ASUS ZenBook Pro Laptop Review and Benchmarks

hey guys Jarrod here and also today we’re going to take a look at the asou sign Pro and see what it’s reached provide in addition to just how it executes with a variety of standards to assist you determine if it’s a laptop computer you must consider inside the box we’ll place the laptop computer itself manual as well as guarantee info power brick as well as power line to begin let’s check out the specifications of the version I’ve got here there’s an Intel 7700 HQ quad core KB Lake CPU which runs at 2.8 ghz as well as can tow approximately 3.8 gogurts a 16 gigabytes of ddr4 memory running at 2400 megahertz right here and also for storage there’s a 256 gigabyte SATA m2 SSD as well as it’s got assistance for pcie-based storage space so you can upgrade if needed for the graphics we have actually got Nvidia’s 1050 in mix with a 15.6 inch 1080p 60 Hertz IPS panel we’ll see how this carries out later on in the criteria for the network connection there’s 802 dat 11 AC Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth 4.2 now Ethernet port right here unfortunately unless you use a USB dongle I’ve obtained the matte black version of the laptop here but it’s also readily available in blue there’s a nice round combed metal search

the cover and also within is where you’ll locate the matte black the whole body of the laptop is solid steel so the cover keyboard area and also the base and there’s a silver accent around the side the physical measurements of the laptop are thirty six factor five centimeters in width twenty five factor one centimeters detailed as well as one point 8 nine centimeters in elevation the overall weight of the laptop is promoted at one factor 8 kilos on the assess website and also one testing minor wait a little bit much more simply under two kilos when consisting of the power block and also power cable television for charging the total increases to around two point five kilos so it’s rather light-weight as well as portable for a 15-inch laptop as mentioned the screen below is a 15.6 inch 60 Hertz 1080p IPS shiny panel as so say that the panel can be seen at 178 levels and I found that whatever angle I looked at it from up or down or side to side the shades still looked terrific although the shiny screen does look great one of the drawbacks is naturally that it reveals all representations it’s additionally a touchscreen so all those fingerprints will be clearly noticeable I don’t have excessive experience with touch screens but I discovered it to function well I have actually also

determined the colors generated by the display using the Crawler v Pro and my outcomes returned 96% of srgb 67% of NTSC and also 7/8 8% of Adobe RGB so in terms of shade recreation it did rather well I have actually likewise performed my usual backlight bleed examination on the display screen which involves having the laptop show an entirely black screen in a darkroom to help emphasize any bleeding around the sides I after that take a lengthy exposure picture with my cam to assist display any hemorrhage so essentially this is a worst-case circumstance test the outcomes were respectable remarkably there’s exceptionally small hemorrhage displayed in the photo that I had not been able to see myself this is the very first time that’s occurred in over 15 laptop examines as I could not in fact see it despite having the lights off I’m going to state it’s basically non-existent and also not an issue practically though naturally this will vary laptop computer to laptop computer while relocating the display screen there was nearly no flex it’s really strong owing to the metal building and construction and the joint which leaves many of the base you can almost open up the laptop computer with one finger however it’s not fairly hefty sufficient for that above the display screen is a VGA electronic camera so it’s just efficient in 480p video clip at 8 frameworks per second and makes use of a 4 by 3 aspect proportion as

you possibly expected the video clip is type of trash I assume the microphone sounds alright however I’ll let you evaluate for yourself the keyboard is backlit with white LEDs which can be readjusted between three illumination levels no choices to change the colors sadly there’s plenty of spacing between the keys yet to get that there’s no numpad offered I personally like this as I never use the numpad myself so it’s something to be knowledgeable about if you do total I like inputting on the key-board I define the vital procedure as a little mushy and also peaceful that was some flex while pressing down hard on the keyboard however this was a visible under normal typing conditions overall it feels rather solid I additionally located the touchpad to function quite well it’s obtained a very smooth surface and also I had no troubles using it moving on to the available i/o on the Left we’ve got the power input HDMI port as well as two USB 3.1 gen2 type-c ports with Thunderbolt 3 readily available over on the right there’s a 3.5 millimeter headphone in mic combo jack a mini SD card viewers slot as well as two USB 3.1 gen2 on Tybee ports on the front there’s simply a number of LED standing signs while on the back there’s absolutely nothing except some refined Zenbook branding up on the lid is the asustor lager which is lit by white LEDs while powered on both the lid and also matte interiors showed

