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DELL XPS 15 // This is the One!

so I finally got the Dell XPS 15 20/20 in the studio and also this is a real retail device bought straight from the Dell website so if you’re ordering one for on your own this unboxing experience will mimic the one that you enter the mail now I’ve been thrilled …

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Razer Blade Stealth 13 (2020) – Finally Perfect!

so I’ve been up for like five nights straight because I was having troubles understanding who this laptop would be for because at $1,800 Razors asking a lot for an ultrabook then finally when I was a basket weaving because I do that on the side it finally clicked to …

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Review MacBook Pro 13 – This M1 is Insane!

so i honestly don’t know how to start off this video because i am lost four words i walked away from apple’s event thinking what are these guys talking about they just showed us a bunch of graphs that were so ambiguous they had no data on it and they …

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