Samsung Galaxy A54 vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Camera Comparison

what’s happening everyone my name is Alex and also welcome back for this electronic camera comparison we have the all new Samsung Galaxy a54 and naturally the Samsung Galaxy s23 so I’m presently recording with the front encountering video cameras on both gadgets and also I do have actually the resolution established to 4K at 30 frames per second on both tools currently obviously for the Samsung Galaxy s23 we might likewise tape-record them in 4k at 60 structures per second with that front encountering cam now I did discover that the a54 does not have um video stabilization if you’re taping in forehead 30 frameworks per second so as you can possibly see on your own the picture is a little bit unstable so I’m mosting likely to begin competing a bit simply so you can see how that stabilization functions or doesn’t um job okay so following I’m mosting likely to switch to the back cameras as well as I’ll reveal you some recordings that I have actually done the rear cams at various resolutions okay and we’re going on to our following recording in between the Samsung Galaxy a54 and also of course the Samsung

Galaxy s23 so for this recording I’m making use of the main cameras on the back of the 2 gadgets as well as videotaping in 4k at 30 structures per second 4K 30 structures per second is the optimum recording resolution for the Samsung Galaxy a54 currently with that primary electronic camera that we are utilizing right currently the device does have Optical photo stabilization however we do not get electronic stablizing for videos so you can probably see for yourself the video footage is not as consistent as the one to receive from the s23 so I’m gon na start walking a little bit quicker this method and I’m likewise gon na run a little bit so you can see just how that video clip would appear like on the a54 as well as we’ll quit below once more so 4K at 30 frames per second between the s23 and the a54 alright as well as we’re going on to our following video recording for this recording I’m using the ultra white cameras on the back of the two gadgets and also when again recording in 4k 30 frameworks per second just as we’ve seen with the primary video camera if you’re tape-recording in 4k 30 frames per 2nd with the

Samsung Galaxy a54 you do not get um digital video clip stabilization so I’m gon na walk straight I’m trying to wait as stable as possible and also we’re also gon na run here we’ll pan appropriate gradually we’ll stop below for a little bit keep going so yeah this is just how taping with the ultrawide cams on the rear of both devices and also videotaping in 4k 30 frames per second would appear like great and we’re moving on to our following recording in between the a54 and also naturally the Samsung Galaxy s23 currently for this recording I’m utilizing the main camera when again as well as I’m taping in 1080P at 30 structures per 2nd if you do utilize this resolution the Samsung Galaxy a54 has digital video clip stablizing also so I just intended to show you a fast instance so you can see exactly how that would look like due to the fact that it can be much better to tape in 1080P and get that digital video clip stabilization then recording them in 4k 30 and not have that digital video clip stablizing allow’s compete a little bit and we’ll quit right here all pan right so sort of in the direction of the Sunlight and we’ll stroll this way so 1080p at 30 frames per second would certainly the primary electronic cameras on the

back of both devices and also one more super fast 4K 30 frameworks per 2nd recording finished with the main electronic cameras on the back of the 2 devices but for this recording I’m not gon na be moving so I’m just standing right here and also panning the phones left um Android so allow’s frying pan to the right so it do have a bit of color around here so you can see how both tools execute under these problems as well as we’ll pan to the right once more so yeah primary video cameras on the a54 and also the Samsung Galaxy s23 recording in 4k 30 frameworks per second all best and we’re going on to a quick video carried out in low light between the Samsung Galaxy a54 and also of program the Samsung Galaxy s23 for this recording I’m utilizing the primary video cameras on the back of the 2 tools and tape-recording in 4k 30 structures per 2nd as I discussed earlier this resolution the a54 does not have video clip stabilization yet we do have Optical photo stablizing for the lens so we’ll walk in this manner it is relatively dark around below however just you obtain a suggestion how the video footage would certainly resemble under these conditions as well as we’ll quit here as well as I think we can pan in the direction of the light so yeah a54 and also s23 alright so after examining out those example recordings I’m gon na start by saying that my t-shirt here remains in reality gray it’s not purple as it appears in the recordings made with the front dealing with video camera on the

