Samsung Galaxy A54 VS Xiaomi 13 Lite – Which one is better?

what’s taking place everybody my name is Alex and also welcome back in today’s video we are comparing one of the current mid-range tools from Samsung the Samsung Galaxy a54 5G as well as comparing it to one of the most up to date mid-range tools from xiaomi the xiaomi 13 Light so both devices are priced fairly in a similar way so you can get either device for regarding 500 so which one is better the Samsung Galaxy a54 5G or the xiaomi 13 Light well we’re certainly gon na discover in today’s video prior to we go any further allow’s take a look at the boxes as well as see what is available in package with each tool Well package for the Galaxy a54 is fairly small and also inside the Box you are not gon na locate much you basically find some booklets and also the USBC to a USBC cable and that’s regarding it so no battery charger in package with the a54 in the box of the xiaomi 13 Light you’re gon na discover a clear instance for the tool you likewise have some booklets in there we have a 67 watt quick charger so indeed this one comes with charger in package and also naturally the wire so instantly you’re gon na get even more worth from the xiaomi 13 light compared to the Samsung Galaxy a54 well because we are discussing Chargers so the Samsung

Galaxy a54 supports 25 watt quick charging if we can even call that rapid charging nonetheless you’re gon na need to acquire our own battery charger with the xiaomi 13 Light supports 67 watt quick charging inside the a54 you likewise have a 5 000 milliamp hour battery versus a 4500 milliamp hour battery in the xiaomi 13 Light now billing the xiaomi 13 Light from 0 to 100 do the charger that can be found in the box is then about 45 minutes wherefore the Samsung Galaxy a54 5G you’re gon na need to wait on regarding a hr and also a half if you do purchase on your own a 25 watt rapid charger alright so taking a look at both gadgets and certainly starting with the screen so with the Samsung Galaxy a54 we obtain a 6.4 inches AMOLED screen that has a 1080p resolution as well as a refresher course rate of 120hz xiaomi 13 Lite to obtain the 6.55 inches AMOLED screen that has a 1080p resolution and also when again a refresh rate of 120 hertz currently the element proportion is a bit various as you can see on your own and also directly I do favor the aspect ratio that we obtain them on the Samsung Galaxy a54 currently the A50 4 does seem to have somewhat bigger bezels compared to the 13 light

however we likewise obtain a flat screen on the a54 so directly I do choose a level display over a screen that has curved sides despite the fact that the rounded sides may offer the phone an extra exceptional look but I think it actually depends that you ask since some individuals may not necessarily like the curved sides anymore when it comes to the display brightness both tools have a peak illumination of a thousand nits and also I did take both devices outdoors as well as I can sort of see the display on the xiaomi 13 Light a little better outdoors in straight sunshine yet the brightness should be rather comparable on both of them and also you can clearly see both of them on even outside in direct sunlight both tools likewise sustain the always on display features so if you like your display getting on at all times some both tools can do it and they both have in-screen finger print scanners so let’s attempt that once more so we’ll see which one opens the display quicker so it looks like the xiaomi 13 Light does unlock the display a little quicker so allow’s do that a person more time so yeah absolutely the 13 light has the somewhat faster um unlocking finger print scanner generally the frameworks on both tools

are constructed of plastic even though I do locate that the structure on the xiaomi 13 Light um feels and look a little bit much more exceptional the Samsung Galaxy a54 does feel a little bit economical primarily when you touch that on the framework the a54 below likewise considers some 202 grams where the xiaomi 13 light weights uh 171 grams currently an additional point I have actually discovered is the fact that to the Samsung Galaxy a545g you can mount an SD card something that you can not make with the xiaomi 13 Light an additional point I have actually discovered is the reality that the Samsung Galaxy a54 has dual speakers so you have one audio speaker at the top one at the bottom where the xiaomi 13 Light we only have one speaker at the bottom below and I think next I’m gon na play a short recording so you can listen to exactly how the audio speakers on these tools sound like but I’m gon na tell you from currently that the a54 does have the much better audio speakers now offer it up once again on the back of the two tools we do have glass and speaking about glass I in fact neglected to point out that the screens are covered by Gorilla Glass 5 for both devices and the backs are likewise covered by a glass currently I can not really state which one is the better

looking one possibly the Samsung Galaxy a54 does look a little bit extra modern where the design that we carry on the xiaomi 13 Light is getting a bit old so I think I favor the way the a54 looks now taking a look at cameras so we have the main cameras there the most significant difference for the major camera is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy a54 does have Optical image stablizing for the main cam where the xiaomi 13 Light doesn’t now amusing sufficient the Samsung Galaxy a54 um care tape-recording 4K 30 frames per second the xiaomi 13 Light can additionally do that yet with the a54 we do not obtain um video clip stabilization so for 4K recordings what are the xiaomi 13 Light we in fact get the video clip stabilization in addition to that main electronic camera we have an ultra wide video camera as well as a macro cam on both devices so next I’m gon na play a couple of recordings that I’ve done previously today just so you can see exactly how the video clip top quality from both devices appears like so let’s play those recordings and I’ll be right back alright very quick video clip sample Ludo front dealing with electronic cameras on the a54 and of course the xiaomi 13 Light I’m presently doing 1080p at 30 structures per second with both tools as

