iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro Max – Long-Term Comparison

in 2022 every iPhone buyer faces a tough concern which one to purchase 14 pro or 14 pro Max this problem is specifically what we’re gon na cover in this video clip since after making use of these two really comparable phones I can not believe how different the experiences desire countless hours of contrasting these two phones I identified which one will be a wise purchase and which one a waste of money so watch this video clip till the end to figure out just how to get the very best phone for guide allow’s change the technique a little bit rather than comparing head to head I will certainly contrast usage cases and also just how each phone executes in them starting with everyday usage pocket ability situations comfort of holding and also all that 14 professional quickly takes a point right here it is a lot smaller with a 6.1 inch screen than Pro Max with 6.7 inch tablet like display both phones are developed very in a similar way very same thickness same stainless steel structure glass front as well as back however the weight is totally different and think me your hands as well as especially your pinky will certainly really feel every ounce 14 pro evaluates only 7.27 ounces or 206 grams and professional max sits at 8.47 ounces or 240 grams you might say not a large offer but add a situation to it a magsafe purse a MAG risk-free battery pack and you will certainly get a pretty comfortable phone in one hand and also a brick in the various other 14 pro Max is a beast and its dimension just yells about that I do not know how we went from tiny 3.5 inch iPhones to 6.7 inch

tablets 14 pro Max is a lot larger than a regular 14 pro 14 pro Max is a straight road towards getting inflamed hands as well as ruined Pockets I’m exaggerating however still it’s a two-hand phone in all times 14 professional nevertheless is really comfortable it’s still cumbersome in some cases but absolutely convenient so of course if you value Comfort 14 pro is your male okay seeing videos we enjoyed a lot of the web content on our phones so viewing experience is essential screen size brightness resolution And so on both screens are exceptionally bright as well as rise to 2000 Internet Outdoors have P3 shade as well as support 120 hertz regardless of my love for the smaller sized iPhones the size is everything 14 pro Max’s large 6.7 inch screen is just far better its sheer size makes every little thing look much better a lot more realistic watching video clips flicks and also merely browsing the web is a lot more hassle-free on 14 professional Max once you taste it when you can’t return after I’ve spent a long time with 14 pro Max it took me a while to get made use of to a smaller screen of 14 professional whatever various other individuals say Size Matters don’t get me wrong both

screens are superb yet Promax just draws it up slightly better however undoubtedly if you’re made use of to smaller sized screens going right to Pro Max may be a little bit of a go for you you might think now that you need to purchase Promax just due to the fact that of that screen however I’m refrained yet the significant screen postures an actual reachability issue while viewing something again it’s a two-hand device and also seeing whatever with two hands makes the experience also similar to the one an iPad offers playing video games is another use instance I intend to state that the pc gaming experience is identical yet it isn’t under the hood both phones load the very same 4 nanometer a16 chip with 6 jobs of RAM efficiency wise they equal every artificial examination will certainly validate that however in video games they do in a different way on one side 14th Pro is much better for time killers as well as one-handed games on the various other hand large games with lots of controls like old effect or Phone call of Duty are a lot a lot more delightful on the Promax bigger screens provide even more property for controls as well as simply make everything larger Telephone call of Responsibility as a really affordable online video game advantages one of the most from big displays you see enemies clear and also your fingers block less plus let’s not fail to remember concerning strangling Pro Max is physically

bigger as well as has more room for heat dissipation Sea Pro begs truly quick and lowers the spring illumination practically immediately yet 14 pro Max takes much longer to do that I have actually observed that in some video games 14 pro Max does not lower the display at all which is excellent news for all mobile Gamers around nevertheless if you play video games in bed holding your phone over your head 14 professional Max is far more most likely to slide and also leave an unpleasant Mark now how around going Outdoors on an outdoor camping trip what do we do on such trips we shoot photos as well as video clips we view motion pictures we listen to music simply put abuse the battery again for the third time in a row 14 pro Max gets a factor a regular 14 pro has a 3200 milliamp hour battery and pro Max has a 35 bigger one 4323 million power as you may have thought a bigger battery does much better I don’t know what you have to do with your phone so the 14 professional Max will not last you it a full day you’re watching videos for hrs playing games firing photos as well as it just keeps going 14 professional turns off yet Pro Max still has some juice left despite that constantly audio screen entirely worthless attribute in my viewpoint but it drains pipes battery significantly as well as also with always Sun the 14 professional Max wipes the floor with a normal 14 pro this doesn’t mean 14 professional has little battery life it outmatches several Android flagships with larger batteries it’s just not just as good as you can get on the 14 pro Max fantastic but not as terrific so the battery on the 14 professional