Samsung Galaxy s23 so indeed the a54 does get the colors better in a lot of situations from what I have actually seen now it is a shame that the a54 doesn’t sustain video clip stabilization for 4K 30 frameworks per 2nd recordings because the high quality of those 4K recordings is really rather great as well as in some circumstances I feel that it’s even far better than the s23 yet since we do not have video stablizing well they’re most likely much better off not to tape in 4k with the a54 now the 1080p footage does look good however once again for a phone that has to do with 500 I was sort of expecting video clip stabilization for those 4K recordings so the a54 does okay but it could have been better all right next we’re gon na go on and also start inspecting out some images they took the primary cams on both devices throughout the day so obviously all the images that you are seeing on your display right now are tackling auto setting on both devices in about a second in addition to each other now looking at those photos in a lot of those pictures taken by the a54 I actually favor the colors that I’m seeing the shades are a bit closer to what I was seeing with my very own eyes currently if I wouldn’t see the pictures with each other so the pictures from the s23 as well as the a54 with each other perhaps I would state the s23 does pretty excellent yet looking at the photos with each other I do favor much of those colors that we get um from the a54 currently the dynamic variety in most of those images were in some of those photos is better from the images that I took with the s23 but general I can not truly say that the a54 takes negative

images whatsoever so if you’re for a phone that takes suitable images I really feel that the a54 does pretty good for pictures so that primary electronic camera on the back as well as we are moving on to portrait setting pictures now funny enough the majority of picture mode pictures that I took the Samsung Galaxy a54 look better than the photos that I took with a much more costly s23 so I had all the skin smoothing effects shut off on both gadgets but if you look at those pictures you’re gon na observe that the s23 still does some skin smoothing if you check out my face you’re gon na notice there is absolutely nothing on my face I look good and young yet in truth the a54 does much better as well as in fact captures the method that I look much better so for picture mode photos I would absolutely select the a54 over the Samsung Galaxy s23 yet what do you guys believe would certainly you like the ones from the s23 or the a54 for picture setting pictures carrying on to ultra white photos well here I can’t really claim that one does negative better than the other because in a number of images I do like the method the pictures look

from the s23 they have a little bit a lot more comparison possibly Dynamic ranges piece slightly much better however, for the various other photos I do like the a54 so for that Ultra wide cameras on their backs I can not really claim that one is so far better than the other one and also they both do similarly great next we are moving on and inspecting out some images that I absorbed low light so basically in the evening all the photos that you’re seeing on your display now are taking utilizing the night modes readily available on both tools so the evening setting is offered for the main electronic camera for the ultra vast video camera and also for the selfie electronic camera as well as we are starting with photos that I took with the major video cameras and the evening mode currently below I’ve discovered that if you take pictures in a super dark location so places where there is practically no light around you the s23 will do better the a54 does not do that fantastic in those situations but as quickly as you have some light some street lights there is a little bit more light primarily it almost looks like the a54 takes the sharper photos not to discuss that if you consider those shades the s23 does make the photos look a little bit on the yellow side as well as I’m not a fan of that yellow side due to the fact that absolutely nothing in fact looks yellow in fact so

the shades from the a54 are better in my point of view a minimum of so if you do have some street lights and you have a little light whenever you’re taking pictures in the evening I feel that the a54 really does better than the Samsung Galaxy s23 and also I recognize this appears type of amusing and crazy but take a look at those pictures they are sharper than the ones that I took with the s23 however most definitely leave a comment down below and allow me recognize your ideas as for the ultra broad cameras and also the night setting once more the shades do look much better from the a54 however below the s23 does have the sharper pictures in basically all scenarios so the ultrawide cam on the back of the s23 does seem to do far better in reduced light than the ultrawide camera that we carry the a54 and I have actually additionally seen that whenever you’re taking pictures using the evening setting the s23 is quicker at taking those images so the a54 you do have to stay still for like 3 four secs where it only takes a second or two on the s23 and finally we are gon na look into some selfies and naturally we are starting with some

selfies that I took throughout the day currently the Selfies that I took the a54 throughout the day don’t in fact look bad they in fact look far better than a great deal of phones that I have actually tried in the past but looking at the 2 together yes the s23 does appear to do much better for them though some Daytime selfies it type of retails the details some a bit better in my point of view when it comes to the nighttime selfie as well there is truly no competition there the s23 does much better than the a54 so there you have it the a54 versus the s23 now if the a54 would certainly have actually had video stablizing for 4K recordings I would have nearly claimed that the a54 does far better entirely than the s23 but as a result of that video clip stabilization that’s not available at 4K I wouldn’t recommend them this phone although it does do quite good for pictures and also general video quality but that stablizing ruins this phone for me alright men ideally you appreciated this video thanks for enjoying and also I’ll see you people in the following one

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