Windows Tips & Tricks you NEED to Know!

hey everybody mike with hardware canucks here and here in the office in montreal we’ve been playing around with windows 11 for quite a while and it’s gone through a couple of iterations but now it’s actually starting to roll out to a bunch of you guys or it’s going …

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14l n-atx A TINY ATX Case with NO Compromises!

you know what time it is sff time well good people both mike and eber were so impressed by the previous iteration of this case from sff time the patx that when they announced the slightly bigger version i was really excited and it’s my turn to experience something like …

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Review NZXT H1 V2 A REBIRTH After a Recall!

good people welcome to the easiest itx system assembly ever first we gotta open the case insert the motherboard secure the motherboard insert the riser cable connect the pre-routed cables lower in the water block and close this chamber install a gpu if you’re lucky to have one and bam …

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