much the performance dips down by allowing ray tracing with the highest possible option. Like we saw in Cyberpunk, activating ray tracing truly appears to decrease the efficiency distinction between the laptop display and external display at 1080p.
I suspect this is since the 3080 is doing more of the job currently, as well as a lower framework rate indicates both much less details to send back over the cable television to the laptop computer, and also much less details for the laptop’s integrated graphics to process and send to the display screen. DLSS is where the magic occurs, boosting the 1080p frame rate to 90 FPS, and now with the greater framework price there’s a little larger space between the 1080p outcomes, though not by excessive when compared to most of the other titles evaluated.
1440p is one more time above 60 FPS, while the 4K outcome is currently higher than running without ray tracing many thanks to DLSS. Allow’s move equipments as well as see what takes place to more esports orientated titles. Fortnite was examined with the specific exact same replay file in all setups. Utilizing the external screen with the eGPU elevated the average FPS by around 10% right here, but both were substantially far better when compared to the laptop’s 1650 graphics. Again like other video games, even 4K max settings with the eGPU is performing better than 1080p with the 1650. CS: GO is a game that I have actually revealed to be bottlenecked drastically by incorporated graphics in the past due to its crazy high frame price, and we’re seeing

this right here as well. The eGPU with an exterior screen was getting to 50% greater ordinary FPS compared to the laptop computer’s screen, but that claimed the laptop display was just a little listed below 300 FPS which is likely plenty, particularly offered the distinction in 1% lows was so small. Like several others, 4K with the eGPU was doing far better than the laptop computer alone at 1080p. Rainbow 6 Siege was tested with the games criteria making use of Vulkan. Currently I was truly interested to see exactly how the 1% lows with the eGPU did right here, due to the fact that the last few times I’ve evaluated this video game with a Thunderbolt based eGPU have resulted in extremely inadequate 1% reduced performance, nonetheless that was not the situation here. I can just assume the difference is to the direct PCIe link, yet once more I’ll contrast the XG mobile with a Thunderbolt eGPU in a future video. Like CS: GO, over ordinary gains by utilizing an external monitor due to the high structure prices, yet once more 250 FPS on the laptop screen at 1080p is still superb. Battlefield 5 was evaluated in project setting strolling with the exact same part of the video game in all arrangements.
4K with the 3080 at max setups was functioning remarkably well and also balancing over 60 FPS, also the 1% low is ahead of the ordinary FPS from the 1650 at 1080p. If you’re after higher framework price, the eGPU at 1080p was able to use a 196% greater FPS over the laptop alone, then

making use of an outside screen had the ability to give an additional 20% greater frame rate compared to eGPU plus laptop screen. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was doing rather inadequately at max settings on the 1650, possibly a limit of the 4 gig VRAM, no matter the 3080 is able to provide severe improvements and also take it from a powerpoint slide reveal to usable, with also 60 FPS feasible in this examination at 1440p max settings, and also no one’s forcing you to run at max setups so higher would be feasible too. View Pet dogs Myriad was also examined with the games standard. Once again rather low outcomes with the 1650 due to reduced VRAM contrasted to the 16 gig in the 3080. I do not think the game requires incredibly high structure price to play, 4K wouldn’t be as well negative and also reasonably you might obviously fall a little from ultra to enhance FPS. 1440p meanwhile was right on 60 FPS with the eGPU despite max setups. Remarkably the 1% low at 1080p with the eGPU and laptop computer display was greater than using an external

screen. The Witcher 3 saw the very same behaviour, as well as both were reproducible. I’m not specifically certain what the bargain was, but average FPS was still higher with the outside display. It’s not actually that much of a distinction, simply interesting and different compared to the other video games. Anyway again 4K max settings on the 3080 is running penalty, around dual the FPS of the 1650 at 1080p. Darkness of the Burial place Raider was tested with the video games criteria. Close to 60 FPS with max setups at 4K on the eGPU, above 100 FPS at 1440p, every one of which were considerably higher contrasted to the 1650 at 1080p. Death Stranding was checked walking about, 4K despite having max setups on the eGPU was around 60 FPS also for the 1% reduced, a terrific outcome, and like most other video games a fair little bit much better than 1080p from the 1650. Right here’s how much of an efficiency increase we’re checking out in these 13 video games with the RTX 3080 eGPU at 1080p with laptop computer screen compared to the laptop just. I assume this is the essential outcome, as such a mobile eGPU will most likely be something you take with you, an exterior display might be less most likely. The ray mapping results are all noted as 0 since the 1650

isn’t efficient in ray mapping, but or else there are quite large gains with the XG mobile. Below’s exactly how much of an additional performance boost that’s on deal when connecting an outside screen to the XG Mobile and also not using the laptop screen. There were only very minor distinctions at any time ray mapping was included, which are all in the direction of all-time low of the graph. Or else titles that might generate high frame rates like CS: GO were greater up on the graph, as these are much less limited by the laptop computer’s integrated graphics. Now let’s consider rate. You discover upgraded prices connected down in the description, as rates will certainly alter in time. Presently the X13 laptop only is $1500 USD, or you can get it bundled with the RTX 3080 XG mobile for $2800 total amount. I’ve likewise factored in $300 for a 1440p high refresh rate screen, yet you could naturally spend less than this. Here’s just how expense per frame looks at 1080p based on these rates. Basically the price per structure reduces the much more that’s spent as the efficiency additionally enhances. $2800 for the X13 as well as XG mobile is a extremely expensive plan, but compared to the X13 alone it’s offering a far better experience about the extra cost. From an extra performance point of view loved one to the added price, including an outside screen as opposed to using the laptop display does seem worth it. In this example it sets you back around 10% more cash for regarding a 12% performance increase which seems affordable to me, plus you get

the advantage of a bigger display with greater refresh price rather of considering a 13″ for hrs. Currently you can absolutely get a high end video gaming computer for less cash than this arrangement that will additionally outperform it. The X13 as well as eGPU are really for those that need supreme mobility with the alternative of efficiency on the move that’s still relatively portable, and also the truth is I don’t assume any individual else has a solution quite this portable right now, as well as tiny and portable does amount to more cash – that’s just the way it goes. It’s not everything about pc gaming though, I’ve also tested the X13 and XG Mobile in material developer workloads to see what the differences are. The V-Ray benchmark utilizes the GPU to render out a scene, and also the XG Mobile had the ability to get to a score 380% greater than the 1650, so a big improvement if you’re taking a look at 3D modelling type workloads. Blender or food processor was examined with the Open Data criteria using CUDA, and also the distinction was also bigger below, the 3080 eGPU was finishing the Class examination over 600% faster. Adobe Premiere was checked with the Puget Systems benchmark, and the differences were much less pronounced here. The eGPU arrangement was racking up just 36% greater than the 1650. In my experience this

software appears to care concerning CPU performance more so than GPU, as well as that’s shown here. DaVinci Resolve was also tested with the Puget Equipments benchmark. The 3080 was scoring even more than 200% greater than the 1650 below, which makes sense as this examination depends much more on the GPU contrasted to Best. Depending on the workload there can be rather considerable gains with the XG Mobile, and also there’s a lot more to cover on the XG mobile, I’ll cover things like thermals as well as follower sound in the upcoming full testimonial. I’m already working with a contrast in between the 3080 in the XG Mobile and also a desktop computer 3080 in a conventional Thunderbolt eGPU enclosure, and so much the outcomes are rather fascinating, so definitely make sure you’re subscribed for that upcoming comparison. Or else for currently you can see just how the X13 does in video games at 720p as well as 1080p with just the 1650 graphics, so I’ll see you over because one!.

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