Max is terrific however you understand what else is fantastic the sponsor of this video clip are good friends from skillshare skillshare is an on the internet understanding neighborhood with hundreds of inspiring courses for anybody who likes knowing and also intends to explore their imagination and discover brand-new abilities spend in yourself and your personal development from marketing and business analytics to performance internet development freelancing and more you can locate courses that will match your objectives in rate of interest given that I do YouTube I constantly intend to enhance my videography abilities as well as discovering just how to make one of the most out of the rather restricted capabilities of iPhones is really helpful that’s why I routinely see videography classes by authors like Christopher Rhodes Julian Clapper and also much more there are truly a lots of classes and also skillshare is ad free so you can stay in the area while you’re discovering new skills new costs classes launched every week so there is always something brand-new to discover the entire catalog is now available with subtitles in Spanish French Portuguese and German the first 1000 people to make use of the link will certainly obtain a one month complimentary test so consider joining skillshare using the web link in the description listed below it may seem to you that 14 pro Max is a piece of cake and also 14 professional must be overlooked entirely yet we haven’t spoken concerning cameras and shooting videos regardless of what you’re doing social media sites photography or Pro degree mobile photography both apples iphone will carry out absolutely identical all video camera components coincide algorithms are the same so the results coincide you

will not obtain right here the distinction we had with 12 Pro Max and 12 Pro on 14 professional series iPhones Apple has actually upgraded the main sensor to 48 megapixels and the high quality of all photos taken has enhanced significantly particularly if you’re shooting raw that brand-new 48 megapixel electronic camera yields amazing shots when firing Rock exceptionally comprehensive perfectly tinted with remarkable focus to structures shadows and outstanding vibrant range just look at these shots I think all of us can value just how much the video cameras have entered the last pair of years even in 12 megapixels the shots look superb the photonic engine recognizes just how to refine images without a doubt low light digital photography is especially terrific there is much less sound than in in 2015’s apples iphone more information better light source treatment plus the outcomes are constant you are getting terrific shots at all times as well as the same goes to ultra broad and also telephoto cam electronic cameras upgraded Ultra vast sensing unit and also far better processing on both do the technique all images produced are equally excellent I can not personally claim that ultrawide is a peak of Technology there is still space for renovation yet also what we have does reliably fantastic I simply desire Apple had actually given a bigger better sensor following year so the ultra broad would certainly collect more light and also more information when it pertains to video clip both phones equal once again they both got updated 4K cinematic video clip

as well as incredibly smooth action setting action setting does the same and also has one weakness it’s not extremely in-depth corrupt image and also use ultra vast by default doesn’t seem like top quality to me as well as fact confirms that as well as nearly neglected the selfie camera now has autofocus and also the pictures look even much better phones still struggles sometimes with white equilibrium as well as vibrant range however at least all faces remain in Focus mobilize up the cams both apples iphone will never disappoint you whatever you shoot will look remarkable believe me what about Everyday Usage well that’s something all of us do best how is the interface communication and that Dynamic Island it’s tough to find up with unusual usage instances so this set will be extremely unimportant and also standard which’s where 14 pro gains his factors using it is a lot more comfy and all new attributes like Dynamic Island really spread their wings on smaller sized Pro apple iphone the dynamic island is indicated to be interacted with as well as doing it on smaller 14 pro is a lot less complicated reaching it doesn’t call for using the reachability functions and all interface elements are a lot more easily accessible take anything social media sites searching the internet or texting 14 pro is far more comfy 14 professional Max gives larger

switches as well as messages yet nothing can beat the convenience of reaching whatever with one hand when it involves level of smoothness and also interface efficiency both iPhones are similarly magnificent 120 hertz displays make every scroll a true enjoyment and a fast cpu opens up applications much faster than you believe yet I will certainly offer a point to a regular 14 professional just since it’s far more comfy in everyday use so exists anything else to review I guess it’s time for final thoughts if I was to select between 14 professional and 14 pro Max I would take 14 pro this tiny phone loads all the features as his huge bro yet has no size relevant negative aspects indeed the battery is smaller sized yet you will seldom observe that simply due to the fact that everybody puts their phone to bill overnight as well as the price let’s not forget that 14 professional expenses 1 000 and also 14 pro Max eleven hundred bucks one hundred bucks gives you a much bigger phone with beefier battery and also bigger screen but you lose comfort and use for a thousand bucks 14 professional is a better deal in my viewpoint duration if you do not agree with me really feel totally free to write your viewpoints in the remarks listed below thanks for seeing and see you in the following one

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