finger prints very quickly but they were pretty simple to wipe away underneath this basically absolutely nothing aside from 2 audio speakers towards the front along with some rubber feet which aid stop the laptop computer eliminating around on level surfaces when in use there are 2 more speakers on either side of the key-board for a complete 4 speakers as well as I assumed they sounded quite good for laptop computer speakers there was some bass and they sent out a clear even at higher quantities powering the laptop computer is a 73 watt hr 8 cell battery and with a full fee as well as doing standard jobs such as surfing the net and also viewing YouTube with the display on around half illumination keyboard lights off as well as background ups disabled I was able to utilize it for 4 hrs as well as 2 minutes while playing The Witcher 3 with tool settings as well as invidious battery boost readied to 30 FPS the battery lasted for an hour in 4 mins the laptop computer did quite well right here go into that relatively huge battery and also lower-powered 1050 graphics it is among the most effective 15-inch laptops I’ve tested in terms of battery life throughout regular usage with an ambient room temperature level of 24 levels Celsius the CPU idled at 38 levels Celsius while the GPU addled at 39 degrees Celsius so relatively great and right here are the external temperatures of the laptop where you’ll really be placing your hands with the CPU and GPU maxed out for around half an

hour with the very same room temperature the CPU reached an optimum of 83 levels Celsius while the GPU paid to 79 degrees Celsius no CPU throttling was observed nonetheless GPU throttling existed as the core clock dropped from 1709 megahertz to 1506 megahertz in just a couple of minutes in spite of this thinking about there are no follower vents beneath it ran rather amazing though this seems to be as a result of the throttling we can see that the keyboard area has actually warmed up fairly a little bit a lot more mostly in the direction of the middle and it was quite obvious while keying however had not been regrettable I likewise located the laptop relatively silent when not video gaming at idle and relaxed the 36 decibel mark and I can barely hear it this is what it seemed like while maxing out both the CPU and GPU it increased to 47 decibels which was a reasonable bit quieter than various other laptop computers with comparable specs that I’ve examined and also here’s what that sounded like lastly let’s take a look at some standards will initially cover some real-world gaming benchmarks complied with by examinations with various benchmarking devices while I realize that the 1050 isn’t implied to be a significant video gaming graphics card I wanted to check several of my usual collection of video games versus it to see just how it stood up also I do not personally have several low

requiring titles I really did not trouble with one of the most source intensive titles they’re all tests will certainly run at the 1080p resolution with all windows and Nvidia updates to day used player unknowns battlegrounds was tested with the current 1.8 variation I’ve made use of the new replay feature to do this testing so the outcomes in between each test ought to be much more exact as they now continually perform the same test run nevertheless keeping that stated the performance of the video game will certainly vary rather a whole lot depending on what’s taking place in the game so take these results with a grain of salt the game in fact ran okay at minimal settings but it’s not an optimal experience for an FPS video game once again The Witcher 3 placed rather well at least expensive settings not fairly 60fps but it still felt alright while playing Ultra setups in contrast really felt very stuttering as shown by the 1% reduced framerate darkness of battle was similar in that the greatest settings were around the 30fps mark nonetheless a reduced or below the laptop computer had the ability to average around the 60fps point although these are fairly extensive video games the 1050 really did not do regrettable when utilizing the reduced settings if you’re checking out a laptop simply for gaming though you’ll possibly intend to run with higher setups I generally suggest a 1060 as I discovered it to be a terrific pleasant place for 1080p 60fps gaming otherwise a 1050 TI would

probably be the minimum I personally consider for gaming obviously it depends upon the video games that you’ll be playing as well as how demanding they are you can definitely still have a great experience with less requiring video games on the 1050 now on the benchmarking devices while a helpful sign on note that these outcomes are less practical contrasted to the genuine globe video gaming results formerly shown we’ll begin with the Unigine benchmarks this is how the laptop executed in paradise benchmark with the tessellation readied to severe as well as anti-aliasing on 8 right here’s exactly how valley criteria performed with the anti-aliasing on 8 at various graphic settings and ultimately these are the 1080p outcomes from the newest super placement benchmark for the final graphics benchmarks I went to fly strike and time spy from 3d Mach and God’s cosa 5000 267 and also 1791 respectively so a little bit reduced than various other laptop computers with comparable specs that I’ve examined in Crystal disc mock the 256 gigabyte sada 3 m2 SSD performed around 550 megabytes per 2nd scrunching up your eyes reads and 260 megabytes per 2nd and

also consecutive writes so quite regular for a soda based SSD although a little reduced on the right speeds with these exact specifications at the time of videotaping the laptop computer can be gotten in Australia for 2899 Australian bucks that’s regarding 2250 US bucks for my international friends with text consisted of so it’s a little on the more expensive side which is to be expected as I believe it’s a fairly premium laptop so what did you guys believe about the Zenbook program is soos general I’m quite impressed with the build high quality the entire laptop computer feels great and also strong it’s likewise got terrific battery life and the specs are pretty good considering dimension as well as weight you will not be doing any kind of significant video gaming with the 1050 graphics yet it should suffice for plenty of video games it does set you back fairly a bit however so to Razer in Apple laptop computers and also I really feel like the construct top quality below is comparable let me know what you men saw it down in the comments and also leave a like on the video clip if you located the info valuable thanks for enjoying as well as don’t forget to subscribe for future tech videos such as this one

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