well as certainly at this resolution both gadgets have video clip stabilization now the a540 can likewise to 4K 30 frameworks per 2nd keeping that front dealing with cam however at that resolution there is no video stabilization so in a 1080p at 30 structures per 2nd with both gadgets fine as well as we are proceeding to a fast video clip recording down the primary cams on the back of the two gadgets and tape-recording in 4k at 30 frameworks per second so of course both tools can do 4K 30 frames per second yet the a54 doesn’t have video stabilization at this resolution so if you are strolling if you are running your video is look rather unsteady at least to the xiaomi 13 Light we do get video stablizing if you’re videotaping in 4k 30 frameworks per 2nd so I’m gon na go this method I’m simply gon na pan up slowly as well as back this way so main electronic cameras 4kid 30 frameworks per 2nd going on to our following video clip sample so now I switch over the resolution to 1080p at 30 frameworks per 2nd and also certainly at this resolution the Samsung Galaxy a54 has video stablizing as well it has actually obtained a bit gusty now so you may hear some wind other than my voice however I basically wanted to show you how that video stablizing works if you’re

taping um in 1080P at 30 structures per 2nd with both devices so xiaomi 13 Light and also of course the Samsung Galaxy a54 so if I would have to choose one device for the video clip abilities I feel that I would certainly select the xiaomi 13 Lite due to the fact that the 4K recordings do look a lot better given that we have video clip stablizing so what a missed out on Possibility by Samsung to not include video stablizing for those 4K recordings all right so next we are seeing some photos that I took with both gadgets all the pictures are primarily handled auto setting and perhaps about a second in addition to each various other now I can’t actually state that a person is a lot better than the various other one in some scenarios the Samsung Galaxy a54 does much better in some scenarios than xiaomi 13 Light does much better so for daytime images I feel that either tool will do excellent so it does not matter which one you choose because they’re both gon na do fairly well but if we take into account the video clip recordings after that I’m gon na have to pick the xiaomi 13 Light over the Samsung Galaxy a54 due to the fact that video clip recordings are an extra crucial component for me well for me anyways since it might not be for everybody however due to the fact that video clip abilities are more crucial for me yes I would definitely pick the

13 Light over the Samsung Galaxy a54 yet what do you people say regarding them those pictures as well as video quality absolutely leave a remark and let me understand your ideas on Efficiency so the Samsung Galaxy A50 for 5G we get the exynos 1380 chipset as well as 8 jobs of RAM and 256 gigs of inner storage xiaomi 13 Light we carry the Snapdragon 7 gen 1 and 8 gigs of RAM as well as 256 gigs of inner storage space and also personally I’m not a fan of that Xena some chipset as well as I know that a great deal of you aren’t a follower of vetan either so the one prefer to see a Snapdragon CPU in the a54 but it isn’t what it is currently the xiaomi 13 Light here runs MIUI 14 that’s based on an Android 12. Where the Samsung Galaxy a54 we do get Android 13. so a little bit of a difference there I likewise have the antutu Standard below allow me open it on this one amusing adequate if you take a look at what it says on this device it states me 12 light yet this is clearly the xiaomi 13 um light yet yeah that’s what it claims there as well as this is ball game that we jump on the antutum criteria so relatively similar ratings I’m gon na claim and as you can see here the gadgets

don’t actually get warm when running those Criteria tests and also if we go back right here as well as we open up the storage space examination we can see the rates for the internal storage so right here you can see that the xiaomi 13 Light does have the quicker um storage space so efficiency smart I really feel that for a lot of situations the xiaomi 13 Lite does much better than the Samsung Galaxy a54 the phone feels a little bit much more receptive for most points gaming efficiency is somewhat comparable but general the level of smoothness of the UI is better on the xiaomi 13 light at the very least in my opinion and also if you intended to see the scores that we hop on the geekbench look for some there you have it so the multi-core score as well as the solitary core scores are a little bit greater on the Samsung galaxy a54 contrasted to the xiaomi 13 Lite I’m uncertain if that pertains to the reality that on the a54 we essentially have Android 13 we’re on the xiaomi 13 Light we carry Android 12. so there you have it the xiaomi 13 Light and also the

Samsung Galaxy a54 which one do you individuals like the a54 or the 13 Light in many ways the 13 Light does provide more worth to start with you have a charger that is available in package because you’re gon na have to spend like 40 50 dollars to obtain a battery charger for the a54 if you do not have one we likewise have quicker charging but at the exact same time with the a54 we do get somewhat far better battery life we have a 5 000 milliamp hour battery in here we also have a level display and I sort of like flat screens over a screen that has bent sides so hard to claim which one is the far better one I believe it comes down to your personal choice and what’s the most important point for you I would certainly choose the 13 Light primarily due to the fact that of the video clip stablizing for 4K recordings yet for everything else I can choose the a54 alright people with any luck this video clip served thanks for enjoying as well as I’ll see you guys in the next one

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